Pakistani Armed Forces ORBAT, Part 8: Army Regiments & Badges

Pakistan Army’s Baloch Regiment Passing out Parade

Following is a list of known Pakistani Army’s infantry and support regiments and their locations between 2020-22. Many known regiments are not listed here as I have no information about them. There are many missing fields in the table too and I may update it in future.

Gallery below the table contains badges of some units. These are not sorted in anyway. Apologies to map junkies as I’ve not yet created any KML or embedded map apart from Ordnance Depot locations.

Sindh Regiment
Sindh Regiment CenterHyderabad, Sindh25°22’2.71″N68°22’26.18″E
5 Sindh Regiment
7 Sindh Regiment^Domel, Gilgit^35°10’3.10″N75° 9’57.67″EApproximate location
8 Sindh RegimentKohat
9 Sindh RegimentMalir Cantt Karachi,24°56’45.63″N67°12’25.05″E
10 Sindh Regiment^Lahore31°28’38.03″N74°25’2.03″EApproximate location
15 Sindh RegimentRahim Yar Khan
21 Sindh RegimentHavelian Cantt34° 1’57.64″N73° 6’45.43″E
24 Sindh RegimentMultan
26 Sindh RegimentOkara30°44’1.84″N73°21’17.69″E
28 Sindh Regiment^Bhimber32°59’8.19″N74° 4’44.99″EApproximate location
30 Sindh RegimentKharian Cantt32°48’59.14″N73°53’14.30″E
30 Sindh Regiment
34 Sindh Regiment^Karachi24°51’18.21″N67° 2’26.18″EApproximate location
Punjab Regiment
Punjab Regiment CenterMardan, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa34°12’12.88″N72° 2’17.46″E
4 Punjab Regiment^Skardu, Gilgit Baltistan,35°18’53.71″N75°32’19.82″EApproximate location
5 Punjab RegimentJhelum5 Punjab LAT?
7 Punjab Regiment
13 Punjab RegimentZhob Cantt31°20’56.71″N69°26’49.83″E
21 Punjab RegimentLAT Battalion
23 Punjab RegimentLAT Battalion
22 Punjab RegimentMalir Cantt Karachi24°57’32.47″N67°13’16.05″E
26 Punjab RegimentSialkotLAT Battalion
27 Punjab RegimentBadin24°39’14.70″N68°51’22.81″E
34 Punjab RegimentOkara CanttLAT Battalion
36 Punjab RegimentRawalpindi Cantt33°36’20.60″N73° 5’37.37″E
37 Punjab RegimentKharian
42 Punjab RegimentPeshawar
43 Punjab RegimentLahore
55 Punjab Regiment^Muzaffarabad, PoK*34°20’38.63″N73°28’37.55″EApproximate location
56 Punjab RegimentMalir Cantt, Karachi24°56’26.39″N67°11’56.63″E
59 Punjab RegimentPeshawar
63 Punjab RegimentMech Inf
70 Punjab Regiment
74 Punjab Regiment^Shahdara, Lahore31°35’39.78″N74°14’48.51″EApproximate location
76 Punjab RegimentOkara
77 Punjab RegimentRahim Yar Khan, Punjab28°27’1.40″N70°14’3.19″E
Frontier Force Regiment
FF Regimental CenterAbbottabad, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa34° 9’34.14″N73°13’27.91″E
3 FF RegimentGujranwala Cantt32°14’46.22″N74° 7’6.91″E
6 FF RegimentSialkot
7 FF RegimentMultan
9 FF RegimentOkara Cantt30°44’26.95″N73°21’9.58″E
10 FF RegimentGujranwala Cantt
14 FF Regiment6th Armd Div
17 FF RegimentMultan, Punjab30°10’39.87″N71°24’31.21″E
20 FF Regiment26th Mech Div
25 FF RegimentSialkot Cantt32°31’21.30″N74°32’41.16″E
25 FF RegimentChowar, Gilgit*34°56’54.29″N76°35’32.46″E
26 FF RegimentMech Inf
29 FF RegimentPano Aqil27°47’22.79″N69° 7’11.11″E
31 FF RegimentPeshawar Cantt33°59’54.33″N71°31’53.06″E
32 FF Regiment
35 FF RegimentOkara Cantt30°44’41.79″N73°21’13.94″E
37 FF RegimentSialkot Cantt32°31’15.42″N74°33’12.00″E
38 FF RegimentMuzaffarabad/Kohat*
39 FF RegimentDera Ghazi Khan, Punjab29°55’9.93″N70°29’38.44″E
44 FF RegimentChitral, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa35°51’16.39″N71°47’30.41″E
46 FF RegimentRawalpindi
48 FF RegimentPeshawar, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa33°59’40.03″N71°31’44.29″E
