What to do once you get in a remote PC – 2

Part 1 In this post, I’ll post more stuff that you can do to maintain access to any remote Windows XP computer. Previous post is here. 1. Creating Invisible Account You can create a user “Admin” by running following command c:windowssystem32net user admin admin /add But this user will be visible on XP logon screen. […]

What to do once you get in a remote PC

In this post I’ll write about what to do once you gain administrative privileges on a Windows PC. There’s lot that you can do, depending upon your inclinations (I hope benign).Don’t ask me how to get admin rights in first place. Figure that out yourself.Maybe I’ll write something on that someday, but not now. Anyhow, […]

Using ProxyChains

There are probably dozens of programs on any OS that don’t have any option for using proxies. Many common command line tools like ping, traceroute don’t work if the network you are on, forces you to use a proxy. Finally found a way to specify a proxy for these programs . ProxyChains  is one very […]

Sniffing passwords with Ettercap

This is probably the easiest way to “hack” various passwords including email. All you need is ettercap.It’s a easy to use GUI based sniffer. (Good news for people scared of command line).Download and install the software on your PC from this link. Only source packages are available. Instructions for running on a Windows platform are […]