Kasol, Graahan Trip

This is going to be a short entry about our trip to Kasol in first week of May 2016. I still haven’t finished writing two more travelogues, so thought of finishing up the shorter ones first. This time we had wifey’s cousin and her husband for company. Lets call them SS and AM. After the last trip […]

Lahaul Spiti 2015 : The Last Village

There was a really long break between the last post of this travelogue and this one due to a number of reasons including work and other stuff. Anyhow, now I have some time and inclination to write down the travelogue again. Last post here. As we were packing up and heating poha packets for breakfast, 2 […]

Lahaul Spiti 2015 : Starry Starry Night

Next morning we just lazed around the campsite. All the guests from previous night were gone and more were expected to arrive only after noon. We asked Dorjee to prepare some pulao to carry with us for dinner. In the meanwhile, we packed up some essentials to take with us to the campsite. At noon, […]

Lahaul Spiti 2015 : Still not taking the same path back

Next morning after breakfast, we put some snacks in our backpacks and started walking towards Chandrataal lake. We took the trail route through mountains rather than road. It was uphill walk for a while, but nothing too difficult. Again the landmarks I remembered from my last visit like bunch of black stones, dried out seasonal […]

Lahaul Spiti 2015 : Goddess Kunzum

We woke up early morning and had one shower to make up for coming up  6-7 days of shower less existence. There is one big problem with Himachali plumbing system in hotels and most homes. There is no option to have pleasantly hot/warm/cool water. It is either scalding hot or freshly sourced from a nearby […]

Shimla Trip Day 2: The Orchard

Early on, our plan was to visit the orchard early morning as the trees were supposed to be sprayed with insecticide. But due to nearly continuous drizzle, that was postponed and we decided to visit after 10 am. Needed the sleep anyway. The orchard is about 25 minutes drive from their house, just beyond Kufri […]

Trek to Chandrataal

At just a few minutes past 3:30 am, I woke up and started getting ready. Water in shower was very cold at that time. Felt strange wishing for hot water in middle of August. After getting ready, I checked out of the hotel and reached the  taxi stand. Tenzin, the driver secured my bag on […]

To Spiti from Manali

I had read about Lahaul and Spiti  in a book अरे यायावर रहेगा याद  (Arey Yayavar Rahega Yaad ) a long time back . Though I don’t remember much details now, but visiting the place became a ‘thing to do before I die’ for me. I love trekking in mountains, but never had the opportunity […]