BackTrack 5 Linux. Startx not working

I just managed to get BackTrack 5 running on my PC at home after  a lot of struggle.  Installation was pretty smooth as everything from booting up from Live DVD to installation was very easy. But the real problems popped out after that. I originally intended to write one long post listing all the problems […]

Essential OS Basics 2: Deleting files & folders in Linux

This series of posts will contain a list of some very useful Linux commands that you might need every now and then. This one is  a small tutorial on how to delete files in linux.  First post on Linux networking here 1. Delete files and directories rm command Let us assume you want to delete […]

Essential OS basics 1: Linux Networking

This article is for people trying to get their Linux PC connect to internet or just the local network. Most linux distributions come with automatic DHCP clients and thus need minimal tinkering with configuration. But if you are in a situation where having a simple DHCP client is not working, read on. In this part […]

Autopwn Automation of FastTrack Bug

Seems like there’ve been some minor changes in the MetaSploit Framework 3. One of the effects is that the the Autopwn Automation of FastTrack is not working. Running the script gives the following error: . . msf > load db_sqlite3 [-] [-] The functionality previously provided by this plugin has been [-] integrated into the […]

Using ProxyChains

There are probably dozens of programs on any OS that don’t have any option for using proxies. Many common command line tools like ping, traceroute don’t work if the network you are on, forces you to use a proxy. Finally found a way to specify a proxy for these programs . ProxyChains  is one very […]

Sniffing passwords with Ettercap

This is probably the easiest way to “hack” various passwords including email. All you need is ettercap.It’s a easy to use GUI based sniffer. (Good news for people scared of command line).Download and install the software on your PC from this link. Only source packages are available. Instructions for running on a Windows platform are […]