Saving bandwidth on Google Chrome and Mozilla Thunderbird

Since last 3 months, I am on an shitty internet connection which as a download limit of just 15 GB and costs an arm and leg. But stuck with it because the only other option in my area is just as bad. So now it happened that this 15 GB download limit was getting over […]

What to do once you get in a remote PC – 2

Part 1 In this post, I’ll post more stuff that you can do to maintain access to any remote Windows XP computer. Previous post is here. 1. Creating Invisible Account You can create a user “Admin” by running following command c:windowssystem32net user admin admin /add But this user will be visible on XP logon screen. […]

What to do once you get in a remote PC

In this post I’ll write about what to do once you gain administrative privileges on a Windows PC. There’s lot that you can do, depending upon your inclinations (I hope benign).Don’t ask me how to get admin rights in first place. Figure that out yourself.Maybe I’ll write something on that someday, but not now. Anyhow, […]

Restoring Registry of XP

Few days back, my Windows XP got infected by a few viruses. Using infected pen drives seemed to be the reason. One particularly pesky virus was a script that started everytime I logged on even when I deleted the .vbs file manually. So I opened up regedit.exe and deleted every registry entry containing that file […]

Windows Server 2003 on Sun Fire X4100 Server

There was something interesting to do in office this week. They needed to install Windows Server 2003 on a Sun Fire X4100 server so that it could be used for running an anti-virus solution. It had RedHat installed previously but they didn’t have license for Linux version of Symantac anti-virus.   One’d think how difficult […]

Microsoft’s REALLY Hidden Files

Version 2.6bby The Riddlerther1ddler@fuckMicrosoft.comNovember 3, 2001(v2.0 finished May 16, 2001; v1.0 finished June 11, 2000) Written with Windows 9x in mind, but not limited to. DISCLAIMER:I will not be liable for any damage or lost information, whether due to reader’s error, or any other reason. FEEDBACK NOTE:If you’d like to comment specifically on this article […]