Quick thoughts on The Kashmir Files

I wrote this series of tweets about violence and displacement faced by Hindus of both Jammu and Kashmir because of islamism. Since twitter, facebook etc censor such “islamophobic” content, it’s here for backup.

Being from Jammu, I thought that genocide of Kashmiri Hindus by local muslims was common knowledge across India. Surprising that it takes KashmirFiles movie made after 3 decades for people to finally take note. Yet there are atleast 2 more Hindu communities from state, refugees from PoK (Should be called PoJK as most area belongs to Jammu) & Hindus from north and west Jammu which suffered no less than KPs.

Former were living in Jammu since 1947, yet didn’t even have proper citizenship rights and didn’t receive any govt aid before BJP regime.2nd community is of Dogra and Pahadi Hindus which suffered countless terrorist attacks & attempts of conversion at gunpoint same as KPs. many had to migrate to other places. Imagine 1000s of Hindus killed, raped and many more forced to live as refugees & 2nd class citizens in their own state and even their own community largely ignorant of their plight.

300 PoJK refugee families received 5.5 lakh per family in 2019, 72 years after the ordeal! While Dogra Hindus who had to migrate due to islamic terrorism probably don’t even exist in official records. You know who helped these displaced Hindus? Not state govt, not center, not judiciary or police or media vultures. Only much maligned Hindu orgs like RSS & Bajrang Dal ever tried to help them, but that’s a long story for some other time.

This is what happens when Hindus value “log kya kahengey” wrt other religions & foreigners too much. Screw being politically correct or secular for Islamists & their apologists. Book based religions will never treat you as equal human beings. You don’t owe them anything.

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