Order of Battle of Chinese Armed Forces

I started researching about ORBAT (Order of Battle) of India, China and Pakistan in earnest after I started writing a military thriller Kaalkut. My aim at first was just to get a somewhat detailed idea of the forces which could be used to write a realistic scenario, but it turned in to a detailed project […]

Kaalkut. Chapter 25

29 May 2020 19:10 Hours IST New Delhi, India PM Bisht was about to leave for his home after a long day in the office. His security detail was going over the last minute checks as he waited inside the air-conditioned office avoiding the humid weather. There was a knock on his door and chief […]

Kaalkut. Chapter 24.

16 April 2020 Beijing. Sachin Kumar was happy that he had managed to take a day off to see the city and take some pictures after a long time. He had bought his Canon mirrorless DSLR few months back after he was posted to the Indian consulate in Beijing. After settling in his work routine, […]

Lessons for India about drone warfare in Armenia-Azerbaijan conflict

Few thoughts over so much “analysis” of Armenia-Azerbaijan war, effect of drones on modern warfare & how it figures in Indian context. First, Armenia which was on receiving end: 1. Armenia had only ancient Soviet era defense systems  Strela, Buk & Osa, that too in very small numbers spread over a very large area. Their […]

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