Chinese Armed Forces ORBAT Part 4: Rocket Forces

PLA Ballistic missiles

Ebook format with other branches included: Early access & some extras on Patreon. Formerly 2nd Artillery Corps, PLA Rocket Force is now considered a separate service branch in itself with 90,000 to 1,20,000 personnel. Its HQ is located at the Qinghe Compound in Beijing. This command is led by a full general and theatre […]

Chinese Armed Forces ORBAT Part 3: Ground Forces

Chinese PLA ground forces

UPDATE 1: July 2022. During the rewrite, I’ve found a number of mistakes in the geo-location. The units are mostly correct, but a few have errors with the published address and corresponding coordinates. The process of corrections is going on. UPDATE 2: Sep 2022. Updated data of ground forces of all five Theatre Commands is […]

Chinese Armed Forces ORBAT Part 2: Composition Of Ground Forces

PLA has changed its command structure from Group Army, Division, Regiment to one comprising Group Army, Brigades and Battalions. Each of five Theatre Commands has 2-3 Group Armies (total of 13) under its control which in turn have 5-6 CABs in combat role and 4-7 brigades and independent battalions in supporting roles. Some TCs like Western TC have a few independent divisions and Border Defence Regiments (BDR) under their command. Though it started to change in 2020. More on this later.

Chinese Armed Forces ORBAT Part 1 :Reorganisation of Chinese Military

Updated: Oct 2022 All data plus some more in e-book format: Early access & some extras on Patreon.  In September 2015, General Logistic Department (GLD), the General Staff Department, General Political Department, and General Armaments Department were reorganised into seven departments, three commissions and five affiliated bodies.  Chinese military structure now includes the following […]

Order of Battle of Chinese Armed Forces

Chinese PLA ground forces

July 2022, UPDATE 1: I have decided to compile all this data and some updates in to e-book format which will be hopefully finished later this year. I intend to keep it free, but if you want to support the effort, you can consider checking my Patreon or Amazon Authors page. Thanks. July 2022, UPDATE […]

Pakistani Armed Forces Order of Battle (ORBAT)

Pakistan army surrender

I first wrote and published this as a single article. But owing to large amount of data collected afterwards, split it in to multiple sections listed below. So ORBAT of Pakistan Armed Forces is now a multi-part series with different articles for Army, Navy and Air Force. You can read Chinese Armed Forces ORBAT here […]

Military Installation : Mushaf Airbase, Sargodha

Name: Mushaf Airbase. IATA Code: BHW Type: Major Pakistan Air Force base and nuclear weapons storage site. Location: Sargodha, Punjab, Pakistan. Coordinates: 32°02′34″N  72°40′43″E Comments: PAF base Mushaf in Sargodha, Punjab is one of more important military establishments for multiple reasons: It is Central air command of PAF. It also houses Combat Commanders School which has Skybolts flying Dassault Mirage […]

Military Installation : Lora Lai, Pakistan

Name: Lora Lai. City: Lora Lai. Airport name: Lora Lai. IATA code: LRG Type: Airstrip and a few helipads. Location: Balochistan, Pakistan Coordinates: 30°21′50″N  68°36′54″E Comments: This seems to be a pretty nondescript patch of land with only a few interesting features. Runway length is 900 m, which makes it pretty unusable for most combat aircraft. There seems to […]