Short Srinagar, Pahalgam trip June 2017

Even though I’m from Jammu and have a lot of family members and friends working in Kashmir, it hasn’t been a place I cared enough to visit. Last time I was there in 1999, I had to cut short my stay after Kargil war started. Since then, I never really gave any attention to the […]

Indian Surgical Strikes in Pakistan

This is a long rant, not an expert analysis. Treat it as such. The current controversy about surgical strikes by Indian Army against Bakistanis is getting even more interesting. After Uri attacks, I wondered if India would strike back or just keep quiet like after Pathankot attacks. I had hopes that India would retaliate but […]

BJP Government 2014 Achievements. 1-100

I have started making a list of good work being done by current BJP government. Started quite late, so not everything is as perfect as it should be, but atleast is a start. The sheet below has the list of some work done by new BJP government starting from June 2014. I will keep on […]

Shimla Trip Day 2: The Orchard

Early on, our plan was to visit the orchard early morning as the trees were supposed to be sprayed with insecticide. But due to nearly continuous drizzle, that was postponed and we decided to visit after 10 am. Needed the sleep anyway. The orchard is about 25 minutes drive from their house, just beyond Kufri […]

Fight For Jammu & Kashmir: Absurdity of Article 370

Continuing from Fight For Jammu & Kashmir: Legalities Article 370 of the Constitution is making a mockery of secularism, nationalism and the structure of unity. This temporary constitutional provision has, in fact, been providing encouragement for the establishment of Muslim nation. Article 370 of the Constitution, which has grouped Jammu and Kashmir as a special and […]

Fight For Jammu & Kashmir: Legalities

Continuing from Fight For Jammu & Kashmir: Indian side of state The ruler of Jammu and Kashmir, Maharaja Hari Singh, signed the accession papers and sent them to the Government of India on October 26, 1947; “Now, therefore,’ I, Shriman Rajrajeshwar Maharajadhiraj Shri Hari Singh Ji, Jammu Kashmir Naresh Tatha Tibbet adi Deshadhipathi Ruler of Jammu […]