Muslims and India

For quite sometime, many sections have been potraying Muslims as a community under seige from “communal” Hindus due to terrorist attacks in India and elsewhere. We are told how Muslims who are as nationalistic, patriotic and intelligent as any other Indian and they condemn every act of violence prepetrated by Islamic terrorists. A Muslim organisation’s refusal to allow burial of 9 dead terrorists in Indian soil is shown as an example. 

But how sincere and patriotic is an ordinary Muslim towards India? I’ve been noting the response of ordinary people in media regarding various   issues since the past few months and Muslims stand out like a sore thumb. Everybody condemns the violence but statements made by Muslims is always questionable.

A boy who happened to be a Muslim was killed in Bangalore after he tried to escape the police by running into a sensitive military area. Almost everybody termed the incident as unfortunate but Muslims  blamed the security personnel for their “inefficency, cruelty and bias against Muslims” for the death of that idiot.

by MOHAMED YASEEN on 12/29/2008 1:26:54 AM

Somebody tell idiots like him that Army areas are not public playgrounds for juveniles to jump around. If he had given himself up, the harshest punishment wouldn’t have exceeded anything more than some fine. But he acted much like a potential terrorist inside a high security zone and paid the price. Also racing in streets is an illegal activity. Other people, not only racers can get seriously injured or  even killed in such races. It’s not some innocent wheeling around. What’d have been his response if the dead guy was not a Muslim? 

Another recent controversy was about Union minister Abdul Rahman Antulay’s conspiracy theory about Mumbai ATS chief Hemant Karkare’s death. The Hindu published letters of readers for almost a week on this issue and among dozens of letters published only one Muslim condemned Antulay. The rest   supported the corrupt politician. Here are some examples:-

It is unfortunate that in our country anyone who dares to raise a doubt is branded anti-national. Mr. Antulay only raised a doubt and echoed the view of many among the Muslim community. Whenever a Muslim speaks out, he is accused of aiding Pakistan. The media, the sangh parivar and the Congress succeed in diverting attention away from the real issue. Why can’t they answer questions properly? Why resort to propaganda to distract from the uncomfortable questions? 

Khalid H. Qureshi, 


I do not understand why Mr. Antulay is being targeted for what he said. He has stated boldly what many Muslims have been afraid of saying, for fear of being branded anti-nationals.
Why should the BJP get so agitated at the idea of a probe into the death of Karkare and two other ATS officers? 

Meher Fatima,



Mr. Antulay has raised an apt and timely question. We lost Karkare and his deputies in a single attack. There was every possibility of some miscreant taking advantage of the situation and eliminating the top brass of the security apparatus. Every Indian is eager to know the details. 

T. Azeez Luthfullah, 


Mr. Antulay has only done his duty as a representative of the people by expressing the view of some sections. There is no doubt that Karkare and the others died as martyrs. But we have a right to know the circumstances under which they lost their lives. 
Was there a lack of coordination somewhere that led to the killing of the three high-ranking officers? A probe will help to improve coordination in future. 

Md. Afzal Sharif, 
New Delhi 

* * * 

Statements have been issued, and letters, articles and editorials written condemning Mr. Antulay for speaking the unspeakable. This shows how an emotional tinge has been given to the Mumbai terror attacks. But what is wrong in giving one more dimension to the investigations? 
After all, what Mr. Antulay said is based on certain facts and legitimate doubts that exist in the minds of a large number of citizens. It is a different matter that the mainstream media have given those concerns no space at all. Mr. Antulay has done the right thing by voicing the views of a section of society.

Khan Yasir, 
New Delhi

* * * 


Karkare proved wrong the theory that “all Muslims are not terrorists but all terrorists are Muslim.” A feeling does exist that he was shot dead because of his non-partisan and honest investigations into the Malegaon blast.
Abdul Muqhtadir, 

Mr. Antulay’s suspicion is well founded and worth investigating. A probe has to be initiated to uncover the mysterious circumstances under which Karkare was killed. The belief that all acts of terrorism originate from Pakistan is ignorance. There exists a Hindutva terror network which has even infiltrated the armed forces.
K.A. Mohamed Anis, 


The ONLY different letter written by a Muslim that was published. Ironically  this one makes most sense.

Mr. Antulay’s comments are unwarranted and untimely. Even if he had some doubts about Karkare’s killing, as a responsible Minister he should have expressed it to the Home Minister for suitable action. 

A. Jainulabdeen, 

This show of support for a politician who ranks among most corrupt anywhere and was forced to resign from post of Maharashtra’s CM after  proven guilty of one of the biggest scams in India at that time. Counter-terror officials are now heroes for these people after they caught some Hindus accussed of bombing a Muslim majority area. But when Muslims were being arrested same people were accusing that the security agencies are biased. .

