Chinese Armed Forces ORBAT Part 3: Ground Forces

Chinese PLA ground forces

UPDATE 1: July 2022. During the rewrite, I’ve found a number of mistakes in the geo-location. The units are mostly correct, but a few have errors with the published address and corresponding coordinates. The process of corrections is going on.

UPDATE 2: Sep 2022. Updated data of ground forces of all five Theatre Commands is listed below. Map at end of respective sections. All data in this post plus Orbat of all Chinese Ground Forces in E-book format: Early access & some extras on Patreon.

3.1 Western Theatre Command

WTC is the largest among all 5 TCs and is responsible for securing  India, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Pakistan and Tajikistan borders with China.  It has no naval assets and will coordinate with the naval fleet of Southern TC in case of any hostilities with India.  Its major focus is on India and has multiple units deployed in direct opposition to Indians at Depsang, Galwan, Hot Spring, Pangong Tso, Demchok and Chumar sectors. 

WTC consists of 76th and 77th GAs plus Xinjiang Military District (XMD) and Tibetan Military District (TMD) forces.  TMD and XMD  are assigned the status of deputy theatre level units and are under direct command of PLA Ground forces. This gives PLA commanders some extra freedom with taking their own initiatives without direct approval from CMC.  Some senior commanders of these two MDs are given high level posts in local governments. One of their main roles is internal security and suppression of dissent and insurgencies. 

PLA Western Theatre Command Units map
  • Area of Operations:  Sichuan, Tibet, Aksai Chin, Gansu, Ningxia, Qinghai, Xinjiang and Chonqqing.
  • HQ Location: Chengdu, Sichuan. 30°40’49.95″N 104° 3’50.82″E
  • Army HQ:  Lanzhou, Gansu. 36° 3’20.44″N 103°51’18.25″E
  • Air Force HQ: Chengdu, Sichuan

76th Group Army

Tank crew of 149th CAB, 76th GA Western TC
Tank crew of 149th CAB, 76th GA Western TC

76th GA was carved out of former 21st and 47th Group Armies. It has 45,000 to 60,000 soldiers in Qinghai, Gansu and Ningxia. 

21st GA had 

  • 61st Motorised Infantry Division (Red Army Division)
  • 55th Motorised Infantry Brigade
  • 12th Armoured Brigade, 
  • Artillery Brigade, 
  • Air Defence Brigade
  •  ‘Tiger’ Special Operations Dadui. 

47th Group Army had following units:

  • 56th Motorised Infantry Brigade
  • 139th Mechanised Infantry Brigade
  • 12th Artillery Division
  • 9th Armoured Brigade
  • 1st Artillery Brigade; 
  • 3rd Army Aviation Brigade
  • Anti-Aircraft Brigade
  • Communications Regiment, 
  • Engineer Regiment
76th Group Army31665Bayi Road, Chengdong District, Xining City36°34’9.83″N101°51’24.29″E
12th Heavy Combined Arms Brigade^LX1131654Dongba Village, Suzhou District, Jiuquan City, GansuQilian Iron CavalryFormer 12th Tank Division (68203) and then 12th Armoured Brigade of Lanzhou MRZBD-04, 96A tanks.Disbanded in May 2022^. 39°51’31.82″N98°36’5.66″E
17th Heavy Combined Arms Brigade.LX1231670Pingjibao, Xixia District, YinchuanHelan Power BrigadeFormer 17th Armoured Brigade of 13th Group Armys38°23’42.35″N106° 0’47.01″E
56th Heavy Combined Arms BrigadeLX1368203South Yanqiao Road, Golmud CityQiu Shaoyun ArmyFormer 56th Motorised Infantry Brigade, 47th Group Army of the Lanzhou Military Region36°10’33.05″N94°46’56.20″E
62nd Heavy Combined Arms BrigadeLX1468204Shuangyong Road, Jiayuguan City, Gansu ProvinceDawn Xiongguan BrigadeFormer 62nd Mechanised Infantry BrigadeDeployed Type-99A In Pangong & Spangur area in 202039°48’42.97″N98°14’16.93″E
149th Medium Combined Arms BrigadeLX1577156Liqiao Village, Litong District, Wuzhong City, Ningxia HuiIron Fist BrigadeFrom former 149th Motorised Infantry Division37°51’56.66″N106° 6’29.39″E
182nd Light Combined Arms Brigade^LX1631658Qujiagou, Longxi, GansuIron Hammer ArmyFrom former 182nd Motorised Infantry Regiment.34°57’14.61″N104°41’7.14″E
76th Artillery Brigade.31660Yingshui Bridge, Shapotou District, ZhongweiFormer 47th Artillery Brigade~3000 troops37°30’15.45″N105° 5’50.37″E
76th Air Defence Brigade.31662Qianheyan Road, Linxia City, GansuFormer 21st AA BrigadeHQ-16 MRSAM, HQ-7 SAM, PG-99 twin 35mm AA-2500 troops35°35’11.53″N103°12’11.84″E
76th Special Operations Brigade68216Jiefang Street, Qingtongxia City, WuzhongFormer 184th Regiment, 62nd Division of 21st ArmyTiger brigade?37°53’44.09″N106° 1’40.76″E
76th Army Aviation BrigadeLH971cxx31664Gonghe Town, Pingchuan District, Baiyin City, GansuFormer 21st GA Aviation Brigade8 groups with 8 helicopters in eachHelicopters: Z-8G, Z-10, Z-19, Mi-17-V7, Mi-171E36°37’43.20″N105°00’09″E
76th Army Aviation Brigade 2LH971cxxXiganquNew^36°23’1.70″N94°48’10.67″E
76th Engineering & Chemical Defence Brigade31666Yongjun Road, Liangzhou37°50’3.55″N102°43’24.36″E
76th Service Support Brigade31668Bayi Road, Chengdong36°34’25.79″N101°51’12.69″E
76th Group Military Hospital^32278Nanchang Road, Chengguan District, Lanzhou36° 3’14.84″N103°52’14.89″E
A vehicle belonging to 150th CAB, 77th GA of Western TC

