Military Installation : Chandhar Airbase, Pakistan

Name: Chandhar Airbase Type: Pakistan Air Force operated airfield, no civilian use. Location: Punjab, Pakistan. Coordinates: 32° 4’38.20″N   73°47’23.65″E Occupants: PAF Airstrip Length: 2.4 km Comments: There is very little information about Chandhar airbase available in open sources. It’s about 77 km away from international border and seems to be military installation for use only during war time […]

Military Installation : Shamsi Airbase, Pakistan

Name: Shamsi Airfield (Bhandari Airstrip) Type: Airstrip first leased to UAE for hunting wildlife, then to USA for military operations. Location: Washuk District, Balochistan, Pakistan. Coordinates:   27°50’51.00″N   65° 9’35.63″E Occupants: It was used by USA as a base for Predator drones from 2001 till 2011. Leased by UAE from 1992-2001. Now presumably controlled by Pakistan FC. Comments: Shamsi Airfield caught my […]

Military Installation : Peshawar Airbase, Pakistan

Name: Peshawar Airbase Type: Military airbase with an adjacent civilian airport. Location: Khyber Pakhtunkhwa., Pakistan. Coordinates:  33°59’57.74″N   71°30’53.90″E Occupants: No. 26 and 16 squadrons of PAF operating JF-17 fighters                                               Peshawar is one of […]

Military Installation : Sukkur Airfield, Pakistan

Name: Sukkur Airport (IATA: SKZ, ICAO: OPSK) Type: FOB (Forward Operating Base) and a small domestic airport. Location: Sindh, Pakistan. Coordinates: 27°43′19″N  68°47′30″E                       Sukkur Airfield is a dual use airport, but has limited military traffic. It is very near to the Thar desert.  The barrage […]

Military Installations on Google Earth

This is an index post for a project collecting Google Earth imagery of military installations around the world, specially those of China and Pakistan. This post will have the list of posts created with post tag Google Earth.  Sukkur airfield, Sindh, Pakistan Peshawar Airbase, Khyber Phaktoonwa, Pakistan Shamsi Airbase, Pakistan Chandhar Airbase, Punjab, Pakistan Lora […]

World Security Update. Sep 13, 2012

 1) Former French spy accuses MI6 of smuggling arms to terrorists Another example of use of “plausible deniability”  by western intelligence agencies. Link   2) Pakistani Supreme Court orders action against illegal arms, vehicles in Quetta  A country which effectively declares it’s whole provinces as lawless badlands, invites foreigners to administer others and disowns it’s […]