How a toy was turned in to a weapon of war

Few days ago, I came across one interesting incident about origin of UAVs and how they developed in to the amazing machines we see everywhere now. This post is about development early surveillance UAVs (or drones as they are called now) and how they branched off from expensive ungainly remote controlled aircraft/missiles/target practice drones in […]

Indian Light Combat Aircraft LCA Tejas. Armament

Indian Light Combat Aircraft LCA Tejas Armament Guns: 1× mounted 23 mm twin-barrel GSh-23 cannon ( 220 rounds ). Air-to-air missiles: Astra, Vympel R-77 ( AA-12 Adder), Vympel R-73 (AA-11    Archer), Derby, Python-5 Air-to-surface missiles: Kh-59ME  standoff Missile Anti-ship missile:  Kh-35, Kh-31 Bombs: KAB-1500L laser guided bombs,  OFAB-500T dumb bombs, OFAB-250-270 dumb bombs, OFAB-100-120 […]

World Security Update. Sep 13, 2012

 1) Former French spy accuses MI6 of smuggling arms to terrorists Another example of use of “plausible deniability”  by western intelligence agencies. Link   2) Pakistani Supreme Court orders action against illegal arms, vehicles in Quetta  A country which effectively declares it’s whole provinces as lawless badlands, invites foreigners to administer others and disowns it’s […]

INS Vikramaditya Aircraft Carrier

INS Vikramaditya (formerly Admiral Gorshkov), is name of aircraft carrier which will join Indian Navy in late 2012 or 2013.   SPECIFICATIONS  Displacement : 38,000 tons standard 45,000-45,500 tons full load Dimensions : 257.0 meters long waterline 283.1 meters long overall 32.7 meters waterline beam 53.0 meters flight deck width 9.5 meters draught standard 12.0 […]