McLeodganj: The elusive waterfall

This is 6th post in this series of posts describing my visit  Mcleodganj. Other posts are on this link. The day begun with An joining  me for a breakfast of parantha, omelette and  tea in a small eating joint. She wanted to sample only Indian food that day. Parantha was too salty for my taste […]

McLeodganj: Never take the same path twice

Other posts in this series of posts are on this link. On day three I got out of hotel room and walked in market for a while before entering a cafe for breakfast.  Took the road to Dharmkot again and met the same man I had asked for directions in lower Dharmkot village previous day. […]

McLeodganj: Getting lost isn’t always what it seems

This is my 4th post in the series of posts describing my visit to McLeodganj. First 3 parts are in this link. After lunch of momos, I took the road to Dharmkot. It’s a steep climb for quite a distance as you may observe in the picture. After walking for a while, I  left the […]

McLeodganj: Butterflies in the land of ancient Nags

This is 3rd post in a series of posts describing my visit to Mcleodganj. You  can read previous posts on this link. Day two started with me waking up at 8 am and getting out of the hotel approximately half an hour later. Walking through the market, I came across one small restaurant named Peace […]

McLeodganj: Chinese yoga

This is second post of my series of posts describing my visit to McLeodganj. First part is here. Coming back to the road, I started walking back towards McLeodganj when I came across a a small trail going upwards which I thought led to another road above.   I was right in this assumption, but I […]

McLeodganj: Birthday and old graves

This is going to be my first ever attempt to write a travel diary. I haven’t tried anything like this before and don’t know how it’s going to come out. I think writing one single post for each day spent will be the right way to do it. Anyhow, here it goes :)   I […]