77th Group Army

77th GA was raised by reorganisation of former 13th GA. Latter comprised of following units:

  • 37th Infantry division
  • 149th Motorised  Infantry division
  • Armoured Brigade
  • Artillery Brigade
  • Air Defence brigade. 
A vehicle belonging to 150th CAB, 77th GA of Western TC
A vehicle belonging to 150th CAB, 77th GA of Western TC

77th Group Army31667Yongjun Road, Chongzhou City, Chengdu City, Sichuan30°43’13.33″N103°31’21.72″E
39th Medium Combined Arms Brigade^LX3131672Bitong Road, Bishan District, Chongqing CityIron Red Army BrigadeFormer 37th Motorised Infantry Division29°36’2.91″N106°13’27.53″E
40th Mountain Combined Arms Brigade^LX3277283Junmin Road, Jiangjin District, ChongqingDeath BrigadeFormer 40th Motorised Infantry Brigade29°16’49.86″N106°14’57.27″E
55th Light Combined Arms Brigade31674Deyang Village, Duilung Deqing County, LhasaSnow Region HeroesFormer 55th Motorised Infantry Brigade29°33’44.52″N91° 3’10.95″E
139th Heavy Combined Arms Brigade68302Jiuligeng, Shigu Town, ShifangHuashan TigersFormer 139th Mechanised Infantry Brigade3-4 Infantry Battalions31° 9’22.53″N104° 0’35.87″E
150th Light Combined Arms Brigade^31676Meishan City, SichuanTwo Fears BrigadeFormer 149th Motorised Infantry Brigade30° 3’37.20″N103°46’21.22″E
181st Medium Combined Arms Brigade31656Tonggao Village, Qianwei County, Leshan City, SichuanDiamond. Former 181st Motorised Infantry Brigade/reg^4 Infantry Battalions7th Air Defence Battalion (HQ-7B SAM)6th Artillery BattalionPCL-181 155mm SPH29° 9’31.71″N103°58’9.10″E
77th Army Aviation Brigade – Feng Huang ShanLH972cxx77116Chengdu, Feng Huang ShanHelicopters: Mi-17-V7, Mi-171E, S70C-2,Z-9WA, Z-10, Z-19, Z-2030°43’49.0″N104°05’34.0″E
77th Army Aviation Brigade – TaipingsiLH972cxx77116Chengdu, TaipingsiHelicopters: Mi-17-V7, Mi-171E, Z-9WASeries: LH972cxx30°36’06.0″N104°00’51.0″E
77th Army Aviation Brigade – NyingchiLH972cxx77116Nyingchi, TbetHelicopter: Mi-17 Series: LH972cxx29°33’38.89″N94°28’15.26″E
77th Special Operations Brigade77110Jiuligeng, Shifang City, Deyang500 troops31° 9’14.43″N104° 1’20.84″E
77th Artillery Brigade77115Linqiong Town, Qionglai City, Chengdu30°13’10.07″N103°14’47.86″E
77th Air Defence Brigade77123Jiepai Town, Anzhou District, Mianyang City, Sichuan Province31°29’42.25″N104°35’10.94″E
77th Service Support Brigade^31680Sichuan30°43’24.81″N103°32’45.94″E
77th Engineering & Chemical Defence Brigade^31678Luzhou28°52’41.67″N105°26’55.99″E
77th Hospital^32280Jiajiang, Sichuan29°44’9.48″N103°34’50.70″E
Table 3.1.2: 77th Group Army, Western Theatre Command

3rd Intelligence & Reconaissance Brigade31681Wujiaya Village, Maiji District, Tianshui City, Gansu34°33’43.74″N105°54’19.04″E
Information and Communication Brigade31682Majiasi Village, Lianda Township, Yuzhong County, Lanzhou City, Gansu35°53’17.95″N104° 1’46.15″E
6th Intelligence Reconnaissance Brigade31683?Urumqi, Xinjiang43°49’2.30″N87°38’56.85″E
6th Information Support BrigadeUrumqi, Xinjiang43°48’59.83″N87°38’57.58″E
3rd Intelligence Reconnaissance BrigadeMaiji District, Tianshui City, Gansu34°33’43.74″N105°54’19.04″E
3rd Information Assurance/Support Brigade??31688Yuzhong County, Lanzhou, Gansu35°50’49.01″N104° 6’45.72″E
308th Artillery Brigade^77611Linzhi, TibetPCL181 155mm truck mounted howitzers29°38’4.14″N91°14’31.93″E
2nd Artillery Brigade^
3rd Electronic Counter Measures BrigadeChengguan Town, Yongdeng County, Lanzhou City, Gansu36°44’15.06″N103°15’15.66″E
651st Independent AAA Brigade^Bayi, Nyingchi29°37’39.38″N94°23’11.90″E
1 Regiment MRSAMHQ-16 – 16 TEL x 16 SAMwith JY-27A VHF-band anti-PGM volume-search radars
1 Regiment VSHORAD18 tracked vehicles x 4 SHORAD+25mm Quad cannon.
1 Regiment FM-903. FM-90- 12 vehicles?? X 4 missileswith YLC-18 S-band 3-D acquisition radars
Composite AABattalionFN-6 MANPAD,24 Type-73 37mm AA, 18 twin 35mm PG-99 AAwith YLC-6 S-band 2D low level radarYLC-2V 3-D S-band acquisition radars
^ RegimentHQ-12
Table 3.1.3: Other units under Western Theatre Command

Xinjiang Military District

XMD’s area of operations with respect to India includes western borders comprising of Laddakh and Himachal Pradesh. It has around 90,000+ soldiers in 4 Divisions with roughly 13000 troops each plus a few independent units. Many of these soldiers belong to local  ethnic minorities. Xinjiang MR thus has the largest representation of Chinese minorities compared to all other military formations. The infantry regiments used to have 4 battalions each having 3 companies with 3 platoons each^ and were equipped with -Type-86 tracked ICV, 6 WZ-551 & 8 VN-1 wheeled APCs carrying Red Arrow 10 ATGM. The Divisional HQs usually were  company sized units with EW and CBRN battalion plus AD platoon and guard company. 

