Stupid tourists I hate

This is going to be a long rant which may seem offensive to some people. So if your sensibilities are easily hurt, please don’t read further.


So…you’re still here. In case you didn’t know  I was in Mcleodganj last month and wrote a long series of posts about my experiences there. What I left out was how some stupid tourists make it highly annoying for other people. I usually hate generalisations, but this experience made it look like that some traits are ingrained in certain groups of people more than others.


Indian Females 

In my experience, a majority of Indian women should not go out to travel unless it involves fully air-conditioned hotels complemented by cabs which pick and drop   them to and from every destination. A professional photographer should also be included in the entourage just to provide them with an added incentive to come out of their cars. The photographer in turn should be expert in clicking photos tailor made for facebook.

Most of Indian females hate walking, are afraid of most insects, animals and even plants. It’s extremely difficult to include them in any kind of adventure as they absolutely hate coming out of their comfort zones. Even if you manage to persuade them to get involved,  cajoling them to keep moving and carrying their bags stuffed with absolutely useless stuff is more exhausting than anything you  do on a trip.

Also, I don’t understand why they have to talk in English even when they can converse  in Hindi or their regional language very well. Most of them can speak to each other in an Indian language much better but these wannabe whites will express themselves in such language:

“Go..aagey go.”

“Aaj Sunday ? That is why rush.”

WTF  is that supposed to mean ? Additionally, the way their voices will keep on changing pitch randomly as they speak, it’s painful to hear. Even if their way of talking can be ignored as retarded behaviour of deracinated wannabe brown sahib/mem  , the things they want to put across makes me want to leave the planet. Just one example, I was sitting on a rocky ledge in Triund enjoying the view and cold breeze. Two girls were sitting on a similar ledge  a few meters  on my right yapping away. Then one says to another, ” I think I’ll  break this rock and remove it from here so that nobody else can sit here after me.”  I still don’t have any words to describe how I felt then. As if plucking all the wild flowers on the way wasn’t enough, the bitches wouldn’t let even rocks stand due to what…jealousy or stupidity or maybe both.

Oh and god help the poor folks who get in their way when these women get drunk.

Fortunately, most of their stupidity is limited to the group they are traveling in. Unlike the following:

Young men traveling in groups:

This is one  of the most annoying and noisy group of  tourists that one can have anywhere. There are so many things that they do unintentionally or otherwise that leaves other people seething in anger.

Just imagine that you are walking on a quiet mountain road enjoying the peace and scenic beauty thats impossible to find in a city. As you stop on a bend and admire the scenery, your attention is diverted by a succession of  loud noises. A car is coming in from a distance as if it has no brakes and the passengers are shouting and gesturing wildly like their asses are on fire.  As they come closer, you notice them swigging bottles of beer and screaming loudly badly trying to imitate whatever atrocity that passes for Punjabi music these days.  If your ear-drums aren’t shattered by the loud music, the shouts will certainly  make up for it.

Once the car is gone and you have just started to recover your composure, you are again startled by loud noises like fire crackers going off in a distance. As the source of noise comes  closer, it turns out to be a group of motor-cycles, usually  Bullet being driven so as to generate maximum noise rather than actual power. Riders are usually slightly less noisy than the ones in car, but they will certainly try to make up for it in other ways.

Once they reach some where and get off their vehicles, the typical douche bag behaviour is in full flow. Even before they have started taking in the views of the place, modeling session starts. It doesn’t matter if it’s sunny, cloudy, raining, snowing or whatever, everyone will put one sunglasses (usually cheap imitations) and start posing. In many cases, if someone is wearing a cool jacket or cap, everyone will take turns in wearing it and getting pictures clicked. In between they will keep gulping whatever liquor they are carrying and keep on shouting random gibberish in a high-pitched girly voice. Such behaviour is not limited to any particular group but Punjabis and wannabe Punjabis from surrounding states seem to be more susceptible to display such retarded behaviour. I haven’t had the chance to observe too many non-Punjabi groups to be sure about the rest.

Punjabi groups in particular aren’t very popular with hoteliers, taxi drivers and other business owners. According to a few locals I talked with, they are very rude, noisy, drink too much and  cause more trouble than their business is worth.


Miscellaneous Others:

Then there is that general category of dumbasses which can’t be  bothered with taking care of environment, not littering, respecting local culture and be courteous to foreign tourists.  Such folks can be found almost everywhere who think they are much better than people who are not like them.

Hmm, I think if I don’t stop now, I’ll make this post much longer than anyone could read. So stopping here.


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  1. well documented :)
    this possibly is the result of the fact that tourism for tourism sake picked up rather late in India and it was led by the new rich bratpack. Not a justification but sad.

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