BJP Government achievement tracking – 1

This series of post with tag Achievements will be a repository of the achievements of  NDA-II government in center. I will post 100 or more notable news items highlighting the work done, policies and various other aspects of the regime in each post. First few posts don’t have any dates, but will add them later on. I have collected all the data in a spreadsheet. Not a great format to post a blog in, but it should serve the purpose. Inspiration for this work is this topic on BR forums.  These posts contain some more data and are in a more user friendly format.–TWYmgzx4jf19_-OFzz_wOf-teKuYE52B2YXw/pubhtml?gid=0&single=true
I will keep on updating the sheet and posting links in separate posts whenever time permits.

  1. BJP Government Achievements. 1-100
  2. BJP Government Achievements. 100-200
  3. BJP Government Achievements. 201-300
  4. BJP Government Achievements. 301-400
  5. BJP Government Achievements. 401-500
  6. BJP Government Achievements. 501-600
  7. BJP Government Achievements. 601-700
  8. BJP Government Achievements. 700-800
  9. BJP Government Achievements. 800-900
  10. BJP Government Achievements. 900-1000



This series of articles is an attempt to analyse and grade performance of Narendra Modi led BJP government which was sworn in to power on May 2014. As next elections approach, it is important to check how many of the promises have been fulfilled and whether the party deserves another chance or not. I am not an expert and everything here is entirely my own work based upon news which I have been cataloging since 2014.  There may be a few mistakes and I’ll be happy to correct them if anyone points them out. I’ll be rating the performance of Modi govt on certain parameters on a scale of 1 to 10 and provide my reasons with sources. There are some contentious issues which have no yes or no answers and there are some things about which I don’t know anything. So this will not be a perfect analysis, but something for people who are more than just superficially interested in Indian politics.

  1. Analysis of defence issues under Modi sarkar.
  2. Analysis of anti-corruption and administrative reforms. 

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