Wheeled IFVs belonging to 8th Division of Xinjiang MD
Wheeled IFVs belonging to 8th Division of Xinjiang MD

Reports coming in during 2020 and later suggested that some units under XMD have been converted into combined arms structure. The original Motor Infantry Divisions and Mechanised Infantry Divisions have been converted into or in process of conversions into Combined Arms Divisions structure with 2 Regiments each. One difference is that the  new CARs have 3 Battalions each.The changes have come with induction of modern equipment such as HQ-16 SAM, Type-04A ICV, PH-03 MBRLs, Type-05 SPHs and Type-15 light tanks. Some other sources suggest that XMD has Combined Armed Divisions (CAD) with two Combined Arms Regiments, each with 3 CABts plus support units. There were 7 Logistics sub-departments  and one Motor Transport Regiment which probably have been merged with JLSF.

Newly Inducted PHL-03 300 mm MBRL in Xinjiang MR in 2020-21
Newly Inducted PHL-03 300 mm MBRL in Xinjiang MR in 2020-21

There were 7 Logistics sub-departments  and one Motor Transport Regiment in Lanzhou MR which probably have been merged with JLSF.  Motor Transport Regiment, 29th, 30th, 31st and 32nd sub-departments were in Xinjiang, while Qinghai, Gansu and Shaanxi had 25th, 27th and 28th sub-departments. 

One medium CABt armed with Type-09 8X8 vehicles entered service with XMD in May 2021.  The video footage showed 70 armoured wheeled vehicles including 14 ZTL-11s with 105 mm gun, 19 ZBL-09  ICVs, 6 C&C vehicles, recovery vehicles and possibly 2 ZSL-92 mounted mortars on 6×6 wheeled vehicles. It also included a few 122mm SPH and 10 PHL-03 MBRLs

Following ORBAT is from pre-2020 reorganisation. There is limited information about how these 4 Divisions have been reorganised in to CA Brigades or are using a different command structure. Another point to be noted is that two divisions are deployed at Indo-Tibet border at any time with the other two in rear echelons. 

4th Motorised Infantry Division
4th Motorised Infantry Division69220Shengli Road, Kuqa County, Aksu13000 troops. “Deployed in Depsang”41°43’9.32″N82°57’58.76″E
11th Motorised Infantry Regiment69221Qianjin Road, Aksu-Each regiment has 3 companies with 3 platoons.-Type-86 tracked ICV-6 WZ-551 & 8 VN-1 wheeled APCs carryingRed Arrow 10 ATGMDeployed in Depsang41°11’0.74″N80°15’32.36″E
12th Motorised Infantry Regiment69222Luntai County, Bazhou, Xinjiang-Each regiment has 3 companies with 3 platoons.-Type-86 tracked ICV-6 WZ-551 & 8 VN-1 wheeled APCs carryingRed Arrow 10 ATGM41°47’54.91″N84°17’6.88″E
Armoured Regiment 4th Div^Hejing County, Bayingoleng– MBT 99 Type-8842°19’16.50″N86°22’52.60″E
Anti Tank Regiment 4th Div^Hejing, Bayingoleng, Xinjiang– 24 HJ-9 ATGM on WZ-550/Type 92B
Artillery Regiment 4th Div69223Shuangyong Road, Baicheng County, Aksu.– 36 Type-83 152mm towed gun- 18 CS-SM1 WM-81 82mm mortars- 3 CLC-50XL WL Radar41°48’49.50″N81°49’20.26″E
Air Defence Regiment 4th DivKuqa County, Aksu Region, Xinjiang– 24 towed 35mm Type-90 AAG- 6 FN-6 MANPADs41°43’29.11″N82°58’48.03″E
Special Operations Brigade, 4th DivKucha County, Aksu Prefecture
4th Transport Brigade
After Reorganisation– 123 Type-88 MBT
4th Combined Arms Division69220
Service & Support RegimentLJ40
Heavy Combined Arms RegimentLJ41Type-15 Tank and ZBD-04A ICV
High Mobility Combined Arms RegimentLJ42
Combined Arms RegimentLJ43
Firepower RegimentLJ4435mm and 57 mm AA, 122mm MBRL and PCL-181 SPH
Table 3.1.4: 4th Division, Xinjiang Military District, Western Theatre Command

