Pakistani Armed Forces ORBAT, Part 2: Anti Tank, Air Defence & Army Aviation units and weapons

This section covers some of the components (can’t remember the right word for it at the moment) of Pakistani army like regiments, armour and anti-tank units. There is surprisingly little information about even basic information like infantry regiments of Pakistani army and a lot of data is missing.   Anti Tank  Pakistani Army utilises dedicated vehicle […]

Meghalaya Trip – Shillong Air Force Museum Pictures

These are some pictures I took in Shillong Air Force Museum. There was a lot more other stuff, but this is all I’m going to upload for now and is also the more interesting of the lot.                

Goa Trip Day 5: Aviation Museum and Shopping

Waking up on day 4, we were shortlisting the places we could visit. There were a few day tours, boat rides and places which interested us, but they were spread all over. We decided to have breakfast outside and got ready for it. We asked hotel staff for best way for transport and they suggested […]

Indian Light Combat Aircraft LCA Tejas. Armament

Indian Light Combat Aircraft LCA Tejas Armament Guns: 1× mounted 23 mm twin-barrel GSh-23 cannon ( 220 rounds ). Air-to-air missiles: Astra, Vympel R-77 ( AA-12 Adder), Vympel R-73 (AA-11    Archer), Derby, Python-5 Air-to-surface missiles: Kh-59ME  standoff Missile Anti-ship missile:  Kh-35, Kh-31 Bombs: KAB-1500L laser guided bombs,  OFAB-500T dumb bombs, OFAB-250-270 dumb bombs, OFAB-100-120 […]

Indian Light Combat Aircraft, LCA Tejas. Limited Series Production planes

Some pictures of  Limited Series Production (LSP) planes of Indian Light Combat Aircraft, LCA Tejas. A total of 8 LSPs have been built till Feb 2013. Each LSP carries on some improvements from it’s predecessor and is closest to the final configuration of the fighter plane. Source