Pinaka – Story Introduction & Index


UPDATE: A better edited and formatted version is available as ebook on Amazon on these links:

You can still read the full unedited draft in the posts linked on this thread. It has several mistakes, but it is free to read. Two other stories like this:

Introduction: A few months after I finished writing Flames and Arrows (blog, BRforum, Smashwords), I started writing another military fiction. I wrote for some time but didn’t really like it that much. The story was weak, dragged on in a number of places and I couldn’t really enjoy it. Then there was work to do, personal commitments, other projects and I hardly had enough time to write. So this story lay as a rough draft for a long long time. A few weeks back, while I came across it and decided to spend a few hours every week and try to finish it. I rewrote major portion of it, added a few new aspects and made the scope a bit wider than I originally intended. As of now, I think I have finished writing about 60% of it and it’s coming along not too badly. This post is meant as index and may be general comments about the different chapters that I’ll be posting here.

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