War Scenario PDF

You can download pdf of war scenario”Beginning Of the End” which I started writing in November 2010 and finished in June 2011  from www.jjamwal.in/dl/WarScenario.pdf Get the same thing in better ebook formats from Amazon at https://www.amazon.in/Jaidev-Jamwal/e/B01HKWJO7U/ref=dp_byline_cont_pop_ebooks_1 and Smashwords at https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/268865

War Scenario. Part LIV (Last)

Previous Part1015 Hours 13th November 2012 India DM finished reading the thick 100+ page file that contained bulk of agreements signed between India and China, closed his eyes and leaned back on his chair. He had been working like a mule for last two weeks and it was the first moment in many days when […]

War Scenario. Part LIII

Previous Part 0100 Hours6th November 2012Somewhere In India Just like the last time, Chinese President came to the point of interest immediately, “Mr. Angad, I must strongly protest your army’s actions in Aksai Chin and Shaksgam Valley. I thought that we had an agreement on not escalating the violence till we catch and punish the […]

War Scenario. Part LII

Previous Part 0120 Hours5 November 2012Phalcon AWACSSkies Over Laddakh The incident caused a fair amount of heart burn inside Chinese military. In spite of being stretched to the limit by Uighur and Tibetan rebels, PLA still had formidable offensive firepower at it’s disposal and Mission Controller onboard Indian Phalcon AWACS was first to notice it […]

War Scenario LI

Previous Part 1655 Hours4 November 2012Forward Army HQ Turtok, 101 KM North East of Leh Advancing Indian forces in Pak occupied Kashmir were facing logistical nightmares of highest magnitude possible. Except for occasional pot shots few left-over jihadis and defiant Paki army personnel, resistance they were facing was almost non-existent. But most of their problems […]

War Scenario. Part L

Previous Part 1155 Hours4 November 2012PPC International News In a further body blow to Pakistan, senior most leader of Baloch Nationalist Liberation Front, Gaffar Khan has declared Balochistan as an independent country. Appearing in a televised press conference in Switzerland, he declared Pakistan as a dead entity and while proclaiming Balochistan province as an independent […]

War Scenario. Part XLIX

Previous Part 0500 Hours4th November 2011Somewhere in India Defence Secretary Pillai had 24 hour access to Indian Defence Minister who was also looking over tasks of Prime Minister. PM had been operated upon to correct his heart condition and was still in ICU. Although the work load and responsibilities were enormous, DM seemed to be […]

War Scenario. Part XLVIII

Previous Part 1100 HoursMes Aynank, Afghanistan Mes Aynak in Afghanistan is 69KM South east from Kabul and 25 km from Pakistan border. It lies along the famous Silk Road and was one of the biggest Buddhist centers in Afghanistan till 7th century AD and major stronghold of Kushan empire till 4th century BC. Although it’s […]