Chinese Armed Forces ORBAT Part 3: Ground Forces

Chinese PLA ground forces

Central Theatre Command

It has no naval fleet, but has a few naval training and aviation bases.  Apparently it doesn’t not have any naval vessels but controls a few other service branches of the navy. Its area of operation includes Beijing, Hebei, Shanxi and Tianjin plus South China Sea. For a TC which is not deployed on any land borders, it is quite well armed. It may play a role in case of war with Japan and as a reserve. 

It is charged with security of the capital and also trains personnel vital for the PLA command structure. 

PLA Central Theatre Command Units map
PLA Central Theatre Command Units map
  • HQ Location: Shijingshan, Beijing  39°57’12.57″N 116°11’2.47″E
  • Army HQ: Shijiazhuang City, Hebei Province.   38° 2’29.72″N 114°25’38.00″E
  • Air Force HQ: Dongcheng District, Beijing

81st Group Army

81st GA was created out of former 65th Group Army. It had following units:

  • 193rd Inf Division (Red 1st Division)
  • 195th Motorised Infantry Brigade
  • 207th Motorised Infantry Brigade
  • Armoured Brigade
  • 14th Artillery Brigade
81st Group Army31675No. 30 Jianguo Road, Qiaodong District, Zhangjiakou City40°46’2.46″N114°54’15.90″E66455 or 31675 MUCD
7th Combined Arms BrigadeLZ1132133No. 12 Junmin Road, Datong City, Shanxi39°56’42.01113°15’34.96
70th Combined Arms BrigadeLZ1266028Shishiyuan Village, Shuangqiao District, Chengde City, Hebei41° 0’49.46″N117°54’13.26″E
70th Combined Arms Brigade 2LZ1266028Chuanfangyu Township40° 4’20.09″N117°18’36.22″E
162nd Combined Arms BrigadeLZ1371352No. 12 Jiefang South Road, Xuanhua District, Zhangjiakou City, Hebei40°36’5.59″N115° 2’12.46″E
Former 162nd Mechanized Infantry Division
162nd Combined Arms Brigade 2LZ1371352Santiaoyan Village, Xuanhua County, Zhangjiakou City40°34’20.85″N114°59’35.63″E
189th Combined Arms BrigadeLZ1466058Yangcun, Wuqing, Tianjin39°22’2.64″N117° 4’32.74″E
194th Combined Arms BrigadeLZ1532134Cangshangtun, Jizhou District, Tianjin40° 4’25.61″N117°29’25.50″EFrom Former 6th Armored Division
194th Combined Arms Brigade 2LZ1532134Xiyanhe Village, Jizhou District, Tianjin40° 1’2.71″N117°17’8.22″EFrom Former 6th Armored Division
194th Combined Arms Brigade 3LZ1532134Wangzhuang Village, Dashan, Yutian County, Tangshan City, Hebei39°57’14.89″N117°38’11.21″EFrom Former 6th Armored Division
195th Combined Arms BrigadeLZ1666029Chahan Oboo, , Xilin Gol, Inner Mongolia42°16’15.88″N112°44’26.26″ETraining brigade
81st Air Defence BrigadeLZ2266109Beiying, Haigang District, Qinhuangdao City, Hebei Province39°57’19.54″N119°35’37.52″E
81st Air Defence Brigade 2LZ2266109Dongdaying, Shanhaiguan District, Qinhuangdao40° 0’36.60″N119°45’59.65″E
81st Air Defence Brigade 3^LZ2266109Shihebi, Shanhaiguan District, Qinhuangdao39°58’0.21″N119°47’8.59″E
81st Air Defence Brigade 4^LZ2266109Qianmianhuazhuangcun, Shanhaiguan District, Qinhuangdao, Hebei40° 1’16.05″N119°44’12.74″E
81st Engineering and Chemical Defence BrigadeLZ2532136Yangbei Road, Jinzhong Street, Dongli District, Tianjin39°13’31.17″N117°21’10.64″E
81st Engineering and Chemical Defence Brigade 2^LZ2532136Tiehuandian Village, Beichen District, Tianjin39°10’14.39″N117° 1’50.93″EPerhaps abandoned base
81st Engineering and Chemical Defence Brigade 3^LZ2532136Xiaonanxinbao Town, Huailai County, Zhangjiakou City, Hebei40°18’54.56″N115°43’15.03″E
81st Engineering and Chemical Defence Brigade 4^LZ2532136Guandang Town, Huailai County, Zhangjiakou, Hebei40°15’6.17″N115°34’23.59″E
81st Special Operations BrigadeLZ2332135Ma Ying Village, Nanjiao District, Datong City, Shanxi40° 5’21.89″N113°13’18.80″E
81st Special Operations Brigade 2LZ2332135Ma Ying Village, Nanjiao District, Datong City, Shanxi40° 5’39.52″N113°13’43.37″ETraining area
81st Artillery BrigadeLZ2166081Wulitai, Huailai County, Zhangjiakou City, Hebei40°24’33.53″N115°29’28.30″E
81st Service Support Brigade^LZ2632137No. 18, Chayu Road, Qiaodong District, Zhangjiakou40°45’59.78″N114°54’42.32″E
81st Service Support Brigade 2LZ2632137Huushi Town, Qiaodong District, Zhangjiakou City40°43’38.33″N114°54’46.79″E
81st Army Aviation BrigadeLH951cxx
61267Tongzhou, Beijing39°48’33.37″N116°42’17.43″E
81st Army Aviation Brigade 2^LH951cxx
61267No. 806, Sanjianfang Village, Zhangjiawan Town, Tongzhou District39°52’31.73″N116°40’31.71″E
81st Army Group Hospital^No. 13 Jianguo Road, Qiaodong District, Zhangjiakou City, Hebei40°48’37.24″N114°53’49.84″E
Table 3.4.1: 81st GA, Central Theatre Command (Updated: June 2023)

