Order of Battle of Chinese Armed Forces

Chinese PLA ground forces

UPDATE 1: I have decided to compile all this data and some updates in to e-book format which will be hopefully finished later this year. I intend to keep it free, but if you want to support the effort, you can consider checking my Patreon or Amazon Authors page. Thanks.

UPDATE 2: During the rewrite, I’ve found a number of mistakes in the geo-location. The units are mostly correct, but a few have errors with the published address and corresponding coordinates. The process of corrections is going on.

I started researching about ORBAT (Order of Battle) of India, China and Pakistan in earnest after starting to write a military thriller Kaalkut. My aim at first was just to get a somewhat detailed idea of the forces which could be used to write a realistic scenario, but it turned in to a detailed project by itself. Main problem with searching anything about China is unreliability of data as most of the information sources are tightly controlled by the communist government and the language barrier. Only a few other sources exist like a handful of military and civilian experts, pictures, maps and some books. So what was supposed to be just background research for the book, turned out to be a whole topic by itself, worthy of a short series of posts on the website.

I have spent a lot of time collecting and verifying this data from a number of sources which I will provide in last post of this series. This information may be outdated in a few years or perhaps months due to rapid changes still going on. Some posts will have only partial information which I may add later. Due to volume of data, I’ve divided the whole thing in to multiple posts linked below.

  1. Reorganisation of Chinese Armed Forces.
  2. Composition Of Ground Forces
  3. Ground Forces ORBAT
  4. Rocket Forces ORBAT
  5. Air Force ORBAT
  6. Navy ORBAT

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  1. What an impressive compilation work! That’s possibly hundreds of hours of research there.
    Would you be so kind to quote your sources ?
    There are great books and see what you did used would help sort them out.
    All the best from Belgium ;)

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