Chinese Armed Forces ORBAT Part 4: Rocket Forces

PLA Ballistic missiles

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Formerly 2nd Artillery Corps, PLA Rocket Force is now considered a separate service branch in itself with 90,000 to 1,20,000 personnel. Its HQ is located at the Qinghe Compound in Beijing. This command is led by a full general and theatre leader grade officer is assigned as Political Commissar. 9 Army Leader and Deputy Leader grade officers command 9 bases (or armies) numbered 61-69 with subordinate launch brigades and regiments. 

FlagArm BadgeEmblem
IMAGE: Insignias of PLA Rocket Force

Each of PLARF bases acts as its equivalent theatre command post and the conventional missile strikes can be part of a joint campaign and in some cases, independently too. Some of the PLARF’s joint operations offices are designated as “theater conventional missile sub-command centres,”.  There are some sources which indicate that a few PLARF units armed with conventional SRBMs and LACMs may be assigned to respective TCs. But nuclear tipped missiles are likely to be outside this command and control structure with CMC controlling them directly.  One likely reason that PLARF Bases are not given status of full fledged Theatre Rocket Forces like land, naval and air forces is its smaller size. With just six launch brigades and 5-6 support regiments, PLARF Bases are not big enough to be considered a TC level unit.  

 IMAGE: Service branch components of the Eastern TC. “Rocket Force Bases” are listed alongside the “Theatre Army,” “Theatre Navy,” & “Theatre Air Force.” From CCTV-7
 IMAGE: Service branch components of the Eastern TC. “Rocket Force Bases” are listed alongside the “Theatre Army,” “Theatre Navy,” & “Theatre Air Force.” From CCTV-7

 Between 2001 and 2010, 11 new PLARF units were raised making it one of fastest growing service arms. For comparison, only four new brigades were raised between 1980 and 2000.

Missile Base Structure: 

IMAGE : PLA Rocket Force Base Structure

PLARF has 9 “bases” with units spread across the whole country. Each such base has a local HQ with multiple launch units. Each brigade may have hundreds or just a handful of missiles depending upon its role. Conventional missile brigades usually have a larger number of missiles with up to 30-36 launchers with 2-6 missiles on each. Nuclear missile brigades usually have 6-8 missile launchers or silos or cave sites. A list of such possible sites for storage, assembly, launch and testing for missiles with conventional as well as nuclear warheads is provided later in the chapter.

Each Missile Brigade in turn usually has 4-6 Launch Battalions with each consisting of usually 2 Launch Companies and some Support Battalions which include Communications, Comprehensive Support, Operational Support and Technical (can be two Tech Battalions in some cases). Some Missile Brigades may have Telemetry and ECM Battalions. ICBM brigades will have 6-12 launchers, 12-24 for MRBM, 18-36 for IRBM and 36-48 for Cruise Missiles and SRBMs.

NOTE: It’s not clear whether anti-satellite and BMD assets are with PLARF or SSF.

List of Missile Bases

PLARF has 9 bases as of 2021-22. Base 61, 63 64, 66, and 69 are Corps Grade and 62, 65, 67 and 68 are Corps Deputy Leader grade

