India successfully tested Agni V ballistic missile with officially declared range of 5000 km on 19th April 2012. According to scientists, it was a textbook launch with all the parameters and technologies tested successfully.  I’m writing this post to collect as much information as possible about the missile and it’s effects.   This is the […]

Defence Expo 2012. Indian indigenous and JVs

This post contains pictures of various transports, weapons and other systems on display by Indian organisations, some indigenous and others produced in joint ventures with foreign companies.            

Defence Expo 2012. Arjun and T-90, pictures from insides.

Arjun is a bigger tank when compared to T-90 and it’s quite obvious not only from outside. Even the insides are completely different. Inside T-90 there is hardly any room for movement or even partial stretching of limbs. Arjun on the other hand is spacious and much more comfortable. See for yourself in the pictures. Unfortunately […]

Defence Expo 2012. Indian Ordnance Factory Board

Visit to OFB pavilion was a pleasant surprise. I met some representatives who were really helpful and patient with explaining how their stuff worked. I got some nice explanations about working of different types of tank ammunitions and their respective roles. Much better than someone like me with no credentials could expect from a PSU. […]