Kaalkut. Chapter 5

28 August 2019. New Delhi, India The Monsoon of 2019 had been more humid than usual with more heat than rains. Indian National Security Advisor Ajay Dhumal started sweating as soon as he stepped out of his air-conditioned car and started walking towards the office of Indian Defence Minister Maadhvan Kamat in the expansive South […]

Kaalkut. Chapter 4

7 August 2019, Kathmandu, Nepal The Nepalese national election results were declared 2 days back. Nepali Praja Sangh led Uttam Maharaj, had won 108 seats to emerge as the single largest party but was still short of majority by 30 seats in the 275 seat House of Representatives. Nepal Communist Party led by Srijan Mathi […]

Kaalkut. Chapter 3

25 June 2019. Hanoi, Vietnam Lai Pa island chains were a small group of 5 uninhabited reef islands roughly 45-50 km east of the Vietnamese mainland and slightly further from the Chinese coast. Of the 5 islands, 3 got submerged underwater during high tide. The biggest among them was 1.5 km in length and 800 […]

Kaalkut. Chapter 2

Chapter 2 17 June 2019, Kupwara, Kashmir The window panes in the room shook violently as a grenade exploded just outside the adjoining house. There were sounds of more gunshots, then silence. One of four Para soldiers of the counter-terrorist team in the room peeked outside trying to make sense of the situation. There was […]

Kaalkut. Chapter 1

Chapter 1 14 May 2019  Monyakshu, Near Nagaland-Myanmar Border Vinayak Barua sat idly in his old Gypsy while he waited for his contact. The meeting was supposed to take place at s 21:30, late enough for most of the village to start making preparations for a good night’s sleep and not late enough for people […]

Kaalkut, Military Thriller Story. Index post

Kaalkut military thriller book cover

UPDATE: The whole story is finished and available as e-book and paperbacks on links provided below. You can read first 10 chapters and excerpts from two more describing the two-front war on the links at end of this post. Total number of words is 1.43 lakh in 37 chapters, of which last 7-8 chapters with […]

Pinaka – Chapter 8

While I was busy with tracking down Major and moving out to mainland when we found him, the conditions had grown more serious. Both countries were locked in a position of conflict which could only go worse and it did. As the missiles and artillery shells were slamming in to their targets in Pakistan, Indian […]

Pinaka – Chapter 7

In the meanwhile, I was doing everything I could to find missing Major and 3 days after the blast, found myself standing the stairwell of a decrepit apartment building in some city that’ll remain nameless. My contact handed me a key and walked out without staying a word. I climbed to 2nd floor, found the […]