PLARF HQBeijing40° 2’11.47″N116°19’12.21″E
Base 61Hongxing Road, Yanghu Town, Huangshan City, Anhu9615129°41’39.62″N118°17’58.92″EBase 52.96151Taiwan centric, has one additional UAV Regiment
611 BrigadeDF-21A*Xinhe Town, Qingyang9671130°41’37.40″N117°53’58.06″E80796161
612 BrigadeDF-21A*Bayi Road, Leping City, Jingdezhen9671228°58’50.47″N117° 7’14.33″E81196163
613 BrigadeDF-15BFantou Village, Shangrao9671328°28’29.42″N117°53’43.31″E81596165
614 BrigadeDF-11ALinggan Village, Yon’gan9671426° 3’35.47″N117°18’54.62″E81796167
615 BrigadeDF-11ANankou Town, Meixian9671524°16’58.61″N115°58’14.62″E81896169
616 BrigadeDF-15BShangyou Road, Zhanggong9671625°50’2.00″N114°54’35.50″E81996162
617 BrigadeDF-15/DF-16ALuodian Town, Wucheng9671729° 8’50.72″N119°37’0.01″E82096164
Base 62Gongjia Village, Guandu9660224°59’34.36″N102°49’59.93″EFormer Base 5396201Dual role IRBM
621 BrigadeDF-21A**Yibin.9672128°45’38.72″N104°47’28.79″E80296211
622 BrigadeDF-31A*Chima Village, Hongta9672224°21’37.35″N102°29’38.68″E80896213
623 BrigadeDH-10AGuandong Road, Yufeng9672324°23’8.85″N109°34’21.51″E82196215
624 BrigadeDF-21DDanzhou, Hainan9672419°28’19.38″N109°27’25.17″E82596219
625 BrigadeDF-21^**Jianshui.9672523°44’19.40″N102°52’18.39″E96316
626 BrigadeDF-21C/D, DF-26^**Yangmeliao, Qingcheng District, Qingyuan9672623°41’2.06″N113°10’35.23″E828^ or 82596319
627 Brigade^^^Puning9672723°24’55.31″N116°10’48.09″E
Base 63Shimen, Hecheng District, Huaihua9660327°34’31.70″N110° 1’29.91″EBase 5596301Nuclear ICBMs in atleast 3 brigades
631 BrigadeDF-5B*Erliangting Village, Jingzhou Miao and Dong9673126°34’44.78″N109°40’15.84″E80396311
632 BrigadeDF-31*Guangyu Village, Beita District, Shaoyang9673227°15’8.62″N111°23’12.29″E80596313
633 BrigadeDF-5A.Zushanjiao, Huitong County, Huaihua9673326°53’37.39″N109°44’20.16″E81496315
634 BrigadeTongdao9673426° 8’50.64″N109°46’24.65″E
635 BrigadeDH-10Yuanzhou District, Yichun9673527°53’12.79″N114°23’10.68″E82496317
636 BrigadeDF-16Shaoguan.9673624°45’25.09″N113°40’43.47″E82696318
637 BrigadeDF-26C^9673796737
Base 64Lanzhou9660435°56’20.38″N104° 0’41.81″EBase 56963514 road mobile nuclear tipped ICBMs, 1 brigade is dual-role.
641 BrigadeDF-31*Hanyuan Road, Hancheng9674135°28’31.99″N110°26’48.45″E80396111
642 BrigadeDF-31A*Bayi Road, Datong Hui and Tu9674236°56’51.22″N101°40’1.92″E80996361
643 Brigade,DF-31A*Shiziping Village, Maiji District, Tianshui9674334°31’47.33″N105°54’48.53″E81296363
644 Brigade,DF-41*Hanzhong9674433° 7’58.64″N106°56’2.08″E
645 BrigadeYinchuan^9674538°35’36.41″N106°13’31.07″ENew
646 BrigadeDF-21B/C??**South Ring Road, Korla City, Bayingoleng9674641°41’30.33″N86°10’14.16″E82396365
647 Brigade^Xining96747
Base 65Shanggangzi, Huanggu District, Shenyang9660541°51’29.60″N123°26’59.29″EBase 51962512 road-mobile nuclear brigades, 1 ICBM ane IRBM & 1 dual role IRBM brigade.
651 Brigade^DF-21*Zhengyang, Jinzhou District, Dalian9675139°18’10.35″N122° 3’54.38″E81096261/96113
652 BrigadeDF-21C/D or DF-31^*Jinchang Village, Dongchang District, Tonghua9675241°40’2.26″N125°57’23.82″E81696115
653 BrigadeDF-21C/D or DF-31^Pangjialing, Laicheng District, Laiwu9675336°14’3.10″N117°42’53.96″E82296117
654 Brigade^DF-26**Dalian96754
655 Brigade^Tonghua^9675541°45’36.35″N125°59’23.87″E
656 Brigade.Laiwu^9675696267
Base 66Lichun West Road, Jianxi District, Luoyang9660634°38’28.06″N112°22’56.04″EBase 54962514 brigades are nuclear ICBMs, 2 of which are road mobile.1 IRBM brigade is dual role.
661 BrigadeDF-5B*Huanghe Road, Lingbao9676134° 1’58.55″N111° 1’24.66″E80196117
662 Brigade^DF-4 or DF-5A*Xihe Village, Luanchuan County, Luoyang9676233°47’23.87″N111°35’23.74″E80496263
663 BrigadeDF-31A*Wangcun Township, Wolong District, Nanyang9676333° 0’47.43″N112°24’52.42″E81396265
664 BrigadeDF-31AG*Gantang, Luoyang.9676434°32’36.63″N112° 8’49.69″E
665 Brigade.Weihui9676535°18’17.89″N113°49’42.58″ENew
666 BrigadeDF-26**Xinyang.9676632°10’3.27″N114° 7’32.83″E82796727
Base 67Baoguang Road, Weibin District, Baoji34°20’56.36″N107° 9’45.68″EStorage, distribution and oversight of nuclear warheads. Also commands a nuclear weapons storage complex at Taibai.
67 Storage?Taibai33°52’51.28″N107°15’13.03″EStorage and handling of Nuclear warheads
Base 68Junmin Road, Luolong District, Luoyang34°39’38.37″N112°28’19.41″E96531Construction of physical infra.
1st Engg Brigade^Maying Village, Yichuan County, Luoyang or Baoji34°32’0.42″N112°27’14.09″E96542
2nd Engg Brigade^Baiying, Luolong District, Luoyang or Putian34°35’30.10″N112°20’29.71″E96544
3rd Engg BrigadeShiyao Village, Yichuan County, Luoyang34°26’19.85″N112°24’59.00″E96546
4th Engg BrigadeLuoyang
5th Engg BrigadeLuoyang
6th Engg BrigadeBeijing
Base 69^Yinchuan, Alxa38°35’54.69″N106°13’33.44″E
1st T&T District^Alxa38°51’7.37″N105°42’53.37″E
2nd T&T DistrictBaishan
3rd T&T DistrictDelingha
4th T&T DistrictGuiyang
OPFOR RegmBaishan
TABLE: : PLA Rocket Force Bases and Brigades

