Kaalkut. Chapter 24.

16 April 2020 Beijing. Sachin Kumar was happy that he had managed to take a day off to see the city and take some pictures after a long time. He had bought his Canon mirrorless DSLR few months back after he was posted to the Indian consulate in Beijing. After settling in his work routine, […]

Kaalkut. Chapter 20

9 February 2020 Pokhra, Nepal. Padam Giri took an appreciative bite of Tbetan Balep bread smothered with butter and chased it down with hot butter tea at his cousin’s small guesthouse in the hills. Normally, it’d be full of tourists but Corona virus related restrictions had been bad for business. Only two servants, one cook […]

Kaalkut. Chapter 19

2 January 2020 New Delhi. CDS Rajinder Singh spoke, “I don’t believe that Chinese are very interested in a full fledged war right now. Some of their leadership is aggressive, yet the overall mood is against starting a major conflict right now .” The emergency meeting was called in after reports of three nearly simultaneous […]