Pakistani Armed Forces ORBAT, Part 3: Pakistani Army Armoured Corps

Pakistani armoured corps is a fairly strong military arm with a large number of tanks of various types in service. Pakistan Army (PA) doctrine depends upon their tanks to repel or hold any Indian invasion in most non-mountainous sectors south of Sunderbani in Jammu. Pakistani tanks have played important roles in all wars against India since 1947. Additionally, PA has deployed tanks in some skirmishes against hostile islamic terrorist groups too.

IMAGE: Pakistani Army Armoured Corps Badge
IMAGE: Pakistani Army Armoured Corps Badge


PA has 2 Armoured Divisions, 1st Armoured Division, Multan and 6th Armoured Division, Gujranwala. Former is with II Corps and latter with I Corps. Additionally, there are 9 independent armoured brigades with different Corps. Each brigade has 2 regiments with 42-44 tanks each.One tank is used by CO and 2nd-IC each. Each regiment has 3 squadrons of 14 tanks each with the rest for command and reserves. Each squadron has 3 troops of 4 tanks each.

1st Armoured Division badge

6th Armoured Division badge

The armoured divisions have following structure:

  • 2 armoured brigades
  • 1  artillery brigade
  • 1 air defence brigade
  • 1 Signals battalion
  • 1 Assault Engineers battalion
  • 1 Ordnance company
  • 1 EME company.

Artillery elements of armoured formations are listed below:

  • Artillery regiments with armoured divisions usually have 2 Heavy Regiments of 8 M110 203 mm SPH + 4 M59 155 mm and one regiment of 18 Type-59 130 mm.
  • Certain mechanised armoured divisions (4 in numbers^) each have 1 artillery brigade with 3 regiments each. Each such regiment is a SP Medium with 12 M109 155 mm SPH
  • Artillery brigades with Infantry divisions have 4 field artillery regiments with 18 122 mm towed guns.
  • Independent armoured brigades (5 in numbers^) have one regiment each of 12 M109 155 mm SPH.

Air Defence brigade usually has 2 regiments of RBS-70 SAM (mounted on M-113 variant) along with Giraffe radar.

6th Armoured Division Orbat

Gujranwala33° 7’22.82″N73°36’46.04″E
7th Armoured BrigadeGujranwalaAl-Zarrar tanks^33° 7’14.65″N73°36’44.79″E
9th Armoured BrigadeGujranwalaIt’s either 9th or 11th Al-Zarrar tanks32°48’50.42″N73°53’56.50″E
11th Armoured Brigade^GujranwalaIt’s either 9th or 11th 
Army Aviation Regiment^Wartime holding only
SP Artillery Brigade^
10 Medium Artillery RegimentMultanM109A2 155mm SP
33 Heavy SP Artillery Regiment^OkaraM110A2 203mm SP
173 Medium Artillery Regiment^M109A2 155 mm
106th Air Defence Brigade^Faisalabad^Could be with some other division
144 SP Light ADRBS-70 SAM on APC, Giraffe
154 Lt AD Regiment^Faisalabad or Bahawalpur
Tentative orbat of 6th armoured Division, Pakistani Army

I haven’t been able to find much useful information about the 1st Armoured Division yet. Only thing I know till now that some of its units operate T-80UD tanks.


PA Armoured Corps has a diverse inventory of 2nd and 3rd generation tanks from China and Ukraine. Some of them like Al-Khalid are partially manufactured and finally assembled by Heavy Industries Taxila under technology transfer mode. Bulk of Pakistani tanks like Al-Zarrar and Type-85 are Chinese copies of early Soviet 2nd gen tanks. Some have been upgraded with add-on armour, better sights and other systems. Even then, many of them are still not capable enough to survive frontline combat against a capable army. They are still pretty useful against lightly armed militias and terrorist groups. 

Purchase of 3rd generation T-80UDs from Ukraine was supposed to usher PA into a more modern era. 315-320 were inducted, but issues like problems with serviceability and high operating expenses didn’t allow purchase of more units. T-80’s gas turbine engines provide the flexibility of using almost any type of fuel, but are very fuel hungry. This makes operation of these tanks a strain on logistics.  Al-Khalid tanks (Chinese Type-90, Chinese attempt to match T-72) is another 3rd gen tank and 380-400 of these tanks are in service. Even with mostly local manufacturing and possibilities of upgrades,  PA went for purchase of 300 more Chinese VT-4 tanks. It was necessitated  due to Al-Khalid’s performance and armour strength related problems.   