*-Nuclear. **-Dual role

Tactical Training Base^Jingyu County, Baishan9645142°18’59.88″N126°54’25.63″E
Comprehensive Training Base^Xuanhua District, Zhangjiakou9662540°37’19.70″N115°2’15.70″E
Delingha Support/Training^Tianjun West Road, Hexi, Delingha9636737°21’33.88″N97°21’45.74″E
Training Base^Xinying Village, Hantai9652033°7’47.71″N106°56’25.66″E
107th Engineering Regiment^^Baoji, Shaanxi9651634°25’1.89″N107°13’46.33″E
252nd Engineering Regiment^Yantan, Hecheng9651827°34’12.40″N110°1’9.49″E
304th Engineering RegimentHuaihua9678327°32’36.13″N110°0’23.61″EOr 96512 Unit Dangjiabao, Chencang
308th Engineering Regiment^Minzhu Street, Hantai9650133°4’7.63″N107°0’34.58″E
312nd Engineering Regiment^Laidian Town, Xianyou9651425°19’2.43″N118°42’51.09″E
Comms Unit^Lijiaba, Xixiang County, Hanzhong9664632°58’8.94″N107°45’41.83″E
61 Testing ^Chizhou, Anhui9616630°37’48.33″N117°28’46.54″E
61 Technical Support RegimentLalishan Road, Zhushan District, Jingdezhen96815/9617228°39’25.07″N118°17’17.94″E
61 Comprehensive Support RegimentWucheng Road, Xiuning County, Huangshan96813 or 96814or 9617429°47’45.60″N118°10’53.24″E
61 Missile Component Depot^Xiashan Village, Shangrao96815/9617628°28’55.11″N117°54’7.39″E
61 Training RegShanqianzhang, Jiangshan9617128°40’7.48″N118°30’48.66″E
61 Operations Support Regiment^Huangshan^34°3’2.05″N111°2’4.05″E
61 UAV Support Regiment^Dongyang?25°19’10.66″N118°42’53.15″E
61 Comms Unit^Qiayang Road, Tunxi District, Huangshan City, Anhui9617529°41’29.95″N118°18’53.28″E
61 Equipment Inspection UnitHuangnitou Village, Zhushan District, Jingdezhen29°18’50.54″N117°16’21.78″E
62 Comms Unit^Ganhaizi, Guandu9622525°0’22.52″N102°50’11.81″E
62 Operations Support Regiment^Kunming9683225°0’15.56″N102°50’1.86″E
62 Equipment Inspection RegimentMile9603224°23’53.13″N103°25’52.42″E
62 Training RegZhengjiawa, Chuxiong9622125°4’45.14″N101°28’34.48″E
62 Technical Support RegimentChenggong District, Kunming9622224°52’0.85″N102°53’33.36″E
62 Equipment Inspection RegJishan South Road, Mile City, Honghe9622324°23’53.10″N103°25’51.07″E
62 Comprehensive Support RegKunming
63 Technical Support RegimentJingzhou9685326°38’47.04″N109°41’22.93″E
Tongdao Rail-to-Road TransferJingzhou County, Huaihua City26°38’47.33″N109°41’28.07″E
63 Equipment Inspection RegimentTianxing East Road, Hecheng District, Huaihua96033/9632327°32’16.32″N109°59’7.07″E
63 Training RegHuishui Village, Dongkou County, Shaoyang9632127°1’59.64″N110°32’30.67″E
63 Repair^Jinhai Road, Hecheng District, Huaihua9632427°34’41.11″N110°2’50.76″E
63 Communications Reg^Shimen Township, Hecheng District, Huaihua9632527°34’38.01″N110°1’24.83″E
63 Service RegHuaihua
64 Training^Xining96367^
64 Training Reg^Shangwuzhuang Town, Huangzhong County, Xining9637136°50’25.96″N101°23’15.29″E
