How countries with Islam as state religion are performing

Found this interesting table  here 1) Democracy statistics are from 2) Civil liberty from 3) Political freedom statistics from 4) Press freedom statistics from,1043.html Not surprising at all

Hinduism is a Way of Life, and Life tends to be Organised Chaos

Posted by someone in BR Forums who got it in an email. Couldn’t find a source on net too. So here is it:The beauty of being a Hindu lies in your freedom to be who you want to be. Nobody can tell you what to do, or what not to do. There is no initiation […]

Balochistan Freedom Movement

Policy Matters – 8th July 2009 39:32Naseem Zehra beings a new episode of Policy Matters.Duration: 39:32Added: July 8, 2009Views: 456Added In: Policy Matters Nearly 40 minutes long talk show on some Paki channel. Baloch students tear apart Pakistan and all it’s illusions of grandeur . Download full video :