6th Highland Mechanised Infantry Division
6th Highland MechanisedInfantry Division69210Xincheng Road, Shache County, Kashgar, XinjiangCompany sized Div HQ with EW, CBRN battalions, AD platoon& guard company. 351 ZBD-04A ICV (4 per regiment). Deployed T-88 tanks near Spangur in 202038°25’3.90″N77°14’17.59″E
17th Mechanised Infantry Regiment^4 battalions
18th Mechanised Infantry Regiment69215Kuonabaza Road, Shule County, Kashgar4 battalions?7th or 17th- 3 Companies- Each battalion – 3 Mech Companies with 3 platoons& 13 ZBD-04A IFV (4 for each platoon + 1 command)- 18 ZBD-04A ICV with AFT-10 ATGM)39°24’17.44″N76° 3’7.24″E
21st Armoured Regiment69213Yecheng County, Kashgar Region, XinjiangPerhaps 6th37°49’34.53″N77°26’54.67″E
Field Artillery Regiment, 6th Div69216Wenhua Road, Shule County, Kashgar– 36 PLZ-05 155/45mm SPG- 36 122mm PHZ-11 MBRL39°24’29.43″N76° 2’23.42″E
Aviation Regiment, 6th Div
Air Defence Regiment, 6th Div69218Shache County, Kashgar District, Xinjiang– Battalion of 24 GZ-09 35mm SPG,- Battalion of 18 HQ-17 SAM,- 6 FN-6 MANPADS38°25’22.57″N77°14’57.48″E
Reconnaissance Battalion, 6th Div– 18 AFT-10 ATGM vehicles- 1 squadron each – 6 Z-9G Attack & 6 Mi-17I helicopter
CBRN Defence BattalionInfantry Company & AD Platoon for HQ security, 6th Div
6th ECM Brigade^32159Beijing North Road, Xinshi District, Urumqi43°54’16.26″N87°31’49.08″E
6th Intelligence Reconnaissance Brigade^32157?Wulabo, Daban District, Urumqi
Fomer Technical Reconnaissance Bureau of Xinjiang MR
6th Information Support Brigade^32158Wenquan East Road, Shuimogou District, Urumqi
Former Xinjiang MR 1st & 2nd Surveying and Mapping Brigade
Combat Engineer Battalion, 6th Div
Army Aviation Brigade, 6th DivSquadron of 6 each, Harbin Z-9 and Mi-17 helicopters
Xinjiang Special Operations Brigade
Kashgar Engineer Regiment
After Reorganisation69210
Service & Support RegimentLJ45
Heavy Combined Arms RegimentLJ46Type-15 tank and Type-86 ICV
Medium Combined Arms BrigadeLJ47
Medium Combined Arms BrigadeLJ48
Firepower RegimentLJ4935mm and HQ-7A SAM, 122mm MBRL and PCL-181 SPH
CA Regiment^^LJ18^
Table 3.1.5: 6th Division, Xinjiang Military District, Western Theatre Command

8th Motorised Infantry Division

8th Motorised Infantry Division69230Beijing East Road, Wusu City, Tacheng Region, XinjiangHas female crews for ZTZ88A, 2nd Tank Company,Regiments 2800 troops each12th Border Defence Regiment (Tawang)?13th Border Defence Regiment?Type 95 or 88 MBT, Type 63 APC, ZTZ88A MBT44°25’27.17″N84°51’33.18″E
22nd Motorised Infantry Regiment69231^Shaoshan Road, Dushanzi District, Karamay City, Xinjiang44°20’21.94″N84°52’30.13″E
24th Motorised Infantry Regiment69233^Yinyan Road, Shihezi City, Xinjiang44°18’50.29″N86° 7’9.51″E
162nd Artillery Regiment^69234^Jinshan Road, Shawan County, Tachengor Brigade^?44°19’6.51″N84°51’18.27″E
Air Defence Regiment^-8th Div69235^Beijing West Road, Kuitun City44°24’23.98″N84°49’17.12″E
Armoured Regiment -8th Div69236^Xinhua Road, Shawan County, Tacheng44°19’0.05″N85°35’44.41″E
Special Operations Brigade^^Xinjiang?
After Reorganisation
Service & Support RegimentLJ50
Heavy Combined Arms RegimentLJ51Type-99A tank and Type-86A ICV
High Mobility Combined Arms RegimentLJ52
^ Combined Arms RegimentLJ53
Firepower RegimentLJ5435mm and 57 mm AA, 122mm MBRL and PCL-181 SPH
Table 3.1.6: 8th Division, Xinjiang Military District, Western Theatre Command

11th Motorised Infantry Division
11th Motorised Infantry Division69240Beijing South Road, Urumqi, Xinjiang13000 troops. 3-4 infantry brigades, manoeuvre unit43°50’44.64″N87°34’18.02″E
31st Infantry Regiment69241?Wuqi Road, Jimsar County, Changji Hui43°59’38.47″N89° 8’1.55″E
32nd Infantry Regiment^692412Gaochang District, Turpan4th Coy of 2nd Bt is Gannan Suppression Hero Coy^.3rd Bat is 3rd Steel Battalion42°58’21.35″N89°10’37.39″E
Air Defence Regiment-11th Div69245?Shangdalu Village, Fukang City, Changji Hui44° 8’23.00″N88° 2’1.78″E
Artillery Regiment -11th Div^69243?Beiwan Street, Tianshan District, UrumqiArtillery regiment is replacing it’s PL66152mm with truck mounted PCL181 155mm howitzers43°45’30.98″N87°39’27.04″E
11th artillery storage^43°45’42.69″N87°39’35.39″E
Armoured Regiment -11th69246?Anping Road, Shuimogou District, Urumqi43°42’29.19″N87°35’32.93″E
After Reorganisation
Service & Support RegimentLJ55
High Mobility Combined RegimentLJ56Type-99A tank and Type-86A ICV
^Combined Arms RegimentLJ57
^ Combined Arms RegimentLJ58
Medium Combined Arms RegimentLJ66
Firepower RegimentLJ5935mm and HQ-7 SAM, 122mm MBRL and PCL-181 SPH
CA Regiment^^LJ66^
CA Regiment^^LJ33^
Table 3.1.7: 11th Division, Xinjiang Military District, Western Theatre Command