64 Technical Support Reg^Yangquan Village, Huangzhong County, Xining9637236°38’13.04″N101°30’49.62″E
64 Comprehensive Support RegXining9684436°39’33.46″N101°41’2.71″E
64 Communications Reg^Huangzhong Road, Xining9637536°36’1.99″N101°47’15.24″E
64 Operations Support RegLanzhou
64 Equipment Inspection BrigadeShangwuzhuang Town, Huangzhong County, Xining9637336°51’14.91″N101°22’35.24″E
64 Repair^Qaidam Road, Chengbei District, Xining96374/9684436°40’37.57″N101°38’4.41″E
64 Jilantai Training/Testing AreaAlxa, Inner Mongolia39°51’26.64″N105°34’55.40″EDF-26 Missile testing
65 Comprehensive Support RegimentTonghua9685441°43’50.56″N125°57’58.03″E
65 Equipment Inspection RegimentTonghua9603541°35’59.80″N126°14’54.38″E
65 Operations Support RegShenyang
65 Training RegPanjin
65 Communications RegShenyang
65 Training^Qingzhou36°36’3.96″N118°28’54.48″E
66 Training RegLuoyang
66 Comms RegLuoyang
66 Operations Support RegLuoyang
66 Comprehensive Support RegimentLuoyang
66 Tonghua Rail to Road TransferTonghua41°35’58.55″N126°15’1.66″E
66 Loading Unit^Guosong Town, Tonghua41°35’59.69″N126°14’58.03″E
66 Technical Support RegimentHuanggou, Dongchang District, Tonghua41°38’2.88″N125°59’43.95″E
66 Equipment Inspection RegimentSanmenxia
1st Installation Engineering BrigadeLuoyang^9688134°41’13.19″N112°24’37.11″E
67 Training RegTaibai County, Baoji City, Shaanxi
67 Training^^
67 Technical Service BrigadeBaoji, Shaanxi
67 Loading/Testing Unit
67 Early Warning
67 Vehicles Repair^Baoji, Shaanxi
67 Communications RegWeibin, Baoji
67 Operations Support RegBaoji
67 Equipment Inspection BrigadeJunmin Road, Taibai County, Baoji, Shaanxi34°3’21.02″N107°19’41.50″E
67 Comprehensive Support RegimentBaoji
67 Air Defence RegBaoji
67 ECM RegNanchang
67 Equipment Transport RegBaoji, Shaanxi
67 Emergency Management GroupBaoji
67 Unknown unitLuzhou96038
68 Training RegLuoyang
68 Comprehensive Support RegimentLuoyang
68 Comms RegXiangyang Village, Hubin34°47’42.11″N111°10’56.73″E
68 Loading/Testing Group^Jinguyuan West Road, Xigong District, Luoyang34°41’12.47″N112°24’30.86″E
68 Mobile Communications RegNanchang
68 Eng Support RegHanzhong
68 Comprehensive Support RegimentLuoyang
Xi’an Rail-Road transfer34°18’39.52″N109°6’59.84″E
Recruit TrainingJilin, Baishan
Recruit TrainingSanmenxia, Henan
Training site^Xujiaying Village, Luolong District, Luoyang34°36’51.91″N112°22’4.14″E
69 Missile Test RangeDelingha37°29’8.28″N97°1’27.05″E
69 Measurement &Control RegAxla
69 Measurement &Control Group^Shuangilao
Other units 96795,96796, 96893, 96894, 96895, 96898, 98899
Beijing Xinghang Electromechanical Equipment FactoryFeng Tai Qu, Beijing39°47’12.11″N116°9’31.16″EDF-26 Manufacturing Plant
Possible missile storage/testing siteHaerwuzhuer, Ji Natai39°43’55.36″N105°30’24.87″E
Table: PLARF Support Units