49 FF RegimentHyderabad Cantt25°23’23.25″N68°21’16.81″E
61 FF RegimentFrontier Force RegimentHavelian
63 FF RegimentPano Aqil2013
64 FF RegimentAbbottabad
65 FF RegimentOkara, Punjab*30°45’17.84″N73°21’17.56″E
68 FF RegimentSialkot Cantt32°31’6.32″N74°33’47.46″E
69 FF RegimentRahim Yar Khan
Baloch Regiment
Baloch Regimental CenterQuetta
1 Baloch RegimentAbbottabad34° 9’27.56″N73°13’8.47″E
6 Baloch RegimentSialkot
11 Baloch RegimentNeelum Valley
19 Baloch Regiment (SSG)LAT battalion
20 Baloch RegimentBannu, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa32°59’50.36″N70°36’15.36″E
22 Baloch RegimentLahore31°31’12.14″N74°22’21.19″E
23 Baloch RegimentMehfooz Shaheed Garrison Lahore31°32’44.68″N74°26’17.26″EToofan Battalion
30 Baloch RegimentLahore
32 Baloch RegimentMehfooz Shaheed Garrison, Lahore31°33’1.12″N74°26’20.99″E
35 Baloch RegimentJarrar Garrison, Rawalpindi33°24’23.17″N72°55’32.81″E
36 Baloch RegimentHAT Battalion
38 Baloch RegimentSialkot32°30’48.24″N74°33’51.56″E
39 Baloch Regiment
41 Baloch RegimentHajira, Punch33°46’4.13″N73°54’7.01″E
42 Baloch RegimentSialkot32°30’56.54″N74°32’53.38″E
50 Baloch RegimentMech Inf
54 Baloch RegimentKarachi, Sindh24°51’13.85″N67° 2’36.38″E
57 Baloch RegimentWalton Road, Lahore Cantt31°30’8.71″N74°22’43.82″E
59 Baloch RegimentLahore Cantt31°30’11.32″N74°22’30.65″E
62 Baloch RegimentBadin Cantt24°39’26.00″N68°51’12.06″E
63 Baloch RegimentPano Aqil
72 Baloch RegimentSialkot
8 Light Commando BattalionMultan
NLI Regiment Center^Gilgit, Gilgit Baltistan35°52’38.82″N74°24’53.88″EApproximate location
2 NLI RegimentAstore, Gilgit BaltistanFiring Range, Sultanpur & Gabbar
3 NLI Regiment ^North Waziristan32°58’32.02″N69°59’2.58″EApproximate location
8 NLI RegimentKoh Shikan
10 NLI Regiment
12 NLI RegimentNilore, Islamabad
13 NLI RegimentKargil
15 NLI RegimentJhelum, Punjab32°55’36.06″N73°42’45.89″E
18 NLI RegimentLahore
6 Light Commando BattalionMultan30°10’30.63″N71°25’9.69″E
8 Light Commando Battalion^Multan30°10’41.28″N71°24’39.17″EApproximate location
Azad KashmirMansar Camp, Attock,
Azad Kashmir RegimentAttock
AK Regiment CentreMansar Camp, Attock,33°54’3.44″N72°18’2.57″E
2 AK Regiment^Umerkot, Sindh25°20’51.40″N69°43’25.88″EApproximate location
5 AK RegimentOkara Cantt30°43’55.74″N73°20’36.44″E
10 AK RegimentChhor Cantt
12 AK RegimentMuzaffarabad
14 AK RegimentLahore
16 AK RegimentRahim Yar Khan
17 AK Regiment^Muzaffarabad, PoK34°20’40.89″N73°28’25.79″EApproximate location
23 AK RegimentLahore
30 AK Regiment^Rahim Yar Khan28°27’12.75″N70°13’50.37″EApproximate location
33 AK RegimentLahore
31 AK RegimentMuzaffarabad, PoK*34°21’22.62″N73°28’13.57″E
39 AK RegimentHAT Battalion
40 AK RegimentHAT Battalion
44 AK RegimentHAT Battalion
47 AK RegimentHyderabad, Sindh25°23’39.13″N68°21’20.82″E
226 AK HAT Company
227 AK HAT Company
MujahidGSO-1(MJD), H! 11 Div, Lahore
Mujahid ForceUmerkot, Sindh5828-444449
Mujahid Force RegimentRahim Yar Khan, Punjab,28°27’0.30″N70°13’51.37″E
403 Mujahid BattalionLahore, Punjab,31°32’45.59″N74°26’13.73″EIrregular reserves
640 Mujahid Battalion^Muzaffarabad, PoK34°21’55.23″N73°28’44.94″EApproximate location
652 Mujahid Battalion^Muzaffarabad, PoK34°21’50.28″N73°28’44.94″EApproximate location
653 Mujahid BattalionMuzaffarabad, PoK
657 Mujahid BattalionBagh, PoK33°58’34.39″N73°47’30.47″E
658 Mujahid BattalionBagh, PoK
816 Mujahid BattalionMuzaffarabad, PoK
Gilgit Baltistan ScoutsGilgit
Janbaz forceMultan?31 Corps, Multan?
