Indian Weapon System E-Book

I’ve compiled data about Indian weapons displayed in various info-boards and brochures from Def Expo 2010 in a single file. Except for missiles and INSAS, I’ve tried to include every weapon. I hope it can be of some use to newbies. It’s still kind of rough draft. I’d welcome any corrections or suggestions about adding […]

Defence Section in IITF 2009

I took these photos in Defence Pavillion of IITF 2009, New Delhi using a camera phone. Quality isn’t great. :( Light Combat Aircraft – Tejas Light Combat Aircraft – Tejas Light COmbat Aircraft – Tejas Astra AAM BrahMos Cruise missile and Akash SAM BrahMos Cruise Missile and Akash SAM Astra AAM Prithvi and Agni Ballistic […]