Training siteJi Lantai39°39’14.40″N105°31’4.80″E
Delingha Tunnel 1Tibet37°29’17.70″N97°20’41.25″EDelingha Tunnels Support Facility and possible missile storage
Delingha Tunnel 2Tibet37°34’35.79″N97°47’53.13″EDelingha Tunnels Support Facility and possible missile storage
Delingha missile storageTibet37°23’12.38″N97°22’47.71″E
Delingha Launch Sites 1Tibet37°24’3.89″N97°15’7.68″E
Delingha Launch Sites 2Tibet37°24’41.76″N97° 1’51.58″E
Delingha Launch Sites 3Tibet37°25’43.21″N96°50’21.98″E
Da Qaidam Launch Area38° 1’40.35″N95° 1’20.06″E
Mahai38° 2’53.61″N94°31’54.24″E
Jingxian Cave 1Nunnery Bian26°36’14.97″N109°45’50.91″EPossible storage and handling
Jingxian Cave 2Road Chong26°42’47.76″N109°41’44.95″EPossible storage and handling
Jingxian Cave 3Baigou26°35’47.52″N109°50’5.91″E
Lushi cave 1^Jinshancun35°58’48.38″N111°10’45.99″E
Lushi Cave 2Baogou34°12’59.20″N110°58’12.73″ECave or support facility
Lushi cave 3^Heishanmiao34° 7’2.21″N111° 0’17.46″E
Lushi cave 4Shuiquan34°13’55.27″N110°59’53.12″E
Kunming Missile Storage^Huangtu Pocun24°58’6.21″N102°54’12.95″E
ShuangchengziHedongli40°25’47.28″N99°50’49.10″EStorage, Also has airbase
Sundian Cave Storage 1Zhouzhuang33°45’56.11″N112° 9’42.45″EStorage
Sundian Cave Storage Support 1Shaling33°45’45.53″N112°12’29.22″EStorage
Tongdao CaveChangcha26°11’15.33″N109°53’36.47″EStorage^
Tongdao SSM Support Area AGengchong26°16’6.43″N109°55’30.50″EMissile storage and support
Tonghua 2Xiaochang Chonggouli41°33’12.11″N126°14’42.44″EPossible storage and transfer point. Had CSS-1 and 2
Tonghua 3Toudao Gangouzi41°51’38.67″N125°44’7.81″EStorage, rail to road transfer point , servicing
Xuanhua Missile SiteSifabgtaicun40°38’59.77″N115° 2’34.02″EStorage and loading since 1967
Xicun Storage^Uxxaktal, Malan42°11’38.86″N87° 9’47.34″EAir Base and Weapons Storage
ICBM Silos^Hanggin Banner, Ordos City, Inner Mongolia40°14’38.46″N108°14’3.98″EPossible missile silos
2nd Artillery Corps Research ComplexBeijing40° 2’26.01″N116°19’13.83″E
Batou Nuclear Fuel Component PlantButai40°35’32.08109°47’55.30
Chengdu Uranium Enrichment FacilityChengdu30°39’8.81″N104° 3’43.53″E
Chinese Academy of Engineering PhysicsJichujiaoyu31°30’24.40″104°45’25.79Jichujiaoyu CenterNuclear research, warhead storage or40° 4’23.70″N or 116°15’19.63″E
China Institute of Atomic EnergyTuoli39°44’51.86″N116° 2’48.03″E
Guangyuan Plutonium production reactor32°29’42.42″N105°35’24.05″E600 MWt.
Hanzhong Uranium Enrichment Plant33°15’47.70” N107°25’52.74” ECNNC Shaanxi Uranium Enrichment Co. Ltd. or Plant 405
Heiping Uranium Enrichment Facility 1Jinkouhe district, Leshan city29°14’11.77″N103° 3’40.08″EPlant 814Produces Uranium and Tritium
Heiping Uranium Enrichment Facility 2Yucun, Emeishan city29°40’26.12″N103°32’12.11″EPlant 814Produces Uranium and Tritium
Hsin-ko-erh testing site41°33’55.31″N88°42’57.26″EVertical shafts nuclear test site
Jiuquan Pu ProcessingJiuquan40°13’23.48″N97°21’20.23″E
Jiuquan Atomic Energy Complex,Jiuquan40°10’54.08” N97°16’52.27” EPlutonium processing300-400kg/year
Jiuquan Pu reactorJiuquan40°13’13.62″N97°21’19.14″E
Koko Nor complexHaiyan.36°57’42.01” N100°53’48.50” ENorthwest Nuclear Weapons Research and Design Academy,Fabrication and stockpile
Koko Nor Fabrication complexHaiyan.36°56’32.44″N100°55’20.46″E
Lanzhou Uranium Enrichment Plant:36°08’53.30” N103°31’24.49” Egaseous diffusion facility and centrifugefacilities organized into four projects
Po-cheng-tzu testing site41°41’46.63” N88°22’55.62” EHorizontal shafts nuclear test site
Yibin Nuclear Fuels FactoryYibin28°45’23.88104°38’16.82Plutonium, Tritium & Li-6
Table: PLA missile storage & testing sites

