Nuclear Strike – Mission 1: Delta River. With all cutscenes and other videos.

Nuclear Strike game was launched for Sony’s Play Station in 1997. The player controls a variety of helicopters, Harrier jump jets and some ground vehicles like hovercraft to fight a bunch of warlords and mercenaries while trying to prevent a nuclear war.

There are multiple well designed characters in the team, part of a special force called STRIKE. The cut scenes, weapon descriptions and production quality of the game was amazing for its time and it feels pretty good even 24 years later. Nearly all the weapons, characters and missions have  well scripted animations and videos which was quite rare in video games.

It is a continuation of the Strike series which included games with somewhat similar mechanics like Soviet Strike and Desert Strike.  Of previous parts, I have only played Desert Strike for a bit. In the first mission in a fictional south-east Asian country called Indocine, the player starts with a Super Apache and then has to shift to a heavily armed Huey later. Although not used in this playthrough, a hovercraft is also available which is quite fun to use.

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