Defence Expo 2012. Armour by Starwire

Star Wire manufactures the following bulletproof vests and helmets along with many defensive products. Following are all made of Kevlar. First helmet looks like German helmets of WW2. The jacket and the armour plate weigh approximately 7 kg and 2 kg respectively,        

Defence Expo 2012. Unmanned BMP2 MUNTRA

Mission UNmanned Tracked or MUNTRA  is unmanned version of BMP2 consisting of two different unmanned BMPs. Muntra B is  the control vehicle from which Mantra S the unmanned surveillance  vehicle is controlled. The system has an indigenous Battle Field Surveillance Radar (BFSR), day/night camera, thermal imaging camera and a laser range finder. A variety of […]

Defence Expo 2012. Small Arms – I

This year’s expo saw major presence of small arms and accessories manufacturers including some new ones like Tata and Punj Lyod. These two Indian companies displayed accessories and guns resp. developed in joint ventures as well as in house. This is the first part of small arms photo series with weapons from Russian Izhmash and […]

Defence Expo 2012. Some interesting APCs

This Rheinmetall Weisel was a source of major confusion as a very similar vehicle was on display in TATA pavilion along with models of their wheeled and tracked Future Infantry Combat Vehicles (FICV). It caused some confusion as in my previous post I wrongly labeled the vehicle in Tata pavilion as their FICV, even when […]

Defence Expo 2012. First Pictures

Here are some of the pictures from Defence Expo 2012, New Delhi. . I have quite a few pictures, brochures and  CDs  that will take a bit of time to process and upload. Sorry for screwed up formatting of this post.  Click on pictures for higher resolution and full size.  and Next will be better. […]