Chinese Armed Forces ORBAT Part 8: JLSF, SSF, PAP, Military Factories and Badges


These are flags, badges and insignias of various branches of PLA. Some of the patches may be just creations of enthusiasts, rest are real.

People’s Liberation ArmyPLA Navy EnsignPLA Air Force FlagPLA Army Flag
People’s Armed Police FlagPLA Rocket Force FlagChinese Marine CorpsPLA Sign
Chinese Coast Guard EmblemPeople’s Armed Police Cap InsigniaPLA navy EmblemPLA Strategic Support Force Badge
PLA Army EmblemPLA Air Force EmblemPLA Rocket Force EmblemNorth Sea Navy Fleet
PAP ArmbandPLA Navy Submarine ForcePLA Air ForcePLA Navy
JLSF 6th Army Jinan Military Region Eagle Special Forces 
PLA Special Forces Sniper Training Team Patch.6th Tank Division Reconnaissance Battalion PatchPLA Army Special Forces Combat AcademyPLA Hong Kong Garrison
China Heilongjiang Province CAPF Tiger Commando UnitPLA AF 14th Division Troops 20th SP Howitzers Group, Truck Self-Propelled Artillery38th Army Group Special Operations Brigade (Whistling Arrow, Beijing Military Region)
58th Combined Arms Brigade112nd Combined Arms Brigade118th Combined Arms Brigade
127th Combined Arms Brigade
162nd Combined Arms Brigade71st Group Army,Ocean Shark Special Forces BrigadePLA Navy Marine Patch,Yellow EdgeBeijing Military Region Armoured Force 
81st Division Airborne Armoured Force Patch PLAAnti-Aircraft Missiles Force HQ-7B 18th SAM Brigade
Anti-Aircraft Missiles Brigade PLA Air Force Anti-aircraft Missile TroopsPLA Air Force Anti-aircraft Missiles 6th Division PLA Air Force SAM Unit HQ-9 
Air Force Transport Troops AirborneAirbornePLA AirborneSpecial Forces
PLA CommandoPLA Army Special Forces Black Leopard Commando Unit PLA Guangzhou Military Region Southland Sword Special Forces 
PLA Airborne Troops Commandos Unit
Inner Mongolia CAPF Cang Wolf Commando Unit PatchJinan Military Region Eagle Special Forces Scout Army Nanjing Military Region Fly Dragon Special ForcesArmy Sharp Knife 4th Company, Airborne Special Forces
PAP Specia lForcesPLA 2nd Artillery Eagle and Sharp Sword Special ForcesArmy Special Forces Scout PLA Special Forces Sniper Wolf
Central Military BandElectronic Countermeasures Unit of Armoured Forces PLA 31st Army Fly Dragon Special Forces Airborne TrainingArmy 81192 Thunder Special Forces
PLA Army Aviation WZ-10,Sky Commando BrigadePLA Army Plateau Snow Leopard Special Forces PLA Army Red Arrows Special Forces PLA Army Special Forces
PLA Army Special Forces Second Team WolfPLA Army Special Forces Sniper Tiger PatchPLA Army Special Forces Vanquishing Devil PatchPLA Army Special Forces Wolf 3rd Company
PLA Army Thunderbolt Special ForcesPLA 16th Group Army,Blood Wolf Special ForcesPLA Army,Snowy Field Lion,Fierce Tiger Special Forces Beijing Military Region Special Forces Sniper 
Chengdu Military Region Army Cheetah CommandoChengdu Military Region Falcon Special Forces PLA Navy Marines Special Forces Flood Dragon Commando PLA Navy Marine First Brigade Commando 
PLA Special Forces ScoutShanghai City China PLA Special ForcesAirborne Shoulder patchPLA Xinjiang Military Region Sky-Wolf Special Forces 
PLA Special Forces Scout WolfPLA Special Forces Sniper PLA Special Forces Sniper Training TeamPLA Sword Special Forces Patch
PLA Tiger Shark Special ForcesYang Gensi Tank TroopsPLA Reserve ForcesNanjing Political College award pin – qualification – alumni
PLA SSF arm bandPLA medicGeneral Political Department  Service uniform General Political Department Dress Uniform 2007

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