Chinese Armed Forces ORBAT Part 3: Ground Forces

Chinese PLA ground forces

Northern Theatre Command

Northern TC  is responsible for the security of Jilin, Heilongjiang, Shenyang, Shandong and Inner Mongolia on land. Maritime borders comprise of  Bay Of Korea and Yellow Sea . Shared borders are with North Korea, Russia and Mongolia.  It was carved out of Shenyang Military Region in Feb 2016. It commands 3 GAs, 78th, 79th and 80th plus a few PLA RF brigades armed with conventionally armed missiles. In terms of protocol order, this region is number 4, behind Eastern, Southern and Western TCs. This implies that the military threat from Russia is not as serious as it was in preceding decades.

PLA Northern Theatre Command Units map
PLA Northern Theatre Command Units map
  • HQ Location : Huanggu, Shenyang  41°50’38.90″N 123°21’57.06″E.
  • Army HQ: Jinan, Shandong Province
  • Navy HQ: ^Hong Kong West Road, Shinan District, Qingdao  36° 3’24.85″N 120°20’45.34″E
  • Air Force HQ: ^Shenyang, Liaoning Province  41°46’36.88″N 123°29’21.56″E

78th Group Army

78th GA was carved out of former 16th GA which had following units:

  • 46th Motorised Infantry Division
  • 48th Motorised Infantry Brigade (or division^)
  • 4th Armoured Division
  • AA Brigade and 
  • Artillery Brigade. 

IMAGE: IFV belonging to 78th GA of Northern TC, June 2021

78th Group Army31669Baqiangzitun, Xiangfang District, Harbin City, HeilongjiangFormer 16th Group Army45°39’29.36″N126°44’54.78″E
8th Heavy Combined Arms BrigadeLB1171375Sunjiatun, Xiangfang District, HarbinWhite Tiger ArmyFormer 8th Armored Brigade of Jinan Military Region’s 26th Group Army45°40’11.88″N126°45’3.79″E
48th Light Combined Arms BrigadeLB1265367Zhangjia Village, Dongchang District, Tonghua City, JilinPioneer Light CavalryFormer 48th motorised inf brigade, 16th army of Shenyang Military region,41°45’54.88″N125°59’8.79″E
68th Heavy Combined Arms BrigadeLB1365447Qianjin Village, Tiefeng District, Qiqihar City, HeilongjiangFormer 68th Brigade of Motorised Infantry of the 16th Army of Shenyang Military Region47°19’22.68″N124° 1’54.89″E
115th Medium Combined Arms BrigadeLB1465589Chenger Village, Ranghu Road District, Daqing City, HeilongjiangPioneer BrigadeFormer 115th Mechanised Infantry Brigade46°31’49.49″N124°53’25.88″E
202nd Heavy Combined Arms BrigadeLB1531689Beishan, Tiedong District, SipingBlue Star Power BrigadeFromer 202nd brigade, Shenyang Military Region, 39 group army43°11’39.84″N124°25’28.94″E
204th Heavy Combined Arms BrigadeLB1631690JiaoheChangbai Power BrigadeFormer 16th army 204th brigade, Shenyang MR,43°44’43.48″N127°21’43.12″E
78th Army Aviation Brigade31691Taobei District, BaichengFormer 115th Mechanised Infantry Division , 39th Army of the Shenyang Military Region45°40’23.12″N122°50’52.77″E
78th Artillery Brigade65334Liye Village, Tiedong District, Siping City, Jilin43°11’16.20″N124°24’59.34″E
78th Special Operations Brigade65379Yangming District, Mudanjiang CityBlood Wolf. Formerly Special Operations Brigade of 16th GA)44°35’3.05″N129°40’16.82″E
78th Air Defence Brigade65370Heping Street, Lvyuan District, Changchun43°53’23.51″N125°12’36.84″E
78th Engineering & Chemical Defence Brigade31692Changchun Road, Chuanying District, Jilin City43°49’24.54″N126°29’44.20″E
78th Service Support Brigade^31693Liushulin Tun, Xiangfang District, Harbin45°40’5.82″N126°44’40.33″E
78th Group Army Hospital32292^Tianqing Street, Aimin District, Mudanjiang City, Heilongjiang44°36’7.59″N129°35’14.76″E
Table 3.2.1: 78th GA, Northern Theatre Command

79th Group Army

Howitzers and troops belonging to 190th Lt CAB 79th GA, Northern TC.
Howitzers and troops belonging to 190th Lt CAB 79th GA, Northern TC.

