Pakistani Armed Forces ORBAT, Part 3: Pakistani Army Armoured Corps

Old data for archival purpose only.

Pakistani military has spent considerable amount of efforts and resources on their armoured units over the years. The Armoured Corps has two divisions and 9 independent brigades and a total of around 50 regiments. This post is not complete yet with lot of missing data and I’ll keep on adding information in future.

Pakistani Armoured Divisions:

Both Pakistani armoured divisions have 2 armoured brigades with 2 armoured regiments each. Each such regiment has 42-44 tanks. These are divided in 3 squadrons of 14 tanks each with the rest for command and reserves. Additionally, these divisions have an integral artillery brigade and an air defence brigade. The former usually has 2 (or 3) regiments with 18 self propelled guns each. Regiments with M110 203mm SPH usually have 12 guns. Those with M109 155mm guns have 18. AD Brigade usually has 2 regiments comprising of RBS-70 SAM (mounted on M-113 variant) along with Giraffe radar.

The support elements consist of a Signals Battalion, Assault Engineers Battalion, EME Company(?) and and Ordinance Company(?). All Corps have an Independent Armoured Brigade.

Armoured Divisions of PASub-UnitsHQ Location
1st Armoured Division, II Corps1st Armoured Brigade??
?? Armoured Brigade
?? SP Artillery Brigade
?? AD Brigade
6th Armoured Division, I Corps9th Armoured Brigade
7th Armoured Brigade
Army Aviation Brigade (war time holding)
?? SP Artillery Brigade?
?? AD Brigade
2 Armoured Divisions

Pakistani Armoured Regiments

14th Cavalry (Valiants)Mir Ali
25th Horse (Probyn’s Horse)Pasrur Cantt
36th Lancers (Fateh Khem Karan)
47th Lancers6th Armoured Div, I CorpsAl Zarrar
58th Cavalry (Izz-ul-Khail)Bahawalnagar
69th Horse (Arabian Horse)
7Guides Cavalry (Frontier Force)Al Khalid/Type-69II?
811th Cavalry (Frontier Force)
912th Cavalry (Frontier Force)(Sam Browne’s Cavalry)
1013th Lancers (Spearheads)
1114th Lancers6th Armoured Div, I Corps
1215th Lancers (Baloch Horse)1st Armoured Div, II CorpsT-80 UD
1316th Horse (al-Mugheerat)6th Armoured Div, I CorpsMultanAl Zarrar
1417th Lancers
1518th Horse
1619th Lancers1st Armoured Div, II CorpsT-80 UD
1720th Lancers (Haideri)Al Khalid
1821st Horse (Murtajiz)
1922nd Cavalry (Death or Glory)
2023rd Cavalry (Frontier Force)LahoreType-69II
2124th Cavalry (Frontier Force)(Chargers)Malir, KarachiType-69II
2225th Cavalry (Frontier Force)(Men of Steel)Lahore CanttType-69II
2326th Cavalry (Mustangs)
2427th Cavalry (Steeds of war)(Ribat-ul-Khail)KharianAl Zarrar
2528th Cavalry (Chhamb Hunters)
2629th Cavalry (Tigers)6th Armoured Div, I CorpsKharianAl Zarrar?
2730th Cavalry (Bold Till Death)
2831st Cavalry (Sprocketeers)Al Khalid
2932nd Cavalry
3033rd Cavalry (Fortunes with the Bold)
3134th Lancers (Dragoons)6th Armoured Div, I CorpsAl Khalid
3235th Cavalry (al-Mubarizun)
3336th Cavalry
3437th Cavalry (Ribat-us-Sehra)
3538th Cavalry (Desert Hawks)Malir Cantt, KarachiMultan
3639th Cavalry (Vanguards)Al Khalid
3740th Horse (Scinde Horse)Type-69II
3841st Horse (Frontier Force)Type-69II
3942nd Lancers (Punjab Lancers)
4043rd Cavalry (al-Zarib)
4144th Cavalry (Pioneers)Multan Cantt
4245th HorseGujranwala Cantt
4347th CavalryVT-4
4451st Lancers (Silver Eagles)
4552nd Cavalry (Howal mastan)
4653rd Cavalry (Golden Eagles)
4754th Cavalry (Hizbullah)
4855th CavalryAl Khalid
4956th Cavalry (Raad-ul-Harb)Sialkot
5057th LancersXII CorpsAl Zarrar
5158th Cavalry
52President’s BodyguardHorses
Pakistani Army’s Armoured Regiments

Following are the types of tanks in service with Pakistani Army:

Type-59300-400Being upgraded to Al-Zarrar
Type-69II400WIth FC
Type 85-IIAP268
VT-44?300 ordered
Types of tanks in PA Service

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