FLASH! Rafale & Typhoon Move To Next Level In M-MR…

India selects EF, Rafale for MMRCA shortlist Livefist: FLASH! Rafale & Typhoon Move To Next Level In M-MR…: “It’s official! France’s Dassault Aviation Rafale and the European consortium’s Eurofighter Typhoon move to the next level on the Indian Air Force’s MMRCA contract”

War Scenario. Part XXXVIII

Previous Part 1100 HoursDaxmung Village110 km North-East of LhasaTibet The 5 truck convoy flanked by 3 APCs thundered in to the village square throwing the normally tranquil village of Daxmung in to a tizzy. Although the village folks were no strangers to PLA and it’s tactics of intimidation, rumours of violence in surrounding areas made […]

War Scenario. Part XXXVI

Previous Part 0810 HoursSomewhere South of MalaysiaIndian Ocean The Indian Akula was lurking in the relatively shallow waters of Indian Ocean on an routine patrol when the hostilities commenced all of a sudden. Till then, it’s work had mainly consisted of avoiding merchant ships and gathering intelligence on the odd military vessel that came within […]

War Scenario. Part XXXV

Previous Part 0615 Hours2 November 2012Delhi Class DestroyerArabian Sea In spite of near complete destruction of Pakistani’s military, Indian military personnel were not relaxing. One of venerable Delhi class destroyers was patrolling the Arabian Sea, south of Gwadar, Pakistan which had been burnt to ashes only a few hours before. A group of technicians and […]

War Scenario. Part XXXIV

Previous Part 0409 Hours2 November 2010Falcon 1 AWACSSkies near Pakistan’s southern coast News of successful interception of M11 had just came in and the atmosphere of anxious gloom disappeared. MC allowed himself a wry smile and said a silent prayer in thanks. Their work was not yet over though. They were still monitoring anything that […]