79th GA was carved out of 39th GA which had a major focus on the Sino-Russian border. Before reorganisation into a CAB, it had following units:

  • 115th Mechanised Infantry Division
  • 116th Mechanised Infantry Division (346th, 347th Mech Inf Regiments, one regiment each of tanks, AA and Artillery.) 
  • 190th  Mechanised Infantry Division
  • 3rd Armoured Division
  • Artillery, 
  • Air Defence
  • Army Aviation  
  • One regiment each of EW, NBC, Comms and Engineers. 
79th Group Army31671Baita District, LiaoyangFormer 39th Group Army41°14’35.59″N123° 8’40.80″E
46th Medium Combined Arms BrigadeLB3165316Yongjun Street, WafangdianModel Red Fifth RegimentFrom former 46th Motorised Inf Div39°37’16.78″N122° 1’47.53″E
116th Heavy Combined Arms BrigadeLB3265547Beidaying, Haicheng city. LiaoningFirst-class main forceFrom 116th of Mechanised Infantry Division40°51’56.18″N122°45’10.35″E
119th Light Combined Arms Brigade^LB3365655Jiefang Street, Hongshan District, Chifeng42°15’45.80″N118°57’49.21″E
190th Light Combined Army BrigadeLB3465735Qiaotou Town, Benxi City, LiaoningIron Armor BrigadeFrom 190th Mechanized Infantry Brigade41°11’32.72″N123°42’40.65″E
191st Light Combined Army Brigade^LB35Zhen’an District, Dandong City, LiaoningFormer 191st Motr Infantry Brigade40° 5’34.66″N124°20’17.62″E
200th Medium Combined Arms Brigade^LB3631695Yingkou City, LiaoningFormer 200th Mech Infantry Brigade40°38’40.29″N40°38’40.29″N
79th Army Aviation BrigadeLH962cxx65529Liaoyang40°32’46.21″N124°13’52.92″E
79th Air Defence Brigade^31697Kaixuan Road, Jinzhou District, Dalian39°13’0.71″N121°55’46.91″E
79th Artillery Brigade31696Jintun Village, Linghe District, Jinzhou41° 8’0.57″N121°10’46.47″E
79th Engineering & Chemical Defence Brigade^31699Xiaozhuzhuangzi, Chenxiangtun41°39’54.30″N123°21’29.22″E
79th Special Operations Brigade31698Bailaohutun, Taihe District, Jinzhou City, LiaoningSiberian Tiger41° 9’51.69″N121° 8’20.44″E
79th Service Support Brigade^31700Bayi Street, Baita District, Liaoyang City, Liaoning41°14’56.21″N123° 8’22.43″E
Table 3.2.2: 79th GA, Northern Theatre Command

80th Group Army

80th GA was carved out of the 26th GA.  Before reorganisation, it consisted of following units:

  • 77th Motorised Infantry Brigade
  • 138th Motorised Infantry Brigade
  • 199th Motorised Infantry Brigade, 
  • 200th Motorised Infantry Brigade, 
  • 8th Armoured Division, 
  • 8th Artillery Brigade
  • Air Defence Brigade 
  • 7th Army Aviation Regiment. 
  • ‘Mighty Eagle’ SOF brigade. 
80th Group Army^31673Kuiwen District, Weifang City, ShandongFormer 26th Group Army36°41’49.40″N119° 9’20.61″E
47th Light Combined Arms BrigadeLB5132101Jianbu Village, Zouping County, Binzhou CityModel Red Army BrigadeFrom 139th Mot Infantry Regiment36°50’47.53″N117°45’44.44″E
69th Heavy Combined Arms BrigadeLB5265425Gongjian Road, Weicheng District, Weifang City, Shandong ProvinceTiger BrigadePart of 16th Group Army of the Shenyang Military RegionThe 69th Division of Motorized Infantry (Unit 65426 Harbin, Heilongjiang)36°41’9.64″N119° 2’43.90″E
118th Medium Combined Arms BrigadeLB5365651Batazi Village, Yixian County, JinzhouStorm ForceFormer 118th Brigade of Motorized Infantry (Unit 65651//Yi County, Jinzhou, Liaoning41°25’54.33″N121°12’51.36″E
138th Medium Combined Arms BrigadeLB5471217Junmin Road, Chengxiang Street, Laiyang CityIron Fist Brigade37° 0’1.47″N120°40’41.95″E
199th Medium Combined Arms Brigade^LB5671345Zhangdian District, ZiboRed First Division of the Founding CeremonyFormer 199th Brigade Motorized Infantry36°48’39.80″N118° 2’42.53″E
203rd Medium Combined Arms Brigade^LB5565535Shanxi, Yingkou Cityor Jimo City , Shandong36°23’33.18″N120°25’18.80″E
80th Army Aviation BrigadeLH963cxx71901Zhuzhuang, Dongchangfu District, Liaocheng City36°27’5.58″N116° 5’37.23″E
80th Air Defence Brigade71939Renjiazhuang Village, Huaiyin District, Jinan36°37’50.18″N116°54’6.86″E
80th Engineering & Chemical Defence Brigade32102Houjiatuan Village, Laiyang City, Yantai City, Shandong Province36°59’59.25″N120°40’34.98″E
80th Artillery Brigade71602Fushan Town, Weicheng District, Weifang36°40’54.92″N118°58’32.38″E
80th Special Operations Brigade71770Tianping Street, Daiyue District, Tai’an City, Shandong ProvinceEagle36°11’35.90″N117° 1’49.32″E
80th Service Support Brigade32103Shanbeitou Village, Fangzi District, Weifang City36°33’55.39″N119° 7’34.20″E
80th Group Army Hospital^32286Weifang City, Shandong Province36°43’37.95″N119° 4’49.32″E
Table 3.2.3: 80th GA, Northern Theatre Command