Mujahid Force Field Regiment ArtilleryRawalpinid
Pakistan Army Engineers CentreRisalpur,34° 4’16.77″N71°59’31.65″E
1 Engineer BattalionHyderabad Cantt
2 Engineer BattalionLahore31°30’46.01″N74°22’26.23″E0304-6427640
3 Engineer Battalion
4 Engineer Battalion
6 Engineer Battalion
7 Engineer Battalion
10 Engineer Battalion^Chianwali Gujranwala32° 1’57.13″N74°12’54.51″EApproximate location
12 Engineer BattalionJhelum
13 Engineer BattalionSheikhupura, Punjab31°42’38.14″N73°59’42.08″E
14 Engineer BattalionKohat
15 Engineer BattalionMultan30°10’32.42″N71°24’30.60″E
16 Engineers BattalionPeshawar33°59’54.27″N71°31’45.15″E
18 Engineers Battalion
20 Engineers BattalionGujranwala32°14’43.70″N74° 6’14.32″E
22 Engineers BattalionMurree
23 Engineers Battalion
25 Engineers BattalionNowshera, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa34° 0’13.82″N71°59’54.08″E
100 Engineers BattalionLahore31°31’2.42″N74°22’22.81″E
101 Engineers BattalionBhawalpur
104 Engineers BattalionRashid Minhas Road, Karachi
105 Engineers BattalionStar Fighters
106 Engineers Battalion
173 Engineers Battalion
174 Engineers Battalion
313 Assault Engineer BattalionMultan30°10’48.36″N71°24’28.73″E6th Armd Div
314 Assault Engineer Battalion6th Armd Div
316 Mechanized Engineer BattalionBahawalpur29°22’5.01″N71°41’2.57″E200th Artillery Regiment, 26th Mech Div
474 Engineer BattalionOkara Cantt30°44’24.34″N73°21’0.00″E
477 Army Surveyy Group EngineersRawalpindi
479 Burj Battalion EngineersPeshawar34° 0’43.53″N71°34’11.07″E
Headquarters Signals TrainingKohat33°35’31.91″N71°27’10.98″E
Signals HQ Air DefenceRawalpindi33°35’16.57″N73° 2’0.35″E
Fixed Signals CompanyMuzaffarabad,0322-5580882
Fixed Communication Signals CompanyLahore Cantt
5 Signals Battalion
7 Signals BattalionMultan Cantt30°10’22.78″N71°24’58.12″E
8 Signals BattalionRawalpindi33°35’19.35″N73° 2’2.69″E
9 Signals BattalionGujranwala, Punjab32°14’33.60″N74° 6’31.43″E6th Armd Div. 310-3339748
10 Signals BattalionKarachi24°51’15.42″N67° 2’32.07″E
13 Signals Battalion^Karachi24°51’12.24″N67° 2’37.97″EApproximate location
14 Signals BattalionHyderabad
15 Signals Battalion
16 Signals BattalionLahore31°30’54.78″N74°22’25.80″E
17 Signals BattalionGharial Murree33°54’1.93″N73°23’50.45″E
19 Signals BattalionKohat Cantt33°35’28.23″N71°26’53.94″E
22 Signals Battalion^Rawalpindi33°35’28.09″N73° 2’0.92″EApproximate location
23 Signals Battalion
25 Signals BattalionLahore31°32’52.26″N74°26’32.25″E0340-0743897
27 Signals BattalionKharian
31 Signals Battalion
32 Signals BattalionPano Aqil
38 Signals BattalionBhawalpur38 Signals Combat Support Unit
41 Signals BattalionHyderabad
44 Signals Battalion
46 Signals BattalionPeshawar, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa33°59’42.87″N71°31’32.67″E
52 Signals Battalion
62 Signals BattalionMisrial Complex, Rawalpindi62 Composite Signals Battalion
71 Signals BattalionLahore
73 Signals BattalionQuetta
74 Signals BattalionMalik cantt, Karachi74 Signals Combat Support Unit
77 Signals BattalionGwadar25°17’35.17″N62°31’3.81″EApproximate location
78 Signals BattalionGujranwala, Punjab32°14’29.34″N74° 5’55.90″E
84 Signals Battalion
91 Signals Battalion6th Armd Div
93 Signals BattalionGujranwala, Punjab32°15’5.55″N74° 6’28.79″E
Special Communications OrganizationRawalpindi Cantt33°36’27.39″N73° 5’26.05″E