Other Units Under XMD
84th Artillery Brigade^69250Xishan Road, Shayibake District, Urumqi, Xinjiang1 battln PCL-191, 3 of PHL-03, 2 of PCL-18143°48’7.76″N87°33’49.17″E
84th Air Defence Brigade69260Wenquan East Road, Urumqi City, XinjiangFormer 13th Air Defence Brigade^43°49’0.34″N87°40’59.99″E
84th Army Aviation Brigade^LH911cxx69008^Maogeya Village, Changji, Xinjiang44° 6’49.93″N87°27’39.99″E
84th Army Aviation Brigade 2^LH911cxxYangdamanxiangLH911cxx39°23’46.94″N76°11’34.18″E
84th Special Operations Brigade^69290^ or 69390Yingbin Avenue, KashgarKunlun Blade39°32’53.11″N76° 0’16.39″E
1st Independent Regiment69009Wuxing North Road, Shuimogou District, Urumqi43°49’19.06″N87°38’11.50″E
2nd Independent Regiment^32329^Tianshan East Road, Kuqa41°43’0.97″N82°55’25.22″E
6th Intelligence & Recon Brigade32157Dabancheng District, Urumqi, Xinjiang43°22’3.52″N88°17’49.30″E
6th Information Assurance Brigade32158Wenquan East Road, Shuimogou District, Urumqi43°49’34.29″N87°41’39.16″E
2nd Regiment Army Chemical Defence^Wuxing North Road, Shuimogou District, Urumqi3 Chemical Defence Battalion1 Support Battalion43°49’21.18″N87°38’13.17″E
9th Engineering Regiment69006Bogda Road, Tianshan43°45’37.96″N87°39’8.90″E
Supply Base^WuzunzhenStoarge and supply base^41°46’42.08″N83° 6’59.16″E
Unidentified^Aksu41° 9’14.08″N80°13’0.61″E
Qinghai-Tibet Military Railway StationXining City, QinghaiQinghai-Tibet Military Station Department,°22’12.98″N94°53’47.94″E
Unidentified^Xining City, QinghaiNew large base with barracks and vehicle sheds36°26’38.54″N94°48’36.12″E
Army AviationAksai Chin lake,79.542829,1735°14’14.32″N79°32’34.06″E
Army AviationGala township,89.404442,1628°16’57.33″N89°24’32.21″E
Army AviationNagqu Qu31°24’46.06″N91°58’55.13″E
Army AviationNimazhen, Nyima,87.296956,1631°47’21.57″N87°18’16.18″E
Army AviationQuga’er Jiamu33°39’24.53″N80°26’56.02″E
Unidentified^Miao’ergoucun Badui, Urumqi43°30’45.03″N87°30’3.90″E
Malan Nuclear Test Base63650Nairenker Township , Heshuo County , BayingolengDirectly under the Aerospace System Department of the Strategic Support Force42°23’12.90″N87°18’32.28″E
StorageKorla41°37’56.61″N86° 6’56.75″E
11th Comprehensive Training BaseEast Ring Road, Korla41°38’16.48″N86°20’59.37″E
Training^Huangdixiang, ShuleVehicle training^39°32’58.77″N75°56’57.00″E
Unidentified^Tu Telieke, Shule39°33’43.38″N75°59’51.49″E
Training^Ruomuqu, LhasaVehicle training^29°36’46.98″N90°58’40.21″E
Training^Axi, LhasaInfantry training^29°36’3.66″N91° 5’16.53″E
Unidentified^Baju, LhasaVehicle, storage or garage^29°39’12.99″N91° 3’13.40″E
Unidentified^Donggashakang, LhasaVehicle, storage or garage^29°38’40.09″N91° 1’42.12″E
Helicopter BasePengkang, Lhasa29°39’34.25″N91°16’22.05″E
TrainingDagan Ditch Bridge36° 1’44.34″N94°50’42.87″E
Table 3.1.8: Other units, Xinjiang Military District, Western Theatre Command

