Fight For Jammu & Kashmir: Accession To India

Continuing from previous post: Fight For Jammu & Kashmir: The Invasion On receiving the report from Mr. Menon the Government Of India felt inclined to go to the rescue of the state. But it was felt that formal accession of the State must take place before any help could be sent. So Mr. Menon flew back […]

Fight For Jammu & Kashmir: The Invasion

Continuing from previous post: Fight For Jammu & Kashmir: Role of RSS The Invasion The tribal hordes armed and supported by the Pakistan Government and led by officers of the Pakistan army that entered the State from Hazara district in the N.W.F.P. along the Abbotabad – Muzaffarabad – Domel- Srinagar road on October 21, formed […]

Fight For Jammu & Kashmir: Role of RSS

Excerpt from KASHMIR: The Storm Center of the World   by Balraj Madhok  Role of Rashtriya Swayam Sewak Sangh (R.S.S.)     Rashtriya Swayam Sewak Sangh played an important role in Kashmir in that crucial period. I had started a branch of R.S.S. in Jammu in 1940. I was then studying at Lahore. By the time […]

McLeodganj: The elusive waterfall

This is 6th post in this series of posts describing my visit  Mcleodganj. Other posts are on this link. The day begun with An joining  me for a breakfast of parantha, omelette and  tea in a small eating joint. She wanted to sample only Indian food that day. Parantha was too salty for my taste […]

McLeodganj: Never take the same path twice

Other posts in this series of posts are on this link. On day three I got out of hotel room and walked in market for a while before entering a cafe for breakfast.  Took the road to Dharmkot again and met the same man I had asked for directions in lower Dharmkot village previous day. […]

McLeodganj: Getting lost isn’t always what it seems

This is my 4th post in the series of posts describing my visit to McLeodganj. First 3 parts are in this link. After lunch of momos, I took the road to Dharmkot. It’s a steep climb for quite a distance as you may observe in the picture. After walking for a while, I  left the […]

McLeodganj: Butterflies in the land of ancient Nags

This is 3rd post in a series of posts describing my visit to Mcleodganj. You  can read previous posts on this link. Day two started with me waking up at 8 am and getting out of the hotel approximately half an hour later. Walking through the market, I came across one small restaurant named Peace […]