Chinese Armed Forces ORBAT Part 6: Navy

chinese navy

China has invested a lot of resources and efforts on scaling up its navy in terms of quality and quantity both. Need for wide scale reforms in PLA was felt after a war with Vietnam in 1979. Gulf War of 1999 and Taiwan Strait Crisis in 1995 made CPC realise the importance of having a […]

Chinese Armed Forces ORBAT Part 5: Air Force

PLA AIR FORCE ORBAT & STRUCTURE In December 2011, PLAAF started creation of Air Brigade structure by upgrading 14 existing Air Regiment (AR) HQs and abolished 4 existing Air Division HQs. All the brigades were assigned to one of four Bases New Command Structure for fighter and ground attack aircraft is as following: PLAAF HQ […]

Chinese Armed Forces ORBAT Part 4: Rocket Forces

PLA Ballistic missiles

Formerly the 2nd Artillery Corps, PLA Rocket Force is now considered a separate service branch in itself with 90,000 to 1,20,000 personnel. It seems like TCs in their respective areas may command some of the resources of certain units belonging to PLARF. Its HQ is located at the Qinghe Compound in Beijing and is commanded […]

Chinese Armed Forces ORBAT Part 3: Ground Forces

Chinese PLA ground forces

Following is the list of PLA ground forces divided among five different Theater Commands. Some of these TCs command a few independent brigades, divisions and even regiments in addition to regular Combined Arms Brigades. The data is collected from multiple sources which will be presented in the last post of this series. In addition to […]

Chinese Armed Forces ORBAT Part 2: Composition Of Ground Forces

PLA has changed it’s command structure from Group Army, Division, Regiment to one comprising of  Group Army, Brigades and Battalions. Each of five Theater Commands has 2-3 Group Armies (total of 13) under its control which in turn have 4-6 CABs in combat and 4-7 brigades and independent battalions in supporting roles. Some of TCs […]

Chinese Armed Forces ORBAT Part 1 :Reorganisation of Chinese Military

In 2017, 18 Group Armies (GA, similar to Corps in other militaries) were reorganised into 13 GAs. Air Force, Navy, Rocket forces are being included in these new GAs under new designations. Previously 7 Military Regions(MR) have been converted into five Theater Commands (TC) Northern, Southern, Central, Eastern and Western.  Space, Cyber and Electronic warfare […]

Order of Battle of Chinese Armed Forces

I started researching about ORBAT (Order of Battle) of India, China and Pakistan in earnest after I started writing a military thriller Kaalkut. My aim at first was just to get a somewhat detailed idea of the forces which could be used to write a realistic scenario, but it turned in to a detailed project […]

Video of Chinese PLA officers diplaying Wolf Warrior diplomacy against Indian soldiers at Indo-China border

India and China share a long, mountainous border with very difficult terrain which makes it difficult to manage and monitor. Chinese claims that huge parts of territory under Indian control including Laddakh, Sikkim, Arunachal Pradesh and Bhutan belong to them. They already occupy part of Laddakh after a war and illegal territory transfer by Pakistan.Apart […]