Pinaka – Chapter 8

While I was busy with tracking down Major and moving out to mainland when we found him, the conditions had grown more serious. Both countries were locked in a position of conflict which could only go worse and it did. As the missiles and artillery shells were slamming in to their targets in Pakistan, Indian […]

Pinaka – Chapter 7

In the meanwhile, I was doing everything I could to find missing Major and 3 days after the blast, found myself standing the stairwell of a decrepit apartment building in some city that’ll remain nameless. My contact handed me a key and walked out without staying a word. I climbed to 2nd floor, found the […]

Pinaka – Chapter 6

Rest of the story told by Major S from Defence Intelligence Agency. I was one of the men present in the debrief with Colonel. While rest of the people were left flummoxed and were running around the headless chicken, I sat and wished I had not stopped smoking. I couldn’t really call Major an old close […]

Pinaka – Chapter 3

For this mission we had to choose a small, mobile yet sufficiently armed group of men. Major wanted only 10 other men to accompany him and each one of them volunteer from our unit. Every hand went up when we were called in to CO’s office and listened of the Major’s plan to go into […]

Pinaka – Chapter 2

My first posting was in some remote corner of Assam, not far from Guwahati. Till a few years back, the area was hotbed of numerous insurgent groups due to it’s proximity with Bangladesh border. But by the time I was posted there, the terrorist movement had lost most of it’s steam. There were still a […]

Pinaka – Story Introduction & Index


UPDATE: A better edited and formatted version is available as ebook on Amazon on these links: Amazon: Patreon: Smashwords: Pothi: Google Play: You can still read the full unedited draft in the posts linked on this thread. It has several mistakes, but it is free to read. Two other stories […]