EMEGHQ, Rawalpindi
41 EME BattalionMangla, Punjab33° 7’31.57″N73°36’55.84″E
42 EME Battalion
43 EME Battalion
44 EME Battalion
45 EME BattalionWah Cantt
46 EME BattalionFaislabad
47 EME BattalionQuetta
48 EME BattalionGujranwala, Punjab
50 EME BattalionLahore31°30’43.05″N74°22’12.15″E
51 EME BattalionPeshawar,33°59’45.37″N71°31’45.49″E
59 EME Battalion
80 EME BattalionGujranwala, Punjab
90 EME BattalionKharian Cantt32°48’32.55″N73°53’8.65″E17th Div
199 EME BattalionGujranwala, Punjab32°15’7.58″N74° 7’17.10″E
299 EME BattalionRawalpindi,33°36’20.22″N73° 5’28.35″E
399 EME BattalionDhamial Camp, Rawalpindi
499 EME BattalionMultan Cantt30°10’25.82″N71°24’37.91″E
546 EME BattalionBahawalpur29°22’1.85″N71°41’13.60″E
599 EME BattalionMultan, Punjab30°11’21.65″N71°24’53.65″E
501 Central Workshop EMEChaklala
502 Central Workshop EMERawalpindi33°36’20.32″N73° 5’16.22″E
503 Aviation Base Workshop EMEDhamial Camp, Rawalpindi33°33’37.83″N73° 2’19.88″E
505 Electronics Base Workshop EMERawalpindi33°37’42.58″N72°56’47.48″E
506 UAV Base Workshop EMEMangla Cantt
509 Electronics Base Workshop EMEGujranwala, Punjab32°14’51.91″N74° 5’55.99″E
601 Regional WorkshopQuetta
602 Regional Workshop EMEKarachi24°55’38.95″N67°13’9.21″E21-32785888 missile maintenance
603 Base Workshop EMELahore Cantt31°30’39.32″N74°22’11.08″E
604 AC Combined WorkshopMangla, Punjab33° 8’26.77″N73°37’9.03″E
605 Regional Workshop EME
606 Regional Workshop EMEGilgit35°55’2.74″N74°20’35.34″E
607 Regional Workshop EMEGujranwala, Punjab32°14’34.46″N74° 7’27.24″E
608 Regional Workshop EMEBahawalpur29°22’1.96″N71°40’55.17″E
609 Regional Workshop EMEPano Aqil27°49’56.44″N69° 9’26.41″Emissile maintenance
638 EME Workshop CompanyAstore, Gilgit Baltistan35°21’22.53″N74°51’44.54″E5817-9222106
699 Aviation EME BattalionQuetta Cantt30°12’29.96″N67° 1’57.22″E
701 Regional Workshop EMEOkara
704 Aviation Medium Workshop EMEMultan
302 Spares DepotLalazar, Rawalpindi,33°34’11.18″N73° 4’1.11″E
303 Spares Depot EMELahore31°30’52.63″N74°22’11.69″E
304 Spares Depot EMEKhanewal, Punjab30°19’27.72″N71°56’35.08″E
304 Spares Depot EMEKarachi
305 Spares Depot EMEKarachi
306 Spare Depot EMEQuetta Cantt
169 Independent Infantry Workshop EMESialkot32°31’42.68″N74°33’8.41″E
76 Ordnance UnitMangla Cantt1 Corps
87 Ordnance Unit
94 Ordnance UnitMalir cantt, Karachi
106 Ordnance UnitKharian
107 Ordnance UnitKharian
108 Ordnance UnitGilgit
Composite Ordnance DepotJaglot
Composite Ordnance DepotGilgit
Central Ordnance DepotKarachi24°55’16.46″N67°11’45.31″E
Central Ordnance DepotLahore31°32’48.93″N74°23’17.70″E
Central Ordnance DepotKhanewal, Punjab30°21’50.14″N72° 6’20.11″E
Central Ordnance DepotRawalpindi, Punjab33°34’34.85″N73° 3’59.93″E
Central Ordnance DepotHavelian
Central Aviation Spares DepotQasim Airbase, Dhamial Camp, Rawalpindi
POL DepotKhanewal, Punjab30°19’25.41″N71°56’52.37″E
Ammunition DepotSakrand, Lahore, Hyderabad
Central Ordnance DepotKhanewal, Punjab
Ordnance DepotKashmore
Ordnance CentreMalir Cantt
Ordnance DepotQuetta
Ordnance DepotGujranwala Cantt8200-36719
Ordnance DepotNowshera Cantt, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa
Central Ordnance DepotKarachi
107 Ordnance UnitKharian, Punjab
135 Ordnance UnitOkara
Ordnance CollegeMalir Cantt.
