Autopwn Automation of FastTrack Bug

Seems like there’ve been some minor changes in the MetaSploit Framework 3. One of the effects is that the the Autopwn Automation of FastTrack is not working. Running the script gives the following error: . . msf > load db_sqlite3 [-] [-] The functionality previously provided by this plugin has been [-] integrated into the […]

Experience with BackTrack 3(Linux)

Using linux (BackTrack) is proving to be a real learning expereince. I always wanted to use Linux instead of Windows as my  primary OS. I tried shifting to linux many times in the past. tried using Xandros, Ubuntu, Red Hat and some more flavours. but couldnt get anything done with them. Not that they were […]

BackTrack Installed

Finally managed to install BackTrack 3 on my PC today. it was really hard work..but did it somehow. Don’t know if this text  is going to make sense to anybody or are the details: Configuration of my PC: Intel Pentium 2.66GhzAsus P5RDVM Motherboard with X900 ChipsetXFX’s NVidia 6200TC Card(But using 8400 currently)512MB RAMOne 100MB […]

Backtrack Fixed

Finally, I got Backtrack up in VMware witha wroking internet connection Great :D Heres what happened. This is the stuff that I posted in BackTrack forums. 1st Post MY PC config is 2.66GHz P-!V512MB RAMnVidia 6200TC (64MB onboard + 64 MB shared RAM)Onboard ULi PCI Fast Ethernet ControllerOnboard Soundmax HD Audio COntroller2 Hard discs (Both […]