War Scenario. Part XXXIX

Previous Part 1150 HoursCIA OfficeWashington DC, USA Last few days had been really hard on the CIA chief. His eyes, now encircled by dark circles showed that the man had not been able to catch up on sleep for quite some time. He was dragging his feet through the corridors with slumped shoulders and lost […]

War Scenario. Part XXXVII

Previous Part 0810 HoursJislanChinese Army BaseOccupied Tibet “Hurry up ! I don’t have enough time for you to waste just lolling around.” An impatient and very nervous Chinese PLA Lieutenant barked at the head of three man electric repairmen team. The three men had been working feverishly trying to repair the broken generator for two […]

War Scenario. Part XXXVI

Previous Part 0810 HoursSomewhere South of MalaysiaIndian Ocean The Indian Akula was lurking in the relatively shallow waters of Indian Ocean on an routine patrol when the hostilities commenced all of a sudden. Till then, it’s work had mainly consisted of avoiding merchant ships and gathering intelligence on the odd military vessel that came within […]

War Scenario. Part XXXV

Previous Part 0615 Hours2 November 2012Delhi Class DestroyerArabian Sea In spite of near complete destruction of Pakistani’s military, Indian military personnel were not relaxing. One of venerable Delhi class destroyers was patrolling the Arabian Sea, south of Gwadar, Pakistan which had been burnt to ashes only a few hours before. A group of technicians and […]

War Scenario. Part XXXIV

Previous Part 0409 Hours2 November 2010Falcon 1 AWACSSkies near Pakistan’s southern coast News of successful interception of M11 had just came in and the atmosphere of anxious gloom disappeared. MC allowed himself a wry smile and said a silent prayer in thanks. Their work was not yet over though. They were still monitoring anything that […]

War Scenario. Part XXXIII

0357 Hours2 November 201270 Km South East of Gilgit, POK Two figures atop the mountain waited anxiously for the planes to appear. Without turning his head from the sky that he was scanning with his binoculars one of the men said, “Wish the birds were here already.”His companion who was manning the laser designator just […]

War Scenario. Part XXXII

0340 Hours2 November 20106x Su30-MKI FlightSkies over Gujarat sea coast Mission Controller aboard IL-76 based AWACS took a look at the radar screen and picked up the mouth piece to contact Striker formation, “Striker team, this is Falcon 1. Guardian will join your formation over WayPoint 1 in 3 minutes.” “Roger that Falcon 1.”Wing Commander […]

War Scenario. Part XXXI

Previous Part 2335 HoursOnboard AF1Skies over AgraIndia DM reacted to the news same way Angad had. He immediately barged in to the PMs cabin where Dr. Rudra was busy examining him. Both men looked at him with identical alarmed expressions. Dr. Rudra opened his mouth to protest but kept quiet on seeing how flustered DM […]