It is quite likely that many of the Pakistani armoured regiments are still under strength and the new acquisitions will replace the older tanks taken out of service due to combat losses and mechanical failures.

Al-Khalid3003rd gen
Al-Khalid-I80-1003rd gen
Al-Zarrar5002nd gen
Type-59300-4002nd gen. Upgraded to Al-Zarrar
Type-69 II4002nd gen. WIth FC
Type 85-IIAP2682nd gen.
T-80UD3153rd gen. Gas turbine engine
VT-450+3rd gen. 300 ordered
Al-Khalid-1 of 55th Cavalry
Al-Khalid-1 of 55th Cavalry

Al-Khalid tank
Al-Khalid tank

VT-4 tank

VT-4 of 6th Armoured Division during induction ceremony
VT-4 of 6th Armoured Division during induction ceremony

Al-Zarrar tank
Al-Zarrar tank

T-80UD of 19 Lancer
T-80UD of 19 Lancer

Pakistani Armoured Regiments

4th CavalryValiantsMir Ali
5th HorseProbyn’s HorsePasrur Cantt
6th LancersFateh Khem Karan
7th Lancers6th Armoured Div, I CorpsAl Zarrar
8th CavalryIzz-ul-KhailBahawalnagar
9th HorseArabian HorseAl Khalid I
10th CavalryGuides CavalryFrontier Force
11th CavalryFrontier Force
12th CavalrySam Browne’s CavalryFrontier Force
13th Lancers
14th Lancers
15th LancersBaloch Horse1st Armoured Div, II CorpsT-80 UD
16th Horseal-Mugheerat6th Armoured Div, I CorpsMultanAl Zarrar
17th Lancers
18th Horse6th Armoured Div, I CorpsT-80 UD
19th Lancers1st Armoured Div, II CorpsT-80 UD
20th LancersHaideriAl Khalid
21st HorseMurtajiz
22nd CavalryDeath or Glory
23rd CavalryFrontier ForceLahoreType-69II
24th CavalryChargersFrontier ForceMalir, KarachiType-69II
25th CavalryMen of SteelFrontier ForceLahore CanttType-69II
26th CavalryMustangs
27th CavalryRibat-ul-KhailKharianAl Zarrar
28th CavalryChhamb HuntersMultan
29th CavalryTigers6th Armoured Div, I CorpsKharianAl Zarrar^
30th CavalryBold Till Death
31st CavalrySprocketeersAl Khalid
32nd Cavalry
33rd CavalryFortunes with the BoldLakki Marwat
34th LancersDragoons6th Armoured Div, I CorpsAl Khalid
35th Cavalryal-MubarizunGujranwala Cantt
36th Cavalry
37th CavalryRibat-us-Sehra
38th CavalryDesert HawksMalir Cantt, KarachiMultan
39th CavalryVanguardsAl Khalid
40th HorseScinde HorseType-69 II
41st HorseFrontier ForceType-69 II
42nd LancersPunjab Lancers
43rd Cavalryal-Zarib
44th CavalryPioneersMultan Cantt
45th HorseGujranwala Cantt
47th Cavalry6th Armoured Div, I CorpsVT-4
51st LancersSilver Eagles
52nd CavalryHowal mastan
53rd CavalryGolden Eagles
54th CavalryHizbullah
55th CavalryAl Khalid-1
56th CavalryRaad-ul-HarbSialkot
57th LancersXII CorpsAl Zarrar
58th Cavalry
President’s BodyguardRawalpindi canttHorses
Cavalry Ground
Guides CavalryFrontier ForceAl Khalid/Type-69II^
Spearheads6th Armoured Div, I Corps
List of known Pakistani Tank Regiments

Armoured Regiment Badges

President’s Bodyguard

Guides Cavalry (FF)

4 Cavalry

5 Horse

6th Lancers

7 Lancers

8 cavalry

11th Cavalry

12th Cavalry

13 Lancers

15 Lancers

17 Lancers

18 Horse

19 Lancers

20 Lancers

21 Lancers

22 Lancers

23 Cavalry

24 Cavalry

25 cavalry

26 Cavalry

27 Cavalry

28 Cavalry

29 Cavalry

31st Cavalry

32nd Cavalry

33rd Cavalry

38th Cavalry

39th Cavalry

45th Cavalry

48th Cavalry

51 Lancers

53rd Cavalry

54 Cavalry

56 Cavalry

63 Cavalry

66 Lancers
Pakistani tank regiment badges

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