Chinese Missiles

Chinese space and missile sector are dominated by two state owned companies, China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation Limited (CASC) and China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation Limited (CASC).Board of Directors of both these organisations serve as senior leaders of corporation’s Party Group. Chairman of the Board serves as Party Secretary and CCP officials take part in board meetings. There are multiple laboratories, academies, institutes and factories under the two companies with their own respective specialisations. It has to be noted that while there are a few such establishments which are purely military in nature, there are still many which work in military as well as civilian fields. With significant overlap in commerce or science oriented space program and missile technologies, there are many establishments which work with dual-role technologies.

CASC 1st AcademyTongji N Rd, Daxing District, BeijingLaunch vehicles, ballistic missiles, systems integrator39°48’11.17″N116°31’5.10″EChina Academyof Launch VehicleTechnology (CALT)
CASC 4th AcademyXi’anLarge solid rocket motors34°18’10.17″N109° 7’3.54″EAcademy of AerospaceSolid PropulsionTechnology (AASPT)
CASC 6thAcademyXi’anLiquid propulsion systems34° 9’57.61″N108°57’26.64″EAcademy of AerospaceSolid PropulsionTechnology (AASPT)
CASC 8thAcademy
CASC 9thAcademy
CASIC 4thAcademyWuhanTactical ballistic missiles system integratorAcademy of AerospaceSolid PropulsionTechnology (AASPT)
CASIC 6thAcademyBaotouTactical solid rocket motors.Academy of AerospaceSolid PropulsionTechnology (AASPT)
Tai’an Special VehicleTaishan36° 6’10.65″N117° 7’45.83″ETEL vehicles for DF-31AG and DF-41
Factory 211Fengtai, BeijingCryogenic rocket enginesUnder CASC 1st AcademyCapital Astronautics Machinery Co
14th Research InstituteRe-entry vehicles developmentUnder CASC 1stBeijing Institute of Space Long March Vehicle
Hubei Spaceflight Vehicle Research InstituteUnder CASC 1st
702nd Research InstituteFengtai, BeijingThermal testing of missile & rocket componentsUnder CASC 1stBeijing Institute of Structural and Environmental Engineering
703rd Research Institute2nd & 3rd stage enginesUnder CASC 1stAerospace Research Institute of Materials & Processing Technology
15th Research InstituteTEL & Support vehiclesUnder CASC 1stBeijing Aerospace Launch Technology Research Institute
800th Research InstituteNantong, JiangsuAlloysUnder CASC 8th
Factory 519Beijing and Changzhi, ShanxiAssembly of TEL and support vehiclesUnder CASC 1st and 5thBeijing Aerospace Launch Technology Research Institute
Tai’an Aerospace Special Vehicle CompanTai’an, ShandongTEL and support vehiclesUnder CASC 1st
11th Research InstituteHydrogen-Oxygen & other liquid fuel enginesUnder CASC 1st, works with 6thBeijing Aerospace Propulsion Institute
12th Research InstituteSmart rockets guidanceUnder CASC 1stBeijing Aerospace Automatic Control Research Institute
18th Research InstituteServo and hydraulic controlUnder CASC 1stMerged with Factory 811Beijing Research Institute of Precise Mechatronic Controls
41st Research InstituteXi’anSolid fuel rocket engines designUnder CASC 4thShaanxi Power Machinery Institute
42nd Research InstituteSolid rocket propellantUnder CASC 4thHubei Red Star Chemical Research Institute
401st Research InstituteSolid fuel rocket enginesUnder CASC 4thXi’an Aerospace Power Measurement and ControlTechnology Institute
