Biased reporting by media

On 8 Aug(9:30pm)IBN7 did a news report on a protest rally being taken in Shastri Nagar, Digiana area. People from every religion participating in it, Hindus, Muslims and Sikhs openly supporting current agitation in Jammu They even interviewed a few people who clearly said that they support current agitation.Then the news reader took over and […]

Jammu Agitation on NDTV

[youtube=] Talk show involving spokepersons BJP and Congress and Mehbooba of PDP.Congress and PDP conviniently forgetting the root cause of agitation in Jammu and trying to shift blame to Jammmu people for current situation. Not once anybody talks about anti-India, anti-Hindu protests of Kashmiris, while badmouthing secular, pro-Indian protesters in Jammu

More Videos from jammu’s local TV channels

Talkshow in JK CHannel over recent ban on media Politicians of BJP and Congress expressing their views on ongoing agitation. Now even congress politicians are supporting agitation in Jammu after getting severly crticized for their duplicity and inaction. Recording of Take1 Channel. Police is not sparing even medicos. Misbehavin and tearing up their identity cards

TV Channels Banned In Jammu

I don’t know when it happened, but police barged into offices of local broadcasters and forcibly stopped transmission. Now no channel in my locality (Gandhi nagar) is working. Local channels show this message only “JK Channel & Take1 Channel banned By Administration”  These were the only channels that were showing actuall truth. National channels didn’t show even […]