Other Units Under Northern TC

4th Intelligence Brigade^32124Junmin Road, Yanji42°55’6.30″N129°30’6.87″E
4th Information Support Brigade32125Qilihe Road, Licheng36°40’39.23″N117° 4’34.06″E
4th ECM Brigade32126Yaoqianhutun, Sujiatun36°48’56.51″N117°52’54.25″E
Zhurihe Tactical Training Base^Zhurihe Town42°25’41.36″N112°55’0.46″E
Taonan Tactical Training BaseHeishui Town, Taonan45° 7’3.84″N122°50’5.23″E
7th Comprehensive Training Base^32127Longshan Road, Dalian City39° 3’18.85″N121°39’17.77″E
8th Comprehensive Training Base^32128Yongjun Road, Huaiyin District, Jinan City, Shandong Province36°37’25.86″N116°54’40.42″E
Table 3.2.4: Other units, Northern Theatre Command

Northern TC Border Defence Brigades

The border defence units here are Brigades instead of Regiments, like in Western TC above

321st Brigade^32104Junmin West Street, Ejina Banner, Alxa41°55’57.07″N101° 2’35.63″E
322nd Brigade32105Saiwusu, Erlianhot43°27’42.83″N112° 7’30.43″E
323rd Brigade^32106Eji Naoer Street, East Ujimqin Banner, Xilin45°30’52.05″N116°57’23.20″E
324th Brigade32107Gongjian Street, Aershan City, Xing’an47°10’51.38″N119°56’1.94″E
325th Brigade^32108Honglou Street, Manzhouli49°36’35.33″N117°24’24.12″E
325th Brigade Patrol Boat^32109Heishantou Town, Ergun50°13’3.82″N119°34’45.94″E
326th Brigade32110Barnyard Gou Village, Aihui50°12’39.48″N127°22’53.72″E
326th Brigade Patrol Boat32111Changfa Village, Aihui District, Heihe50°12’51.74″N127°35’18.86″E
327th Brigade32112Taiping Road, Fengxiang Town, Luobei47°35’38.60″N130°48’59.78″E
327th Brigade Patrol Boat^32113Hongli Village, Jiamusi46°51’37.78″N130°29’39.90″E
328th Brigade32114Suiyang Town, Dongning44°25’55.55″N130°54’22.51″E
328th Brigade Patrol Boat^32115Raohe Town, Raohe46°48’7.08″N134° 1’11.97″E
329th Brigade^32116Wenhua Road, Hunchun42°52’48.08″N130°20’59.02″E
330th Brigade32117Yingjie Road, Linjiang41°48’31.28″N126°53’40.63″E
331st Brigade^32118Langtou Town, Zhenxing40° 2’25.05″N124°20’21.31″E
331st Brigade Patrol Boat^32119Ji’an City41° 7’5.16″N126°11’18.41″E
332nd Brigade32120Xiaoyanchang Village, Changhai39°16’57.40″N122°33’54.94″E
333rd Brigade^32122Airport Road, Zhifu District37°26’43.26″N121°21’24.46″E
302nd Brigade Patrol Boat^32121Heizuizi, Xigang38°56’6.48″N121°37’51.50″E
303rd Brigade Patrol Boat^32123Nanguan Road, Penglai37°49’21.70″N120°45’14.82″E
Table 3.2.5: Border Defence Brigades, Northern Theatre Command

There seem to be 4 more Coastal Defence units

332th Coastal Defence Brigade^Liaoning
333th Coastal Defence Brigade ^Liaoning
334th Coastal Defence Brigade^Shangdong
335th Coastal Defence Brigade ^Shangdong
Some other units^

Northern Theatre Command Map:,113.12122216,1898.25733778a,4067172.01504827d,35y,0h,0t,0r/data=MigKJgokCiAxa3BhalVlMC1jZGN2aHBXVUpTdEZGdkdQTnh3cUFsbyAC

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