Quick thoughts on The Kashmir Files

I wrote this series of tweets about violence and displacement faced by Hindus of both Jammu and Kashmir because of islamism. Since twitter, facebook etc censor such “islamophobic” content, it’s here for backup. Being from Jammu, I thought that genocide of Kashmiri Hindus by local muslims was common knowledge across India. Surprising that it takes […]

Book : The Myth Of Hindu Terror

This book is worth reading for diligent observers of Indian security issues. Author RVS Mani who was an official in Ministry of Home Affairs does a good job of penning down his experiences. There are only a few things mentioned in the book which have not been covered in many news outlets over the years. […]

Numbers released by China related to Corona Virus simply don’t make sense. I am doing some basic calculations using infection and mortality of a few other countries and official figures from China are not even remotely closed to actual.

I am taking data from arcgis.com and using this to calculate infection and mortality rates for some of more seriously infected countries, US UK, Italy, Iran and Spain. Then I am calculating infection and mortality rates in China based on rates of above countries. Of these, only Iran has poorer infrastructure and unreliable figures. All other countries […]

BJP Government Performance Analysis: Administration & Governance

This is my 2nd article in the series of articles which  analyse the work of Modi government starting from 2014 till present date. This one is about administration and governance. Unlike the first one on defence, it is not that binary and there are quite a few gray areas and is subject to opinions as much […]

BJP Government Performance Analysis: Defence Issues

 I’ve always been interested in Indian defence issues, so this is the first article in this series. Most of data and other posts in this series are indexed here. To be honest, almost anyone apart from regime which had a sloth like AK Antony is an improvement for Indian defence needs. Almost every aspect of […]