XMD Border Defence Regiments

40000 troops^, 3 companies in each regiment^

361st Border Defence Regiment69310Shiquanhe Town, Gar County, AliFomer Xinjiang MR Ali Army Division Border Defence 14th Regimentand Zada ​​Border Defence Battalion31°29’54.95″79°48’31.91″
362nd Border Defence Regiment^32160^RutogFormer Xinjiang MR Ali Army Division Border Defence 14th Regimentand Kan Frontier Defence BattalionDeployed at Aksai Chin. 2 Companies at Fort Khurnak & north bank of Pangong Lake and at Spanggur Lake. 3rd at Kongka Pass near Gogra Springs. 33°45’48.14″N 78°59’25.17″E and 33° 4’35.09″N 79°10’10.86″E and 34°19’46.55″N 79° 6’35.67″E33°22’40.36″79°43’54.47
363rd Border Defence Regiment^69316Sailatu Town, Pishan County, XinjiangInvolved in Galwan
Frontier Defence Companies:Shenxianwan 5382m, highest in PLA, Karakoram steel post 35°34’7.00″N 77°50’45.07″ETiantian Point 35°19’46.13″N 78°10’40.95″EHeweitan^ 34°59’59.48″N 78°35’32.87″E
36°20’25.58″N78° 3’6.23″E
364th Border Defence Regiment69315Tashkorgan, Akta County, XinjiangFormer 12th Regiment of the Border Defence ofKashgar Army Division of Xinjiang MR. Deployed near PoK border with Tibet37°45’49.4575°13’43.54
365th Border Defence Regiment69313Azihan Road, Artush City, XinjiangFormer 11th Regiment of the Border Defence ofKashgar Army Division of Xinjiang MR.39°44’3.6275°59’59.01
366th Border Defence Regiment^69312Wushi County, XinjiangFormer 10th Regiment of the Border Defence ofKashgar Army Division of Xinjiang MR.41°12’5.26″N79°12’26.98″E
367th Border Defence Regiment^69349Jiefang Road, Zhaosu County, XinjiangFormer 9th Regiment of the Border Defence ofKashgar Army Division of Xinjiang MR.43° 8’11.58″N81° 7’36.21″E
368th Border Defence Regiment?69348?Chengdong Road, HuiyuanFormer 8th Regiment of the Border Defence ofKashgar Army Division of Xinjiang MR?43°59’38.4380°54’41.05
369th Border Defence Regiment69339Hongxing Road, Bole City, BortalaFormer 7th Regiment of the Border Defence ofKashgar Army Division of Xinjiang MR44°50’48.9682° 2’59.91
370th Border Defence Regiment^69338Tacheng Tuoli, XinjiangFormer 6th Regiment of the Border Defence ofKashgar Army Division of Xinjiang MR45°57’1.2583°36’17.59
371st Border Defence Regiment69337Tacheng, XinjiangFormer 5th Regiment of the Border Defence ofKashgar Army Division of Xinjiang MR46°40’49.6382°48’6.89
372nd Border Defence Regiment^69340Yingbin Road, Fuyun County, AltayFormer 4th Regiment of the Border Defence ofKashgar Army Division of Xinjiang MR46°19’58.43″N89°32’34.73″E
373rd Border Defence Regiment69344Tuanjie South Road, Habahe County, AltayFormer 3rd Regiment of the Border Defence ofKashgar Army Division of Xinjiang MR43°51’27.6787°23’31.15
374th Border Defence Regiment69332Orchard Village, Qitai, ChangjiFormer 2nd Regiment of the Border Defence ofKashgar Army Division of Xinjiang MR44° 0’35.46″N89°36’53.06″E
375th Border Defence Regiment^69330Hami Barkol, XinjiangFormer 1st Regiment of the Border Defence ofKashgar Army Division of Xinjiang MR43°36’5.9293° 1’53.40
Table 3.1.9: Border Defence Regiments, Xinjiang Military District, Western Theatre Command


Pulan CoyPulanPulan Border Defence Company30°18’5.52″N81°10’45.87″E
Siranta CoySirantaSiranta Border Defence Company30°45’20.62″N80°35’43.83″E
Daba CoyDabaDaba Border Defence Company31°13’41.81″N79°55’30.21″E
Bolin CoyBolinBolin Border Defence Company31°17’53.40″N79°32’42.72″E
Sarang CoySarangxiangSarang Border Defence Company31°33’59.11″N79° 3’2.43″E
Shibuqi CoyShibuqiShibuqi Border Defence Company31°48’39.02″N78°48’31.65″E
Manzha CoyManzhaManzha Border Defence Company32° 9’18.73″N78°48’10.29″E
Zhipuzi CoyQipu JilieZhipuzi Border Defence Company32°34’33.38″N78°36’30.62″E
Zhaxigang CoyJiangjiZhaxigang (Tashigang) Border Defence company32°31’34.35″N79°37’59.77″E
Shenxianwan Coy5382m, highest in PLA, Karakoram steel postShenxianwan – 2nd Coy 363 BDR35°34’7.00″N77°50’45.07″E
Tiantian Coy69316Tiantian Point – 3rd Coy 363 BDR35°19’46.13″N78°10’40.95″E
Heweitan CoyHeweitan – 1st coy, 363rd BDR34°59’59.48″N78°35’32.87″E
Kongka Pass CoyKongka Pass – 3rd Coy 363 BDR34°19’46.55″N79° 6’35.67″E
Kurnak Fort CoyKurnak Fort Company -1st Coy 362nd BDR North Pangong33°45’48.14″N78°59’25.17″E
Rimchang CoyRimchang Company – 2nd Coy 362nd BDR^ North pangong33°46’12.18″N79° 4’17.51″E
Purchu Coy普尔楚边防连 5680 m33°33’52.52″N78°47’56.29″E
Qiekan Coy32°52’10.40″N79°36’26.92″E
Domchiry CoyDumchele MarketDumuqilie^33° 4’34.69″N79°10’12.65″E
Khunjerab CoyShares border with Pak36°55’58.06″N75°33’16.13″E
Kokturuk Coy37° 9’26.09″N74°39’31.48″E
Tokmansu CoyTokmansu Frontier Defence CompanyTibet-Afghanistan border37° 9’39.05″N74°49’11.95″E
Ming Tiegai CoyMingtiegaiWakhan Corridor37° 7’20.38″N75° 0’59.23″E
Karachigu CoyKa Laqigu37°12’35.89″N75°22’33.50″E
Smkhana CoySimhana, JigenKyrgyzstan border39°41’46.88″N73°55’30.56″E
Maidan CoyMayidancun40°11’27.42″N76° 1’49.26″E
Kurumduk Coy40°20’1.58″N76°23’49.06″E
Alishangang CoyQusum Town32°12’40.98″N79°11’36.59″E
Table 3.1.10: BDR Company HQs, Xinjiang Military District, Western Theatre Command

