Pakistani Armed Forces ORBAT, Part 3: Pakistani Army Armoured Corps

Pakistani military has spent considerable amount of efforts and resources on their armoured units over the years. The Armoured Corps has two divisions and 9 independent brigades and a total of around 50 regiments. This post is not complete yet with lot of missing data and I’ll keep on adding information in future.

Pakistani Armoured Divisions:

Both Pakistani armoured divisions have 2 armoured brigades with 2 armoured regiments each. Each such regiment has 42-44 tanks. These are divided in 3 squadrons of 14 tanks each with the rest for command and reserves. Additionally, these divisions have an integral artillery brigade and an air defence brigade. The former usually has 2 (or 3) regiments with 18 self propelled guns each. Regiments with M110 203mm SPH usually have 12 guns. Those with M109 155mm guns have 18. AD Brigade usually has 2 regiments comprising of RBS-70 SAM (mounted on M-113 variant) along with Giraffe radar.

The support elements consist of a Signals Battalion, Assault Engineers Battalion, EME Company(?) and and Ordinance Company(?). All Corps have an Independent Armoured Brigade.

Armoured Divisions of PASub-UnitsHQ Location
1st Armoured Division, II Corps1st Armoured Brigade??
?? Armoured Brigade
?? SP Artillery Brigade
?? AD Brigade
6th Armoured Division, I Corps9th Armoured Brigade
7th Armoured Brigade
Army Aviation Brigade (war time holding)
?? SP Artillery Brigade?
?? AD Brigade
2 Armoured Divisions

Pakistani Armoured Regiments

14th Cavalry (Valiants)Mir Ali
25th Horse (Probyn’s Horse)Pasrur Cantt
36th Lancers (Fateh Khem Karan)
47th Lancers6th Armoured Div, I CorpsAl Zarrar
58th Cavalry (Izz-ul-Khail)Bahawalnagar
69th Horse (Arabian Horse)
7Guides Cavalry (Frontier Force)Al Khalid/Type-69II?
811th Cavalry (Frontier Force)
912th Cavalry (Frontier Force)(Sam Browne’s Cavalry)
1013th Lancers (Spearheads)
1114th Lancers6th Armoured Div, I Corps
1215th Lancers (Baloch Horse)1st Armoured Div, II CorpsT-80 UD
1316th Horse (al-Mugheerat)6th Armoured Div, I CorpsMultanAl Zarrar
1417th Lancers
1518th Horse
1619th Lancers1st Armoured Div, II CorpsT-80 UD
1720th Lancers (Haideri)Al Khalid
1821st Horse (Murtajiz)
1922nd Cavalry (Death or Glory)
2023rd Cavalry (Frontier Force)LahoreType-69II
2124th Cavalry (Frontier Force)(Chargers)Malir, KarachiType-69II
2225th Cavalry (Frontier Force)(Men of Steel)Lahore CanttType-69II
2326th Cavalry (Mustangs)
2427th Cavalry (Steeds of war)(Ribat-ul-Khail)KharianAl Zarrar
2528th Cavalry (Chhamb Hunters)
2629th Cavalry (Tigers)6th Armoured Div, I CorpsKharianAl Zarrar?
2730th Cavalry (Bold Till Death)
2831st Cavalry (Sprocketeers)Al Khalid
2932nd Cavalry
3033rd Cavalry (Fortunes with the Bold)
3134th Lancers (Dragoons)6th Armoured Div, I CorpsAl Khalid
3235th Cavalry (al-Mubarizun)
3336th Cavalry
3437th Cavalry (Ribat-us-Sehra)
3538th Cavalry (Desert Hawks)Malir Cantt, KarachiMultan
3639th Cavalry (Vanguards)Al Khalid
3740th Horse (Scinde Horse)Type-69II
3841st Horse (Frontier Force)Type-69II
3942nd Lancers (Punjab Lancers)
4043rd Cavalry (al-Zarib)
4144th Cavalry (Pioneers)Multan Cantt
4245th HorseGujranwala Cantt
4347th CavalryVT-4
4451st Lancers (Silver Eagles)
4552nd Cavalry (Howal mastan)
4653rd Cavalry (Golden Eagles)
4754th Cavalry (Hizbullah)
4855th CavalryAl Khalid
4956th Cavalry (Raad-ul-Harb)Sialkot
5057th LancersXII CorpsAl Zarrar
5158th Cavalry
52President’s BodyguardHorses
Pakistani Army’s Armoured Regiments

Following are the types of tanks in service with Pakistani Army:

Type-59300-400Being upgraded to Al-Zarrar
Type-69II400WIth FC
Type 85-IIAP268
VT-44?300 ordered
Types of tanks in PA Service

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