Experience with BackTrack 3(Linux)

Using linux (BackTrack) is proving to be a real learning expereince. I always wanted to use Linux instead of Windows as my  primary OS. I tried shifting to linux many times in the past. tried using Xandros, Ubuntu, Red Hat and some more flavours. but couldnt get anything done with them. Not that they were […]

BackTrack Installed

Finally managed to install BackTrack 3 on my PC today. it was really hard work..but did it somehow. Don’t know if this text  is going to make sense to anybody or not.Anyhow..here are the details: Configuration of my PC: Intel Pentium 2.66GhzAsus P5RDVM Motherboard with X900 ChipsetXFX’s NVidia 6200TC Card(But using 8400 currently)512MB RAMOne 100MB […]

Backtrack Fixed

Finally, I got Backtrack up in VMware witha wroking internet connection Great :D Heres what happened. This is the stuff that I posted in BackTrack forums. 1st Post MY PC config is 2.66GHz P-!V512MB RAMnVidia 6200TC (64MB onboard + 64 MB shared RAM)Onboard ULi PCI Fast Ethernet ControllerOnboard Soundmax HD Audio COntroller2 Hard discs (Both […]