Kaalkut, Military Thriller Story. Index post

Kaalkut military thriller book cover

UPDATE: The whole story is finished and available as e-book and paperbacks on links provided below. You can read first 10 chapters and excerpts from two more describing the two-front war on the links at end of this post. Total number of words is 1.43 lakh in 37 chapters, of which last 7-8 chapters with […]

Another long distance mission?

Indian military operation

Following is an excerpt from a war scenario story I wrote on Bharat Rakshak Forums back in 2011. Later, I posted it my blog here and as an Amazon e-book. I was reminded of this chapter after coming across news about Indian military operation to rescue hostages and neutralise Somalian pirates aboard MV Ruen. The […]

DIY audio amplifier and media streaming setup.

This project started as a vague idea to play music on better speakers and ended up becoming a bit more. There are a few things here which a lot of audiophiles wouldn’t like and it’s more like a curiosity project for learning than a setup for the best possible audio quality. It is indeed possible to […]

Pakistani mobs at nuclear storage site.

rahwali cantt nuclear weapons storage site

Whole of Pakistan is in turmoil after arrest of former PM Imran Khan. Pakistani Army has shown restraint against the protestors even as houses of senior officers and cantonments are being burnt and looted. But they fired on protesters only at Rahwali cantt. It is interesting because this is one of bigger sites for storage […]

Chinese Armed Forces ORBAT Part 10: Fuel

This is a list of Chinese assets related to their oil infrastructure. The table below contains locations of military and some civilian oil & storage sites, refineries and a few more. As with other posts in this series, this is a work in progress and more details will be added in time. Raw data is […]

Chinese Armed Forces ORBAT Part 9: All airfields

All airports in China

Data in this post has some overlap with Part 5 of this series which covers PLA Air Force. But that data is a bit old by now. This post has list of all known airfields (680+) in China which include civilian airports, military air-bases of all arms, heliports, helipads, seaplane bases and some closed installations […]

Pakistani Armed Forces ORBAT, Part 8: Army Regiments & Badges

Pakistan Army’s Baloch Regiment Passing out Parade

Following is a list of known Pakistani Army’s infantry and support regiments and their locations between 2020-22. Many known regiments are not listed here as I have no information about them. There are many missing fields in the table too and I may update it in future. Gallery below the table contains badges of some […]