How he was forced to resign on corruption charges and his revenge.

Shourie started a one-man crusade in 1981 against Abdul Rehman Antulay, the chief minister of Maharashtra State, who allegedly extorted millions of dollars from businesses dependent on state resources and put the money in a private trust named after Indira Gandhi. The story caused the eventual resignation of the chief minister , the highest-ranking official in India ever forced from office by newspaper reporting, and great embarrassment to Gandhi and her ruling Congress Party.

Shourie’s exposés resulted in a prolonged labour dispute at the Bombay offices of the Indian Express, where a labour organizer with ties to Antulay encouraged workers to strike for a minimum wage double than what was paid at any other newspaper in India. It also resulted in a government crackdown that included a host of legal cases launched against the Indian Express by various agencies. In 1982, the paper’s owner Ramnath Goenka fired Shourie as a result of continued government pressure.

Here is one good article written by an Indian Muslim exposing Antulay for the spineless coward that he is. Antulay, Karkare and Muslims

Congress-NCP government had not spent a single rupee out of the 167 crore rupees allotted to the Minorities Development Department till Dec. 15. Not one rupee. It is sadder still that the more hysterical elements of the Urdu press, who spend yards of newsprint on conspiracy theories, simply ignore such a story. 

When the Congress government humiliated him through a statement in Parliament debunking the conspiracy line, all he did was to sheepishly agree and accept that there was no longer any need for an enquiry.

Whenever there is a talk about Islamic terrorism in India, Babri Masjid issue invariably gets involved. 100s of bomb-blasts, 1000s of deaths  have an excuse because some Hindu fanatics destroyed some empty shell of a mosque somewhere in India. If that’s the case, I destruction of that mosque is justifed as  a Hindu temple was destroyed and that mosque built over it by Muslim invaders to terrorise, humiliate and forcibly convert Hindus to Islam. Why get limited to one incident only? Muslim invaders have destroyed 1000s of temples and other buildings, artifacts, books, scriptures etc all over the world. Dozens of temples were desecrated and destroyed in Kashmir in 1990s. If Babri Masjid motivates some Muslims to  sympathise with Islamic terrorists, then Islam is fair target for almost every other religion in world… Christanity, Hinduism, Jainism, Buddhism, Jews, Pagan and even many different Islamic sects. 

In Gujarat 260 Hindus and 800 Muslims were killed in riots. In Kashmir 100s of Hindus were killed and 3 lakh+ forced out of their homes in one sided violence prepetrated by Islamists. If you count the above incidents as  excuses then Hindus still have the license to kill a few 1000 muslims at least.

How many people have been killed in bomb blasts by Hindu terrorists? 20? 50? 100? How many have been killed by Muslim terrorists (in India only)? Quite a few more, I believe.  Even more Muslims for Hindus to kill 

Till 1991 Indian government avoided all relations with Israel for fear of offending Muslims. After  it’s help in Kargil war, Israel is one of the stongest Indian allies. For more than 40 years Indians avoided such a powerful friend just because Jewish Israel and Muslim Palestine are involved in a conflict. Can you beat such stupidity?

My favourite Indian is APJAK Azad. Why can’t rest of the muslim population emulate him instead of supporting corrupt politicians like Anutulay and playing the victim card? For too long most of  Indian muslims have allowed themselves to be manipulated by power hungry politicians and clerics.  It’s time they stop blaming others for their misery and face the truth.  Any pressure or injustice they face because of their religion will dissappear once they learn to separate religion from politics and education.

9 thoughts on “Muslims and India

  1. dude who has fielled u corrupt hindu mind with all this crap not all muslims are terriost but all terriost are muslims but not al hindus are naxels but all hindus are naxels killing all of there own hindu brothers dude grow up u can destroy the muslims in india economically but what about the rest of the world which is now being dominated by the muslims they are more powerful more aggressive and redy to to kill the hindus its time not to write all this crap and be united in the cause of ONE SECULAR INDIA which is free of hatred and communal dude if your so upset with the muslims why do you not try to understand them it will make u understand the problems faced by the muslim community in india well u talked about killing more muslims well i say put all muslims in jail AND THEN STILL BOMB BLAST HAPPEN WILL U HAVE THE GUTES IN U TO KILL ALL HINDUS PRESENT ALL AROUND THE WORLD BECAUSE THEY ARE THE CAUSE OF ALL CONCERN

  2. Naxals are not Hindus. Naxalite movement has nothing to do with any religion. Get some facts right before posting something.
    I don’t care about any religion as long as they live as Indians. If you read my post carefuly, you’d know why am I have so much to say against Islam.
    Muslims more powerful? really? where? excep some US allies in Gulf …no muslim country is getting any richer. Seee the Land of Pure( rich/stable is it?