Border Posts

Gogra Hot Springs 3Border post 334°25’39.15″N78°55’13.17″E
Galwan supply base34°37’56.62″N78°37’2.92″E
Galwan base^GalwanMid sized unidentified base near Galwan34°45’5.32″N78°14’7.54″E
Galwan clashGalwanSite of Galwan clash in 202034°45’48.06″N78°13’1.41″E
Galwan south base^Possible training or prepared battle fortification site34°33’49.08″N78°37’0.41″E
Army aviation baseSugai Teku RuleHelicopter base36°20’39.34″N78° 1’57.88″E
Kalasu PortKalasu PortSupply & Transport Base^38°11’40.24″N74°55’31.31″E
Kulma Pass postKulma PassBorder post38° 9’0.22″N74°48’23.29″E
Gogra Hot Springs Post 1Border post 134°23’55.28″N78°54’34.47″E
Gogra Hot Springs Post 2Border post 2 and possible staging area34°24’29.09″N78°55’7.38″E
Kongka Pass BaseRear base and staging area34°21’39.55″N79° 8’25.73″E
Pangong Tso North 1Pangong Tso North bank Forward Post 133°44’17.61″N78°47’37.59″E
Pangong Tso North 2SirijapPangong Tso North bank Forward Post 233°45’20.44″N78°50’41.77″E
Pangong Tso North 3Pangong Tso North bank vehicle yard 333°47’13.65″N78°46’8.41″E
Pangong Tso North 4Pangong Tso North Post 433°45’54.73″N78°46’55.67″E
Pangong Tso South 1Pangong Tso South Forward Post 133°39’41.65″N78°44’9.60″E
Pangong Tso South 2Pangong Tso South Forward Post 233°39’34.39″N78°44’43.21″E
Chushul Post 1ChushulChushul Forwrad Post 133°36’8.74″N78°49’33.27″E
Demchok PostDemchokForward base32°41’38.57″N79°27’34.70″E
Kagazhen baseKagazhenSupply and staging base with barracks29°16’24.35″N87°10’57.01″E
Geding baseGeding29°12’55.16″N88°21’21.59″E
Ammo storageChongsha villageAmmo Storage bunkers28°55’18.13″N89°32’23.38″E
Ge’gyai baseGe’gyaiRear base32°23’7.89″N81° 8’49.66″E
Zhaxigan Signals^ZhaxigangiangPossible SIGINT32°30’32.77″N79°40’20.12″E
Menshi baseMesnhiSupply and staging base with barracks31°10’49.89″N80°45’44.70″E
Zanda baseZandaSupply and staging base with barracks31°28’46.11″N79°47’39.78″E
Ba’erbing baseBa’erbingRear base31°28’56.28″N80°26’19.29″E
Mansarovar baseKailash Mansarovar30°46’42.66″N81°36’52.51″E
Duomaxiang postDuomaxiangRear post33°42’57.76″N80°22’34.42″E
Table 3.1.11: Chinese units near Indo-Tibet border

Tibet Military District

  • HQ Location:, Jiangsu Road, Lhasa
  • Coordinates:  29°38’51.59″N 91° 7’40.31″E
Chinese PLA Tibet Military District PCL-09 Howitzers Holds Coordinated Exercise in Plateau Region
IMAGE: PCL-09 Howitzers of TMD, 2020

TMD’s area of operations with respect to India includes eastern and central areas comprising Sikkim, Arunachal Pradesh,  Bhutan, Uttarakhand and Nepal. It’s is under direct command of PLA ground forces command too since 2016. Approximate number of troops under its command is between 40 to 50 thousand. 40000 troops.There are three military sub-districts: Shannon, Xigaze and Nyingchi. PLA had 3 border brigades (52nd, 53rd and 54th mountain brigades) deployed in Tibet. 54th could be a Heavy CAB, but little information is available right now. Each infantry battalion in mountain brigades has 700 troops while artillery regiments may have 1100. These 3 brigades have extra units as support elements as listed below. Some units operate Blowfish A2 and Ranger P2-X VTOL UAVs, CSK181 Armoured vehicles. 

52nd Brigade

It is most likely a mountain brigade

52nd Mountain Combined Arms BrigadeLS1^77675Yumai Village, Shuangyong North Road, Bayi District, NyingchiBaiyun Mountain Armyformer 52nd Mountain Motorised Infantry Brigade. Total troops: ~6000. Inf Bt: 700 Troops. Art Reg: 1100 troops. Involved in Doklam 201729°45’38.73″N94°15’57.47″E
52nd Artillery Reg/BdeLS1^77678Nixi Village, Bayi Town, Nyingchi29°44’57.82″N94°15’30.12″E
1st Infantry Battalion^Bujiu village, Linzhi County29°28’12.06″N94°24’36.39″E
2nd Infantry Battalion.Yongjiu village, Linzhi County29°35’47.72″N94°21’41.32″E
3rd Infantry Battalion^Yongjiu village, Linzhi County29°35’55.51″N94°21’39.45″E
4th Infantry Battalion^Bujiuxiang29°28’15.03″N94°24’39.23″E
Armour Battalion
Engineer & Chemical Warfare Battalion
Engineer Battalion
Recon Company
Communication Company
Repair Company
Medic Team
Transport Company
Table 3.1.12: 52nd Brigade, Tibet Military District, Western Theatre Command

53rd Brigade

It is most likely a mountain brigade.

53rd Mountains Combined Arms BrigadeLS2^77680Zedang Town, Nedong County, ShannanFormer 53rd Motorised Infantry Brigade.6000 troops. Art Reg: 1100 troopsInf Bt: 700 TroopsApproximate Location29°11’53.14″N91°45’31.51″E
Artillery regiment.77683Jiage village, Linzhi City, Milin Countyor YadongApproximate Location29° 7’8.26″N93°42’56.25
1st Infantry Battalion.Wolong village, Linzhi City, Milin County29° 7’10.96″N93°42’44.91″E
2nd Infantry Battalion^Gangga village, Linzhi28°34’51.41″N86°36’59.28″E
3rd Infantry Battalion.Linzhi County29°17’52.23″N94°20’19.12″E
4th Infantry Battalion.Wolong village, Linzhi29° 7’37.95″N93°42’12.72″E
Armour Battalion
Engineer & Chemical Warfare Battalion
Engineer Battalion
Recon Company
Communication Company
Repair Company
Medic Team
Transport Company
Table 3.1.13: 53rd Brigade, Tibet Military District, Western Theatre Command

