Fight For Jammu & Kashmir: The Invasion

Continuing from previous post: Fight For Jammu & Kashmir: Role of RSS The Invasion The tribal hordes armed and supported by the Pakistan Government and led by officers of the Pakistan army that entered the State from Hazara district in the N.W.F.P. along the Abbotabad – Muzaffarabad – Domel- Srinagar road on October 21, formed […]

Fight For Jammu & Kashmir: Role of RSS

Excerpt from KASHMIR: The Storm Center of the World   by Balraj Madhok  Role of Rashtriya Swayam Sewak Sangh (R.S.S.)     Rashtriya Swayam Sewak Sangh played an important role in Kashmir in that crucial period. I had started a branch of R.S.S. in Jammu in 1940. I was then studying at Lahore. By the time […]

Another TV show from Jammu channel

BAR Jammu President, a leader from AYSS, state BJP leader and a Muslim adovcate participating in a TV talk show. They discuss roles of BJP, lawyers and common people including Muslims in agitation.

Muslims from Jammu discussing current situation

Some prominent muslims from Jammu discussing current agitation. All of them express their disgust with Kashmiri politicians and neglect of Jammu by Kashmir centric govts. You should make all “seculars” watch this who are spreading falso information that Muslims are getting harmed due to “violence”

Protests during day 16 of curfew

Here is one more recording from local channel covering protests during Day 16 of the curfew. People from cities, villages and suburban areas, all united for one common cause. You can see Muslims including Gujjars and those from old city supporting agitation.(7:40 onwards) This again disproves Kashmiri claims that the agitation is communal. [youtube=]

Muslims supporting nationalist agitation in Jammu

Here are some more videos recorded off local channels of Jammu. First Video is of a protest rally being taken out. If you see closely you’ll find many Muslim Gujjars and Sikhs protesting along with Hindus. You can see one Gujjar carrying an Indian flag in 15th second and some more later. 2nd, 3rd and […]