INS Vikramaditya Aircraft Carrier

INS Vikramaditya (formerly Admiral Gorshkov), is name of aircraft carrier which will join Indian Navy in late 2012 or 2013.



Displacement :

38,000 tons standard
45,000-45,500 tons full load

Dimensions :

257.0 meters long waterline
283.1 meters long overall
32.7 meters waterline beam
53.0 meters flight deck width
9.5 meters draught standard
12.0 meters draught mean full load

Diesel fueled 4 shaft geared steam  turbines with 8  boilers, 140,000  hp


32 knots (59 km/h)


22000 kilometers at 18 knots (33 km/h)


3-8 CADS-N-1 Kashtan Ak-630 CIWS guns (?)

Barak SAM



Phased array and/or planar radar                                                                systems

Aircraft carried:

16-24 Mikoyan MiG-29K fighters,  4-16  Ka-28 ASW and Ka-31 AEW helicopters.  ALH Dhruv may be used

Aircraft launching :

14.3 degree ski-jump, STOBAR (Short  Take-Off But  Arrested Recovery) with 3  arresting gear



Admiral Gorshkov aircraft carrier (Baku) was named after great Soviet Admiral Sergey Georgiyevich Gorshkov  February 26, 1910 – May 13, 1988).

India named the ship after legendary Indian emperor Vikramaditya who ruled in Ujjain from 102 BCE to 15 CE. The word itself means “Of valour equal to the Sun”. The title Vikramaditya has been assumed by many kings in Indian history presumably out of respect.  Chandragupta II (380–415 CE,) and Samrat Hem Chandra Vikramaditya ‘Hemu’ (1501–5 November 1556)



Admiral Gorshkov (Baku) was originally a  Kiev class aircraft carrier whose construction started in December 1978 and entered service in 1987 .  It was decommissioned by Russian navy due to financial difficulties and a fire accident in 1991. Kiev class was originally  designed as a combination of a cruiser and an aircraft carrier. Space on it’s foredeck was taken up by missile launchers and it’s airwing consisted of only VTOL aircraft and helicopters.  A total of 4 such ships were built which included Kiev (1975–1993), Minsk (1978–1993)  Novorossiysk (1982–1993). First two were sold to China where they ended up for recreational use while the 3rd was scrapped by South Korea

India showed interest in purchase of this ship as she looked forward to retire her two long serving aircraft carriers, INS Vikrant and INS Virat .   India and Russia had originally signed a deal worth $ 1.8 billion in January 2004. The refit and upgradation cost $ 800 million while the ship itself was free. $ 1 billion was for the accompanying weapon systems consisting of 12 Mig-29K , 4 Mig-29KUB twin seater trainers and Kamov Ka-31 Helix reconnaissance and anti-submarine helicopters, torpedo tubes and missile systems. Modifying the ship to carry Mig-29K fighters involved a lot of work which took much more time and money than what was expected. According to contract, the ship was to be delivered  by August 2008, but after many delays, tentative date for it’s induction in Indian Navy  is late 2012 or 2013. The cost of refit has gone up to $ 2.35 billion which is almost 3 times the original amount. This had put a strain on otherwise cordial Indo Russian relations, but things seem much better.

The ship will go for final sea-trials in June 2012 followed by it’s expected induction into Indian Navy in December.  15 Mig-29Ks have already been inducted in Indian Navy while a follow on order worth $ 1.5 billion for 29 more aircraft has been placed.

Vikramditya line drawing
Vikramditya line drawing 1
INS Vikramaditya line drawing 3
INS Vikramaditya line drawing 3


INS Vikramaditya line drawing 2
INS Vikramaditya line drawing 2


INS Vikramaditya line drawing 4


From Gorshkov to Vikramaditya
From Gorshkov to Vikramaditya


Admiral Gorshkov 'Baku'
Admiral Gorshkov 'Baku'

INS Vikramaditya

INS Vikramaditya

INS Vikramaditya

INS Vikramaditya

INS Vikramaditya

INS Vikramaditya





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