54th Brigade

54th Heavy^ Combined Arms BrigadeDongga Bridge, Duilongdeqing County, LhasaPlateau Iron Armour. Former 54th Mechanised Infantry Brigade100mm mortars. Type-89 and 92 wheeled ICV. 35-40 in each inf btln.29°37’31.67″N91° 0’3.69″E
1st Mechanised Infantry Battalion^Type-92 ICV
2nd Mechanised Infantry Battalion.Type-89 ICV
3rd Mechanised Infantry Battalion.Type-92 ICV
4th Mechanised Infantry Battalion.Type-89 ICV
Medium Tank BattalionZTQ-15 Type-15 Light MBT
Air Defence Battalion
Artillery Regiment77625New PCL-181 155mm 52-cal truck mounted howitzers. ATGM Coy. Wheeled Assault Gun Coy
Police Company
Engineering & Chemical Defence Battalion77626^
Comms Company/Platoon
Transport Battalion
Table 3.1.14: 54th Brigade, Tibet Military District, Western Theatre Command

TMD Other Units

85th Special Operations Brigade77606Luding Middle Road, Chengguan District, Lhasa, TibetFormer Special Operations Division.29°39’16.16″N91° 5’2.35″E
85th Army Aviation BrigadeLH921cxx32166^Sangda Village, Duilongdeqing County, LhasaHelicopter: Mi-171E, Mi-17V-7, Z-8G, Z-10, Z-2029°35’25.0″N91°01’14.0″E
85th Artillery Brigade^77611Cijiaolin Road, Chengguan District, LhasaFormer 308th Artillery Reg29°37’46.67″N91° 8’12.99″E
85th Air Defence Brigade77616Nagu, LhasaorLuding North Road, LhasaFormer 65th Air Defence Division29°40’28.85 91°19’8.78 or29°40’47.57″”N 91° 4’58.67″”EHQ-16 MRSAM29°40’28.8591°19’8.78
85th Engineer and Chemical Defence Brigade77619Jinzhu West Road, Chengguan DistrictFormer 15th Engineering Brigade Unit-3216829°38’35.20″N91° 2’59.18″E
7th Electronic Counter Measures Brigade^Caigungtang Township,Chengguan, LhasaProbable location29°39’47.73″N91° 8’26.42″E
Comms Unit^77608Luding South Road, Duilongdeqing County, Lhasa29°39’5.60″N91° 4’57.31″E
12th Comprehensive Training Base^Tongliang District , Chongqing29°49’29.30″N106° 2’26.09″E
Sichuan-Tibet Military Station HQ^Ya’an City , Sichuan30° 0’16.11″N103° 3’11.73″E
Qinghai-Tibet Military Station^Xining City , Qinghai36°34’20.53″N101°44’42.94″E
1st Independent Infantry Battalion^77655Shigatse City , Gyantse County700 troops. Gyantse28°55’22.79″N89°36’12.62″E
2nd Independent Infantry Battalion^77656Shigatse City, Gangba County700 troops. Gangba.model plateau battalion, awarded in 201628°55’0.56″N89°32’15.91″E
3rd Independent Infantry Battalion.77659Beibeng Township, Medog County700 troops. Medog County,1962 war29°14’38.92″N95°10’7.28″E
Medog Garrison, Mofan Battalion^Medog County29°19’12.25″N95°19’19.92″E
4th Ind Infantry BattalionNanyi Township, Linzhi City, Milin County700 troops.29°10’54.16″N94°11’51.83″E
5th Independent Infantry Battalion^Shannan City, Luoza County700 troops. Luoza County29°12’55.8691°46’52.81
Table 3.1.15: Other units, Tibet Military District, Western Theatre Command

Border Defence Regiments

351st Border Defence Regiment77643Chayu County, NyingchiFormer 4th Regiment of the Frontier Defence of Tibet MR,28°39’37.76″N97°27’43.94″E
352nd Border Defence Regiment^77650Motuo , Linzhi, TibetFormer Bomi Production Battalion of Tibet MR + 3rd Medog Ind batt29°19’35.35″N95°19’53.13″E
353rd Border Defence Regiment32169Nanyi Village, Milin County , NyingchiFormer 7th Regiment of the Frontier Defence of Tibet MR.29°10’13.01″N94°12’2.54″E
354th Border Defence Regiment77629Xiegu, Longzi County, ShannanFormer 1st Regiment of the Frontier Defence of Tibet MR28°24’29.4992°27’48.13
355th Border Defence Regiment77635Cuona, ShannanFormer 2nd Regiment of the Frontier Defence of Tibet MR.29°13’13.6891°46’30.90
356th Border Defence Regiment^77649East Road, Yadong County, Shigatse28°50’32.4489°39’45.37
357th Border Defence Regiment^77639^Jiangga, Dingjie County, ShigatseFormer 3rd Regiment of the Frontier Defence of Tibet28°39’30.2287° 7’34.81
358th Border Defence Regiment^77646Saga , ShigatseFormer 4th Regiment of the Frontier Defence of Tibet MR.or 29°19’35.10″N 85°14’0.48″E29°19’41.6785°13’51.86
Table 3.1.16: BDRs, Tibet Military District, Western Theatre Command

WTC Google Maps Link:,90.87659231,5636.1394844a,3851830.70015252d,35y,-0h,0t,0r/data=MigKJgokCiAxWU1zRWswZXJQdkhyWlpWOVNUaVhwSlpZS3lRYnlZcyAC

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