DIY audio amplifier and media streaming setup.

This project started as a vague idea to play music on better speakers and ended up becoming a bit more. There are a few things here which a lot of audiophiles wouldn’t like and it’s more like a curiosity project for learning than a setup for the best possible audio quality. It is indeed possible to […]

Arduino Weather Station to measure temperature, pressure and humidity

This is a quick project which uses Arduino and two sensors DHT11 and BMP180 to display humidity, temperature and atmospheric pressure to on a small LCD screen. I first proofed the setup and code on Arduino Uno and then tried to shift it to a cheap Arduino Nano clone for final setup. But after facing […]

Arduino Project : Pollution Sensor System, initial setup.

I had an Arduino kit lying around for a long time but never did anything with it. Few days back I bought a few sensors and started to build a pollution sensor system consisting of atleast two sensors for now and multiple ways of monitoring. I don’t know any programing and most of the code […]

Cooling for Raspberry Pi

Few days back I noticed that my Raspberry Pi 3 is running quite hot. Sometimes crossing 80 degrees. This is  quite rare but since it is running for days without a break in this hot weather, I planned to do something to bring temperature lower. But problem is that Raspberry Pis don’t come with any […]

Charging DSLR camera batteries by solar panel while traveling

Ever since I bought a camera, batteries have been an issue specially while traveling. A fully charged DSLR battery is enough for up to 1000 photos or more if used properly. But in places without electricity like when camping and cold weather, battery charge is an issue. I found out during my last trip to […]

Update to Raspberry Pi as a media server and torrent box.

This post is a follow up of my previous post about using Raspberry pi as a media server and a torrent box. Since last time, I’ve managed to fix up most of the problems that came up and now my Raspberry Pi setup is working well as a media server and torrent box. The major […]

Raspberry Pi as a media server and torrent box.

A few weeks back I bought a Raspberry Pi 2 with a vague idea of using it as a device for downloading torrents and streaming videos. Using a PC for this work seems like an overkill. But work, travel and other stuff didn’t leave enough time and I could work on this project only for […]

Reply to TRAI’s Net Neutrality questionnaire

Unless you have been living under a rock, you must have heard about some telecom providers like Airtel  offering certain kind of “free” internet.  This sounds like a great deal to a few people, but it violates all the principles of a non-discriminatory internet infrastructure. In medium to long term, it will lead to monopoly […]