Factory 7414Machining solid fuel rocket componentsUnder CASC 4thXi’an Space Propulsion Machinery Factory
Factory 7416Baqiao DistrictSolid rocket engine assembly and preparationUnder CASC 4thXi’an Aerospace Chemical Power Plant
^^ LabHubei provinceDigital designUnder CASC 4th, 9th Dept
4th Design DepartmentSolid fuel BM designUnder CASIC 4thBeijing Mechanical and Electrical Engineering GeneralDesign Department
Jiangbei FactorySolid rocket engine manufacturingUnder CASIC 4th
Jianghe FactoryUnder CASIC 4thChemical Power Technology Institute
43rd Research InstituteComposite materialsUnder CASIC 4thAerospace Composite Materials Research Institute
17th Research InstituteMuxidi, BeijingControl systems, guidance, C$ISRUnder CASIC 4thBeijing Institute of Control and Electronic Technology
Xiafeng FactoryMissile guidance radarsUnder CASIC 4thInstitute of Microwave and Guidance Technology
Factory 816Henan, Luoyang96521
Hongfeng FactoryInertial systemsUnder CASIC 4thControl Equipment Research Institute
Hongling FactoryFormer part of 9th Academy, now with CASIC 4th.Missile Fuse Institute
Factory 307NanjingAssembly of JL-1. DF-21C/D Ground vehiclesUnder CASIC 4thNanjing Chenguang Group Co. Ltd
Wanfeng FactoryXiaongan, HubeiMissile launch & ground equipmentUnder CASIC 4th
Wanshan FactoryXiaoganMissile transportUnder CASIC 4th
Changyang Space CityFangshan, BeijingFinal assembly of missilesCASIC 4th’s 4th Design Dept & Anlong group
Yongding Avenue, BeijingCASIC 4th’s 4th Design DeptCore Research Centre,
Mentougou, BeijingCASIC 4th’s 4th Design DeptTesting & Trial Production
Laishui, BeijingCASIC 4th’s 4th Design DeptIndustrial Zone
CASIC 4th’s 4th Design DeptSupercomputing Centre
Fangshan, BeijingCASIC 4th’s 4th Design DeptMilitary-Civil Fusion Industrial Park
502nd Research InstituteNavigation, guidance and satelitie controlUnder CASC 5thBeijing Institute of Control Engineering
801st Research InstituteSpacecraft engine design, 2nd, 3rd missile stages and launch vehiclesUnder CASC 6thShanghai Space Propulsion Institute/Factory 203
Shanghai Space Propulsion InstituteLarge liquid fueled rocketsUnder CASC 6thFactory 7103
46th Research InstituteComposite missile bodiesUnder CASIC 6th
101st Research InstituteFengtai, BeijingUnder CASC 6thBeijing Institute of AerospaceExperimental Technology
165th Research InstituteXIan,Liquid fueled engine testingUnder CASC 6thHas Qingshuitou testing site, Qingshuitou testing site and Fengzhou special materialindustrial parkXi’an Aerospace Propulsion TestingTechnology Institute
13th Research InstituteBeijingLaser guidance systemsUnder CASC 9th
16th Research InstituteXianInertial guidance systems & fibre optic gyroscopesUnder CASC 9thXi’an Aerospace Precision Electromechanical Institute/Factory 7171
704th Research InstituteInter-satellite datalink and communicationUnder CASC 9th
771st Research InstituteOnboard computingUnder CASC 9th
772nd Research InstituteMicrochips and ICsUnder CASC 9th
Factory 7107Baoji, ShaanxiUnder CASC 9thShaanxi Aerospace Navigation Equipment Company Ltd
Hubei Tri-Ring Hanyang Special Vehicle CompanyWuhanBM TEL
China Academy of Engineering PhysicsMianyang, SichuanNuclear weapons development
Tianjin Space Long March Technologyand Equipment Co, LtdBinhai Economic Development ZOneGround launch equipment & auxiliary producst
Table: Chinese labs and factories involved in missile and space programs

