Scenario. Part IV

Previous Post (Part III) 18:00 Hours 26 Oct 2012 CIA Headquarters Langley, USA Bill Cosby, CIA’s South Asia specialist was still going over his notes when a disheveled CIA chief Richard Cobain walked in to the meeting room. He slumped into a chair closest to the door and just lay their with his eyes closed. […]

War Scenario Part III

Previous Post (Part II) 12:15 Hours 26 Oct 2012 Secret army safe house Karachi, Pakistan Lt. Zia knocked nervously on the closed door and waited for permission to enter. He had strict instructions to leave the occupants of the room in complete privacy, but owing to urgency of situation he felt he had no other […]

War Scenario Part II

Previous Post (1st) It was at this time when Mushtaq Naqvi was hurriedly called back from London to give a much needed boost to election campaign being led by his father. Mushtaq’s publicity handlers were was wise enough to cultivate his image as a suave well educated secular Muslim who cared more about Pakistan than […]

War Scenario

You can download pdf of war scenario”Beginning Of the End” renamed as “Flames and Arrows” which I started writing in November 2010 and finished in June 2011  from Get the same thing in better ebook formats from  Smashwords at  Amazon I’ve started writing a multi-front, multi-country war scenario . It’s not too […]