    Indian muslims (quite a few) don’t behave as Indian, will support anybody muslim against non-muslims, doesn’t matter if that’s right or wrong and so on. (See support for Sadam, Osama)
    Anybody who dares saying anything against Islam is promptly branded as kafir and atwas issued for their death…remeber Rushdie, Tasleema Nasreen, Danish cartoonist and many more?
    What stops Muslim from singing Vande Matram except some stupid fatwa by some idiot mullah?
    Why do most muslims prefere Madarsa education even when govt. schools are available? If scools aren’t available, why can’t thay force authroities to include modern subjects instead of just Quran?
    It’s easy to blame other people for your troubles, but that will not solve any problems. You guys need to get out of denial and realise that US, Israel and Hindus are not responsible for your troubles. Your ignorance and blind faith is.

  3. Ypu hit the nail on the head, Mr. Jamwal.And ziyaul hasan says”corrupt hindu mind” as well as secular India.How can an unbiased person say so..its shocking that people like ziyaulhasan exist.and rest of world dominated by muslims…yes muslim countries like pakistan, somalia, iran, israel are world’s economic greats!!!!!and naxals do not fight for hinduism, do they? their causes are economic whereas muslim terrorists fight for religion

  4. Mr. Jaidev Jamwal,

    I really appreciate your efforts. Your article is a well researched one though it smacks of bias. Every single line. Saawan ke andhe ko hara hi dikhta hai. I’ll tell you how.

    Antulay doesn’t represents Indian Muslims. He is a politician. Pure and Simple. You have at one place quoted from I must tell you, it’s maintained by an educated lot within the community and more or less it correctly reflects our sentiment. The blog has severely criticized Antulay.

    If a certain muslim thinks in irrational terms, then sir you were equally bigoted when you equated Babri Masjid with an empty shell. Yes it was an old structure but the main aim of the terrorists who destroyed it was a symbolic attack. If that is the case then you must also support Bamiyan’s destruction at the hand of Taliban. Muslim terrorists are instantly rounded up by law but terrorists like Advani, Joshi, Kalyan Singh and Uma Bharti are elected to the prestigious posts.

    I am not supporting any terrorists or their ghastly act. But i really pity a talent like yours wasting your valuable energy in wrong direction. I understand, coming from Jammu, you have a lot of pain in your heart. But it is quite unfair to call yourself an atheist and then indulge in worse kind of communal diatribe.

  5. I think I made it clear that the rant was not against Antulay and him being a muslim, but support of ordinary muslims for crazy conspiracy theories being thrown about by people like him. Most of muslims in media supported him, while sensible people like M.J.Akbar and A. Jainulabdeen are a very small minority. Considering that such sensibility is so rare in educated muslims, what can anybody guess about un-educated/madarsa muslims?

    Babri MAsjid, can you tell me when was the last time any muslim offered prayers there? Crores of Hindus have apologised for that incident, has any muslim ever apologised or felt sorry about 1000s of Hindu, Jain and Sikh temples destroyed by muslim invaders? Most muslims in India as well outside proudly proclaim, “hum ne yanhaa 600 saal raaj kiyaa”
    In english:-We ruled for 600 years.
    Don’t tell me am making this up.

    Like you said yourself Advani, Uma Bharati are politicians too..just like Antulay. Just because they are Hindu, they deserve to be jailed while Antulay keep his minsiterial berth?
    What’s your opinion about Imam of Jama Masjid who nearly “threatened” Indian PM if the arrests of ” innocent muslims” by intelligence/police doesn’t stop? Same people were shedding tears by the buckets when one such policemen who arrested Hindu extremists (in addition to muslims) died.
    Finally, am an atheist. How does that prohibit me from criticising any religion? Is this privilege reserved for muslims only?

  6. I feel proud to see a Hindu from Jammu having the balls to take on the Muslims in India. Bravo to you young lad. Most of the Kashmiri Pandits lost there balls when they were ethnically cleansed. My only wish is, Hindu's get more people like you to lead the charge against the onslaught of Islam in India. Also I pray that more influential Hindu's show sympathy and kindness to other down-trodden fellow hindu's irrespective of their Caste and creed. I wish Hindu's act more united and become a voting block to defeat the so-called secular (Islamic) forces. I feel those politicians who do not represent Hindu sentiments should not be voted to power. And Hindu's should be allowed right to bear sophisticated ARMS in border areas especially Jammu, Kashmir to defend themselves and their Land. A license to KILL anybody who threatens them. Since the Indian Army has lost its balls to hand a defeat to the Islamic forces sent across by Pakistan. If the army cannot guarantee the safety of Hindu's it should not interfere in its affairs, Military or Political. Voilence against the Islamic Jihadi and Mujahideen is fully justified. Hindu's should arm themselves for Holy War against Islam.

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