IMAGE:A tank belonging to 195th Heavy CAB of Central TC
IMAGE:A tank belonging to 195th Heavy CAB of Central TC

82nd Group Army

82nd GA was created out of former 38th Group Army plus a few more. It had following units:

  • 112nd Mechanised Infantry Division
  • 113th Mechanised Infantry Division
  • 6th Armoured Division
  • 6th Artillery Brigade
  • Air Defence Brigade (Mechanised)
  • Chemical Defence Regiment
  • Army Aviation/Helicopter regiment
A tank belonging to 82nd GA, Central TC
A tank belonging to 82nd GA, Central TC

82nd Group Army66393Wusi Middle Road, Jingxiu DistrictFormer 38th Group Army. 3167738°52’43.12″N115°28’16.45″E
6th Heavy Combined Arms BrigadeLZ3166325 or 66069Nankou Town, Changping District, BeijingLoyal Power BrigadeFormer 6th Tank Division40°13’23.37″N116° 6’19.12″E
80th Medium Combined Arms BrigadeLZ3266172No. 9 Cuipingshan Road, LuquanSonggu Peak Heroes GroupFormer 22nd Brigade/Division38° 2’51.86″N114°22’12.84″E
127th Medium Combined Arms Brigade.LZ3671282Wusi Middle Road, Baoding City, Hebei ProvinceIron ArmyFormer 127th Mech Inf Division38°52’54.07″N115°30’23.08″E
151st Heavy Combined Arms BrigadeLZ3332138Maoshan Village, Mancheng, BaodingEquipment from 139th Brigade and 337th Mech Inf Reg38°55’56.42″N115°17’10.89″E
188th Heavy Combined Army Brigade.LZ3466016Qiyi South Road, Xinzhou City, ShanxiWild Eight BrigadeFormer 188th Mech Inf Bde38°24’48.47″N112°43’29.74″E
196th Light Combined Arms Brigade^LZ3566481Erlaozhuang, Fengtai District, BeijingYimeng LionFormer 86th Mot Inf Div39°22’26.10″N117° 4’41.21″E
82nd Special Operations Brigade66011Tianhe North Road, Daxing District, Beijing40° 6’30.01″N117° 7’56.65″E
82nd Artillery Brigade32139Donggao Village, Pinggu District, Beijing40° 6’30.01″N117° 7’56.65″E
82nd Air Defence Brigade32140Xuefu Road, Xinhua District, Shijiazhuang City38° 9’11.71″N114°26’51.59″E
82nd Army Aviation BrigadeLH952cxx66350Lingyun Street, Lianchi District, Baoding38°50’15.31″N115°30’58.56″E
82nd Special Operations Brigade66011Tianhe North Road, Daxing District, Beijing39°41’12.92″N116°20’20.78″E
82nd Engineer & Chemical Defence Brigade^32141Yangfang Town, Changping District, Beijing40° 7’24.46″N116°12’19.16″E
82nd Service Support Brigade^32142Tantou Village, Mancheng County^38°48’27.05″N115°18’43.25″E
82nd Group Army Hospital31677Baoding City, Hebei
Table 3.4.2: 82nd GA, Central Theatre Command

83rd Group Army

A engineering vehicle belonging to 60th CAB of 83rd GA, Central TC
A engineering vehicle belonging to 60th CAB of 83rd GA, Central TC

83rd GA was created out of former 54th Group Army plus a few more units. It had following units:

  • 127th Light Mechanised Infantry DIvision
  • 160th Motorised Infantry Division
  • 162nd Motorised Infantry Division
  • 11th Armoured Division
  • Artillery Brigade
  • Air Defence Brigade
83rd Group Army^31679Muye District, XinxiangFormer 54th Group Army35°17’45.59″N113°54’10.79″E
11th Heavy Combined Arms BrigadeLZ5132143Queshan, HenanRed Army Iron Arms BrigadeFormer 11thArmoured/58th Mechanized Infantry Brigade32°48’44.98″N114° 1’9.49″E
58th Medium Combined Arms BrigadeLZ5271622Wenhua Road, Weidu District, Xuchang City, HenanYimeng LionFormer 86th Motorised Inf Div34° 1’11.20113°43’25.59
60th Medium Combined Arms Brigade.LZ5371897Xinfeng Street, Lintong District, Xi’an City, Shaanxi ProvinceOne River and Mountain BdeFormer 60th Mech Inf Brigade, 20th GA of Jinan MR34°24’33.89″N109°15’57.48″E
113th Combined Arms Brigade^LZ5466069Luoyang City , HenanFlying Tiger BrigadeFormer 13th Mech Inf Div34°36’18.62″N112°27’13.29″E
131st Medium Combined Arms Brigade^LZ5532144Linwei District, Weinan City, ShaanxiRed Second Regiment of the Autumn Harvest UprisingFormer 9th Armoured Brigade34°29’15.17″N109°31’0.57″E
193rd Medium Combined Arms Brigade.LZ5666188Anzhang Avenue, Anyang County, HenanFormer 193rd Brigade of 65th GA, Beijing MR40°39’48.73115° 2’35.65
161st Air Assault BrigadeLH953cxx32145Weibin District, Xinxiang City, HenanFormer 1st LH Army Aviation35°17’49.80″N113°50’16.50″E
83rd Special Operations Brigade^32148Aimin Road, Queshan County, Henan32°48’41.22″N114° 0’46.17″E
83rd Engineer & Chemical Defence Brigade^32149Mabu Village, Mengjin County, Luoyang City, Henan34°48’34.83″N112°27’32.76″E
83rd Service Support Brigade^32150Weibin District, Xinxiang City, Henan35°15’15.85″N113°53’16.13″E
83rd Air Defence Brigade32147Jintai District, Baoji City, Shaanxi34°21’32.44″N107°15’55.05″E
83rd Artillery Brigade^32146Jiefang District, Jiaozuo City, Henan Province35°15’0.83″N113°14’36.60″E
83 Group Military Hospital^Wenhua Street, Xinxiang City, Henan35°17’24.37″N113°52’28.90″E
Table 3.4.3: 83rd GA, Central Theatre Command

Other Units Under Central TC

112nd (I) Mechanised Infantry Division66336Cui Zhongwang Village, Gaobeidian39°21’40.10″N115°49’47.84″E
Air Defence Regiment -112 Div66289Biangezhuang Village, Zhuozhou39°28’21.24″N115°54’22.51″E
334th Inf Regiment -112 Div66295Duntai Village, Zhuozhou39°24’7.22″N115°52’50.57″E
335th Inf Regiment -112 Div66184Mawuzhuang Village, Yi39°21’47.27″N115°33’58.36″E
Armored regiment -112 Div66157Beitang Road, Dingxing County39°12’43.48″N115°44’10.31″E
Artillery Regiment -112 Div^66382Fuqian Street, Laishui39°20’19.91″N115°39’14.09″E
Queshan Contract Tactical Training Base^Aimin Road, Queshan County,32°46’33.93″N114° 3’4.26″E
9th Comprehensive Training Base^32153Gebei Street, Xuanhua40°45’7.99″N115°10’57.36″E
10th Comprehensive Training BaseXitiangong Village, Lucheng City, Changzhi36°17’28.38″N113° 8’18.48″E
Unidentified^Shiziyuancun, Shuangqiao District, Chengde41° 0’47.84″N117°53’58.82″E
Unidentified^93700^Tanghe, Huairou, Beijing40°51’21.01″N116°42’12.82″E
StorageLeizi Reservoir39°27’9.22″N115°36’55.35″E
Unidentified^93507^Huiguan Road, Luquan District, Shijiazhuang38° 3’41.85″N114°20’0.72″E
Table 3.4.3: Other Units, Central Theatre Command

Map Link:,113.42952365,1462.91594136a,1812712.41770972d,30y,0h,0t,0r/data=MigKJgokCiAxak1mWWtwT1pCRjlEZVVpcDBKY3ZKcGl6Qkk2OEdXbyAC

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