Mission Army Ep 4 Master.mpg

Nat Geo Mission Army is Nat Geo India’s 4th Mission property. After the super successful Mission Everest, Mission Udaan, and Mission Navy, Nat Geo cameras now take you inside the Indian Army! In this episode, Nat Geo takes you inside the Armoured Corp — the glamour boys of the Indian Army! Get an inside look […]

Indian Armed Forces Pictures. Land Forces

Pictures of Indian Navy and Indian Air Force are here. I found all these photos in a torrent download. I have no copyright on any.T90 Indian Special Protection Group Rashtriya Rifles in J&K; Pinaka MBRL Indian sniper in ghillie suit Indian SPG Para Commando Parade Sniper in ghillie suit Snipers in ghillie suit Indian Para […]

Indian Armed Forces Pictures

I found all these photos in a torrent download. I have no copyright on any. Talwar Class Frigate INS Virat INS Vikramaditya INS Talwar INS Ranvir Rajput Class Destroyer INS Ranvir INS Mumbai INS Brahmaputra INS Beas INS Ranvir and INS Mumbai Vayu Shakti Vayu Shakti Vayu Shakti LCA Tejas (3D drawing) LCA Tejas (3D […]

War Scenario. Part XXXVIII

Previous Part 1100 HoursDaxmung Village110 km North-East of LhasaTibet The 5 truck convoy flanked by 3 APCs thundered in to the village square throwing the normally tranquil village of Daxmung in to a tizzy. Although the village folks were no strangers to PLA and it’s tactics of intimidation, rumours of violence in surrounding areas made […]

Vijay Divas

It was Vijay Divas today..I mean 26th AUgustThe day remembers its brave men who died in Kargil war of 1999 Heres the list of Soldiers who received Gallantry Awards. There were many others who didnt get any medal. Still, their sacrifce is as great as who did Squadron Leader Ajay Ahuja (Vir Chakra)http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ajay_Ahuja Squadron Leader […]

Capt. Vijayant Thapar

A friend just posted this linkhttp://www.captainvijyantthapar.com/ Capt. Vijay Thapar He died fighting for the country. He was 22.Heres the last letter he wrote to his family http://www.captainvijyantthapar.com/lastletter.html Heres what his father wrote Son, The brave way you left this world, at the age of 22 is a measure of how you lived your short life […]