Kaalkut. Chapter 17

Major General Qasim Rizvi entered Usmania mosque dressed in white salwar kameez and white skull cap.  The salwar (pants) was stitched to end two inches above his ankles to meet with the guidelines laid down by Maulana Ilias Yasir, preacher and chief cleric of the mosque.  For the last two years, Maj Gen Rizvi had […]

Kaalkut. Chapter 15

1 July 2017 Office US Federal Communications Commission 15:00 Hours, Local Time Wilford Sawicki, US Defence Secretary was not in the best of moods when he entered the meeting room. There were a lot of fires raging all through the world and he mostly felt overwhelmed trying to deal with them all. He had read […]

Kaalkut. Chapter 14

In case you didn’t know, a very large number of telecom exchanges which handle voice and data traffic have Xianji hardware these days. This is not just limited to 2-3 countries, but atleast 40 that I know of. And Chinese are eavesdropping on all that data flowing through their equipment.

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