Pakistani Armed Forces Order of Battle (ORBAT)

Pakistan army surrender

I first wrote and published this as a single article. But owing to large amount of data collected afterwards, split it in to multiple sections listed below. So ORBAT of Pakistan Armed Forces is now a multi-part series with different articles for Army, Navy and Air Force. You can read Chinese Armed Forces ORBAT here […]

Goa Trip Day 5: Aviation Museum and Shopping

Waking up on day 4, we were shortlisting the places we could visit. There were a few day tours, boat rides and places which interested us, but they were spread all over. We decided to have breakfast outside and got ready for it. We asked hotel staff for best way for transport and they suggested […]

Indian Armed Forces Pictures. Land Forces

Pictures of Indian Navy and Indian Air Force are here. I found all these photos in a torrent download. I have no copyright on any.T90 Indian Special Protection Group Rashtriya Rifles in J&K; Pinaka MBRL Indian sniper in ghillie suit Indian SPG Para Commando Parade Sniper in ghillie suit Snipers in ghillie suit Indian Para […]

Indian Armed Forces Pictures

I found all these photos in a torrent download. I have no copyright on any. Talwar Class Frigate INS Virat INS Vikramaditya INS Talwar INS Ranvir Rajput Class Destroyer INS Ranvir INS Mumbai INS Brahmaputra INS Beas INS Ranvir and INS Mumbai Vayu Shakti Vayu Shakti Vayu Shakti LCA Tejas (3D drawing) LCA Tejas (3D […]