IMAGE: LM-3 Series of launch vehicles developed by CALT

Long March EngineCASC engine testing

IMAGE: CASC’s civilian rocket engine research

IMAGE: Some modern Chinese ballistic missiles
IMAGE: Some modern Chinese ballistic missiles
JL-2 SLBMDF-5B silo based BM. Transported in 2 parts
DF-15BCJ-10/DF-10A Cruise Missile

The following table lists most of the Chinese missiles either in service or being retired gradually.  The numbers are just estimates based upon different sources during 2021 and may change regularly.

DF-2140-501700Road mobileSolid
DF-21A40-501700Road mobileSolid
DF-21C25-301700Road mobileSolid
DF-21D1500Road MobileSolidAnti ship
DF-2616-204-5000Road mobileSolid
DF-316-107000+Road mobileSolid
DF-31A15-2011000+Road MobileSolid
DF-41??15000Road mobileSolidUnder development
DF-3A10-15??3000Road mobileLiquidOld
DF-15/M-990-100600Road mobileSolid
DF-15A850Road MobileSolid
DF-15B750Road MobileSolid
DF-16800Road MobileSolid
DF-11/M-11100-140300Road MobileSolid
DF-11A600Road mobileSolid
JL-2487000SLBMSolidType 094 submarines
CJ-10/DH-1040-90 launchers. Upto 550 missiles1500MultipleSubsonicLACM
YJ-63/KD-63200Air, H6 bomberSubsonicLACM
YJ-18220-240MultipleSupersonic in TerminalAShM, LACM
YJ-91/KH-31P110MultipleSupersonic AShM, LACM Anti-radiation 
AS-13/KH-59MK115Su-30MKKSubsonicAShM, LACM
SS-N-22 Moskit240Sovremenny shipsSupersonic AShM, LACM
SS-N-27B Kalibr200Kilo SubmarineSupersonicAShM, LACM
TABLE: Inventory of Chinese missiles

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