Army Ordnance DepotQuetta Cantt
Army Ordnance DepotGujranwala Cantt336-6296730
Ammunition DepotSakrand, Sindh
Ammunition DepotOkara Cantt304-9209760
Ammunition DepotLahore
Ammunition DepotMalir Cantt
Ammunition DepotKohat
Petrol DepotKhanewal, Punjab
Base Supply DepotKharian Cantt
185 Petroleum Storage PlatoonGujranwala, Punjab
National Logistics CellRawalpindi
192 Infantry Workshop CompanyPeshawar
301 Central Base Spares DepotRawalpindi
Station Supply DepotAttock, Punjab
Reserve Supply DepotSialkot
21 S&T BattalionMultan30°10’26.10″N71°24’33.25″E
23 S&T BattalionKarachi24°56’28.12″N67°12’31.55″E
24 S&T BattalionBahawalpur29°22’1.35″N71°40’48.44″E
36 S&T BattalionOkara, Punjab30°44’21.47″N73°21’11.62″E
49 S&T BattalionQuetta30°12’25.88″N67° 2’14.60″E
50 S&T BattalionGujranwala32°14’37.72″N74° 6’27.26″E
34 Supply BattalionBannu, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa32°59’44.47″N70°36’16.85″E
63 Field Supply PlatoonBagh
14 Supply PlatoonHangu
233 Supply PlatoonRahim Yar Khan
261 Supply PlatoonZhob, Balochistan31°20’56.57″N69°26’17.28″E
652 S&T Platoon?Risalpur Cantt34° 4’5.86″N71°59’16.06″E
313 SAMBOkara Cantt30°43’25.42″N73°20’51.06″EApproximate location
310 MT Company ASCRawalpindi, Punjab
24 Sindh MIBMultan Cantt
Desert warfare schoolChor cantt, Umerkot
Artillery SchoolNowshera
Headquarters Signals Training CenterKohat
26 Mechanized Division Battle SchoolBahawalpur
School of Armour & Mechanised WarfareNowshera
Army UAV Training SchoolMangla
311 MT CompanyPeshawar
630 EODWestridge, Rawalpindi
177 Bridge BattalionJhelum*
Petaro Unit 190 MRAPetaroMedium Range Artillery?
479 Bridge BattalionAkora Khattak
44 CCT BattalionRawalpindi
1 Mountain Medical BattalionBagh
2 Mountain Medical BattalionKotli
4 Mountain Medical BattalionMuzaffarabad
44 Medical Battalion
61 Medical Battalion
64 Medical BattalionPeshawar
70 Medical Battalion
71 Medical Battalion
72 Medical BattalionTimargara
78 Medical Battalion
123 Medical BattalionGilgit
130 Medical BattalionTolti, GB
134 Medical BattalionWah cantt
137 Medical Battalion
00 Medical BattalionMini murg
141 Medical BattalionRawalpindi
173 Medical Battalion
2nd FP BattalionYounisabad, Mauripur
6th FP BattalionJinnag Naval Base, Omara
415 Metrological and Survey BatteryPano Aqil Cantt
8 Commando Al Azb BattalionGhazi, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa
POFWah Catt
Gadwal Cantt
Havelian Cantt
Pakistani Army Regiments

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